Conversion Boosting Tip… Brian Terry

Hi Wes,

Here’s another excellent conversion boosting tip for you…

“Only make ‘safe’ assumptions about your prospect”   While some successful people adopt the “don’t make assumptions” attitude, the truth is that you can still make some safe assumptions now and then…

and people DO make assumptions now and then, whether they know it or not.

Here’s another fact: people can be predictable.

This is proven in an informal study when a speaker asked the audience 3 simple questions.  They didn’t have to reply to him just yet and they were instructed to only remember their answers.

The 3 questions he asked were:

* Think of one number, 

* Think of a color, and

* Think of a flower.

When the audience made their mind up in a flash, he went on to ask…

“For the first question, how many of you were thinking of ‘7’?”

Easily more than 75% of the floor raised their hands up.  This was also the case when he asked if they were thinking of blue and rose for the subsequent questions.

Overall, he guessed AT LEAST ONE answer correctly of the 3 questions… more than 75% of the time!

Amazing, isn’t it?

While this was a mere study… it goes to show that people are predictable and as long as you understand the majority of your prospects and their needs, you would’ve qualified a big fraction of them!

For example:

I have a sneaky suspicion that you’re on a tight budget and have less than a few hundreds to spend on your marketing and advertising campaign.


Chances are that you have failed in your past relationships or this is your first try at scoring a date with your dream girl.

Can you think of a way you can use this to your advantage on your website?

I’ve got even more conversion boosting tips, techniques and strategies for you right here…

If you have any questions at all…  just let me know.

All the best!

Brian Terry

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July 30, 2008

SpiderWeb vs. Other Systems

Hello Home Business Startup,

Wes Waddell, reporting from live from sunny Colorado Springs, Colorado.  In this home base business startup entry, I want to talk about the many different business systems out there and the claims they make to help you succeed.

I’ve seen a lot of different business schemes to make money on the Internet and I know that there are a lot of them out there that don’t work.  Because I’ve tried more than a few of them personally…

It’s true, while investigating other systems in the industry and spending more money than I care to admit, I saw first hand which ones definitely did not meet the same scope and quality as The SpidersMarketingWeb (SpiderWeb) Marketing System.

I was drawn to creating the SpidersMarketingWeb System because for the first time, there was all the components I had been looking for all in one easy to use FREE business training system. I have since applied the techniques of Spider Web Type Marketing and found out for myself that I was right to check it out because they really do work.  SpidersMarketingWeb showed me how to generate 22 different streams of income through the Internet all interconnected through one easy to use central hub.

Through a totally free home business training system, I learned how to employ simple techniques to channel the power of the Internet in my financial favor.

When I first started out in this business, I struggled because I was on my own and trying to learn as I went. As I quickly learned, similar programs will charge as much as $3000 dollars for the kind of cutting-edge information I’m getting for FREE through the SpidersMarketingWeb system.

But The SpidersMarketingWeb (SpiderWeb) Marketing System takes very little time to automatically set up, and hardly any time to maintain.  Best of all, its totally free to learn and get started. The part I like most is… it works.

I know there’s a lot on the Internet that will claim to increase your income, because I’ve seen them.  I also know that Spider Web and my site The SpidersMarketingWeb actually works.

22 streams of positive cash flow don’t lie.

Feel free to click on my link and find out how you can benefit from such a powerful and effective system for free.

Full details are at:

Until next time,


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July 22, 2008

SpidersMarketingWeb Zone!

Hello Entrepreneur Friend,

Its me, Wes Waddell, from good old Colorado Springs, Colorado, here to tell you about yet another wonderful FREE aspect of The SpidersMarketingWeb (SpidersWeb) Marketing System.

My new website, the SpidersMarketingWeb was recently created using the SpiderWeb Marketing System and is the most powerful home business (or any business for that matter) marketing tool in the industry.

Hopefully by now you will have begun to see that and reap the rewards of it for yourself.

In a previous blog post, I discussed The SpidersMarketingWeb System Back Office, a powerful tool and the best partner you’re going to have today.  Now, I want to talk to you about another thing that makes success even more attainable through the multi-stream business system: The SpiderWeb Marketing Forum, or SpidersMarketingWeb Zone.

One reason that so many fail in Network Marketing and home based business startup is a lack of support. You might have even experienced this before for yourself… I sure did, several times.

Here’s the usual situation: You sign up into a system and one of a couple things happen. Your sponsor or recruiter calls you and brags to you and begs you on bended knee until you put up the start-up money.  Next, they just about disappear from the world.  Or, perhaps your team mate knows no more than you do because they just got into the program a few days ahead of you.  Now, you are just as confused and lost with what to do next as they are.

For me, it was the guy just dissappeard and left me to figure it all out on my own.

There are many other scenarios that you could encounter.  Unfortunately, they all have the same outcome. You are stranded in a new business with not much help and very little hope of making any money in sight.

Enter the SpidersMarketingWeb and the SpiderZone forum.

In the free business training system, you can have access to the entire member forum, where SpiderWeb Marketing members can and are posting home business startup questions and providing solid ideas for solution.  We discuss them together in the forum.  If you are unsure about something, odds are that someone has experienced that same problem before and not only would they be able to help, but the answers are usually already there just waiting for you.

Success in business is all about team mates and relationships, especially when it comes to home business startups and MLM network marketing plans. The members of this program are all important to each other and there are others involved just like you who are more than willing to discuss their techniques and strategies that have worked for them.

It’s a true TEAM effort.

For more info, check out my site at:

To our mutual Success,


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July 21, 2008

SpidersMarketingWeb Overcomes the Pitfalls of Home Business

Hi fellow Entrepreneur,

Anyone who has ever bought into the dream of their own home business and/or network/multi-level marketing (MLM) knows that its not perfect, myself included.

I personally became involved with it more than 4 years ago now because I was interested in entrepreneurship, I had a desire to be my own boss, I loved the idea of flexibility and… I wanted to supplement my primary space systems engineer income.

Many who tout easy home businesses and MLM will promise that its a more efficient way to make money, that its easy to find success through friends and family and that it can be done in a couple hours a week after your day job (Just Over Broke).  But anyone who has ever poured countless of hours and thousands of dollars into chasing the home business MLM dream already knows that its not as simple as just listening to your uplines, downlines or mentors and then put cash into your growing bank accounts.

It was a rude awakening, as I jumped in (over my head) only to find that success didn’t come as easily as I had been told.

I wanted to work hard and was willing to do what ever it took, but the fact of the matter is, I didn’t want to “sell” anything.  My team and recruits kept quitting, I couldn’t stand cold calling, so it didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped.

Sound familure?

As I experienced, there are some serious drawbacks to the internet home business and MLM business plans. If there weren’t, every product ever sold would be through networks and every distributor involved would be very wealthy.

Not the case and Here’s why:

Shockingly, 99% of all home business startups and MLM distributors lose money. The further down the line you go, the fewer leads there are available. It becomes a principle of scarcity. Too many predators, not enough prey. Basically, it becomes too difficult to search and track down more people to become involved, either as buyers, clients or as your downline distributors.

Family and friends are “NEVER” a reliable base for MLM or any home based business success plan. No one wants to be hounded by their distant brother-in-law or old high school classmate to join up in the next big money making scheme or to buy whatever wonderful irreplaceable product you happen to be pushing at the moment. Yes, your mother does loves you, but… she’s not going to make you rich.

Successful businesses and MLM plans also takes a lot of time, and, in most cases, a lot of talent.

For you to be the part-time, work-from-home, independent moneymaker as it is portrayed to be, any successful distributor must actually spend far more time talking to hundreds of people to make the business viable.

Industry “experts” will tell you that every second of the day is a potential time for marketing. No regular hours. No limits. Always be ready with a pitch.

The MLM home business is not your standard make-money-on-the-side kind of job. For many, it becomes a true lifestyle.  Some have even tried to incorporate spiritual principles in order to promote loyalty and dicipline.  The Home Business and MLM “pep rallies,” training seminars, workshops, and retreats are still the industry norm.  For most opportunities, Network Marketing has its own distinct culture, and financial growth is impossible without becoming part of that culture.

These four drawbacks become serious obstacles on the path to my own financial success.

Most Network Marketing Systems fail for some combination of these same above dilemmas, and until now, there hasn’t been any system that would allow distributors to bypass these hurdles.

However, a The SpidersMarketingWeb (SpiderWeb) System allows business owners to overcome these obstacles easily and effectively.  It is a simple network marketing system designed to create an efficient process for home based MLM business financial success. This built in greater efficiency means less work, and more money in a quicker amount of time.

The SpidersMarketingWeb System (through SpiderWeb) is based on principles that avoid the pitfalls of traditional home business and multi-level marketing systems where you are required to know lots of people and have lots of sales experience.

The SpidersMarketingWeb doesn’t work that way at all.

Most ventures in MLM and home based business startup lose financially because clients, leads, and customers can’t be found on a long term basis.  Eventually, the well dries up.  SpidersMarketingWeb Marketing uses a highly developed, mostly free, Internet advertising strategy to actually bring leads to you.

Instead of desperately trying to hunt down leads on your own, the leads are hunting for you. Through SpidersMarketingWeb internet Marketing, you are only contacting interested leads that were looking for exactly what you have. The frustrating search ends here, and the money finds you.

The biggest appeal of this system is that the leads are always coming to you.  There is no more ruining important personal relationships by constantly nagging people to enroll.  With The SpidersMarketing Web SpiderWeb Marketing System, you will never need to hit up friends and family, again, because the genuinely interested leads are now finding to you.

One of the greatest assets of this system is that it does so much of the work for you.  It also works while you sleep, so you don’t have to.  The difference between SpidersMarketingWeb and other systems is that the Spider Web will actually save your time while developing your business with no extra effort.

The SpidersMarketingWeb System is simple enough that even teens can handle the setup and workload.  No rallies to attend, no spiritual-sales-enlightenment’s, no hand-waving testimonials.  A simple phone call is all it takes, and then the money begins to comes in.  It is as simple as that.

It makes money for you.

Since I joined The SpiderWeb and created my SpidersMarketingWeb, my experience has been great and I am confident that I will continue to be successful because I am excited to gain so many solid leads.  I did the researched thoroughly and I know this is the best system out there to date.  It’s actually quite a brilliant business model that makes perfect sense.

There is no comparable system out there.  Standard Home Business Startup models and Multi-Level Marketing is hindered by several major barriers that keep you from becoming more prosperous.  The SpidersMarketingWeb and the Spider Web Marketing System ensures success by breaking those barriers in a way that nothing else can.

(For more information visit

To your business success,


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July 19, 2008

The SpidersMarketingWeb System

Hello Fellow Entreprenure,

The SpidersMarketingWeb FREE Home Business Training System.

Once again, it’s Wes Waddell.  Welcome to my home business training and network marketing blog.  As you’ve probably heard, I’m from Colorado Springs, Colorado, here in the United States.  I’ve been involved in my own home business and the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business method now for a total of 4 years.

Just as of two weeks ago, I’m now also a member of The SpidersMarketingWeb SpiderWeb Marketing System.  I personally thing it’s the most powerful, efficient, and effective home business and network marketing tool ever invented.  But before I tell you all about it, let me tell you how I ended up as a part of this “like nothing else out there” new system.

I came to Global Domains International (GDI) through the website product and the founder of StormPay.  I was looking for a way to supplement my income to the point I could quit my windowless environment space systems engineering job.  I was tired of the politics and the constant threat of layoffs and budget cuts… not to mention the lowsy drive to and from work in gastly traffic.  I’ve always been the entrepreneurial type and have always wanted my own home business.

The good news is that after about two years of struggling, I was finally able to quit and go full time on the internet with my beautiful wife of more than 30 years.  The bad news was that two years into our own business, some things still don’t work as well as we want them too.

About two months ago, I put out a prayer for some real help.  It was simple: reconnect me with my life’s purpose and show me the way to fulfill it.  I had already found GDI, but I needed a way to really connect it to a complete business system with a full backend of products.  Two weeks ago I found the SpiderWeb and created my SpidersMarketingWeb system.  I knew immediately that it was the answer to my fervent prayer since my background and interest has been in internet and computer networks for the past 20 years.  I paid attention to everything they taught me.

One step led to the next and it’s been great and continues to be so today.

Dreams are IMPORTANT in life and it is my desire to empower all those I meet to attain their dreams like I am. I am quite passionate about creating multiple streams of income.  It’s the one success tactic that every business success has ever been created on.  Ask me about any of this and we’ll start a dialogue.  I really do look forward to connecting with you!.

So that’s my journey through the world of home business and MLM.  Its been very challenging and rewarding, but I’ve learned so much new information and I’m excited to now be apart of what I feel is the best system in the industry, The SpidersMarketingWeb (SpiderWeb) Marketing System.  Please follow along for the next entry in my blog.

One of the greatest parts about this system is that it is 100% FREE! Check out the site here to find out more:


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July 15, 2008

Home Based Businesses & SpidersMarketingWeb

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs,

FREE Home Business Training and Multiple Income Stream System Training.My name, in case you don’t know it yet, is Wes Waddell and I’m from Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I’ve been involved in my own home business for almost 6 years now and full time on the internet for over 2 years with PrincessCrafts Digital Scrapbooking and Global Domains International.

Originally, I became involved in my own home internet business because I had a burning desire to be my own boss, I wanted to supplement my primary income (which was very good already at over 75K a year) and I was, of course, interested in entrepreneurship.  I just needed to be in control of my own future.

After getting established in my business along with my beautiful wife of more than 30 years, we found that some things went well.

On the other hand, it was still not exactly the dream I had dreamed and hoped for.  Despite the things I liked about it, and there were many… such as setting my own hours, I still experienced some frustrations because my Friends and family were not interested and weren’t sure I was doing the right thing.  After all, I didn’t want to “sell”, I couldn’t stand cold calling and I didn’t know near enough people.  I was a borderline hermit before I got started.

In spite of all my difficulties, I still tried my best to achieve the kind of success that I was originally sold on.

I worked hard to follow that promise of success that my first sponsor had me dreaming about.  I tried many of the traditional tactics you find employed in most entrepreneurial industries.  This all met with less than ideal results.  I went to the weekly Hype-filled “Morale!” opportunity meetings or listened in on the conference calls.  I contacted old acquaintances and friends who I had not seen or even talked to in years and told them I wanted to “re-connect” over lunch.  I made the list they tell you to make of your 100 closest friends and family members… I even gave away hundreds of dollars worth of samples and promotional materials.  Then, I attended the all too boring company training events. In short, I did everything I had been taught to do by those that I “thought” knew how it was to be done and I worked my hardest at making it happen.  As you probably already know, the end results were a lot less than I had expected.

Like many of you, since what I was doing wasn’t working, I decided I needed to try a new and different approach.

I was desperate for a way to grow my business successfully and my manager or upline was not very helpful in this area.  I was ready to work hard with a new, fresh approach, quite simply, I wanted more income now!

After researching several different options over more than a week of searching, I decided to join the Spiders Marketing Web System through SpiderWeb. I instantly knew it was a good idea to become a part of the Spider Web Marketing System because for the first time, I could get the the Revolutionary Lead Generation System to develop my downlines at ZERO Cost!  I just had to gain instant access to the 22+ step-by-step tutorial videos and I was very excited to be told how (in simple step-by-step instructions) to generate 12+ streams of passive residual income.

Since joining and creating my site: SpidersMarketingWeb, things have gone quite well and I am very pleased with the quick results so far.  I’m confident that the SpidersMarketingWeb Marketing System will help me achieve the success that I’ve always dreamed of.  I’m sure because I researched thoroughly and know this is the best system, I’m sure because I’m already beginning to gain solid leads and it’s a brilliant easy to learn and apply business model.

I believe that success comes to those who are willing to work for it and help others to achieve their own success.  I believe in working hard, and I believe in working smart at the same time.  Since joining The Spiders Marketing Web System through SpiderWeb, I have become more effective and more efficient in my whole business.

I originally became involved in my own home based business because I had a goal to obtain my own personnal economic independence.  I now share my success with others and help them do the same for themselves.  The Spider Web Marketing System has helped me take a huge step closer to that goal.

You should check out the totally FREE Information and Training at:

Wes Waddell

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July 14, 2008

The SpidersMarketingWeb System Rakes in the Zrii Cash

Fellow Entrepreneur,

This is Wes Waddell, writing to you from sunny and hot (today anyway) Colorado Springs (Falcon/Peyton), Colorado.  Today I want to talk to you about the advantage that The SpidersMarketingWeb Marketing System can give you in a company like Zrii.

Now, I personally don’t know a lot about Zrii. I’d never even heard of it until the other day when I found out that it is a beverage that is supposed to be very good for you.  But, then again, I don’t have to know all that much about it thanks to the SpiderWeb System.  All I do know is that you can make a substantial income through its business op plan.

Now, I’m writing this about Zrii, but it applies to just about any product that uses sales to clients in order to earn an income.  Which, is just about everything… isn’t it?

You may be looking into Zrii yourself, or another like minded product, trying to figure out if it is the right business program to get you that expensive, shiny new thing-a-majig you’ve been dreaming of, or at least help pay the gas bills.  You may have gotten into it a while ago, hit a flurry of enthusiastic buyers who quickly died out, and are now looking for ways to jump start your business all over again.

What ever your situations is…

When I first joined in on network marketing, I became involved because I was interested in entrepreneurship, I had a desire to be my own boss, I loved the idea of flexibility, I loved the product, I wanted to supplement my primary income… and, I wanted something that would earn me income even when I took time off.

The thing about Zrii right now (so I’ve been told), is that you are not only competing with others who are selling it in the same program as you, not to mention the natural market limitations of a product like Zrii, but you are also competing with thousands of well-established distributors of products like Xango and Tahitian Noni, whose products have been doing well on the market for years.

Even if there were a chance that Zrii could cure Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, you’re still going to have a hard time selling to the person who just spent $200 on Noni and told the Xango guy that came next to take a hike.

It’s a problem that most people in this industry run into on a regular basis. I know it’s happened to me, personally, on more than one occassion.  The fact is, you need people to work with and because so many other businesses have been scooping up the same people you’re looking for, they can be really hard to find.

In my years of experience with Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), I initially struggled because My Friends and Family were not interested.  On top of that, I couldn’t stand cold calling, I didn’t want to “sell” one-on-one and my partners or team mates kept quitting. You may have experienced all of this as well.

The SpidersMarketingWeb (through SpiderWeb Marketing) System can truly help you break through the limitations of most home businesses and network marketing.  Basically, the SpidersMarketingWeb System is a lead generator on steroids.  Simply put… You need people to sell to, and the SpidersMarketingWeb System will help you find them almost totally on autopilot.  It is a networking system that will help you create relationships with other people who are looking for similar home business opportunities.  Best of all, you make money from multiple streams of income while you do it.

The SpidersMarketingWeb System is a system designed to integrate over twelve different sources of income. Through a fully-automated, FREE system that requires little or your daily effort.  You can literally become the recipient of a steady stream of income, while creating mutually advantageous business relationships that will also be beneficial to your venture in Zrii or any other product you choose to market.

The SpidersMarketingWeb System is a FREE way to develop your Zrii business, while making a substantial additional income from other streams at the same time.

Having been in this business for more than 2 years now, I know how important it is to have successful marketing.  Luckily, for me and now for you, The SpiderWeb Marketing System through the SpidersMarketingWeb is a great way to break through those client struggles and increase your income, no matter what you are selling.

Thanks for taking the few minutes out of your day to read this.

For more information on how The SpidersMarketingWeb Marketing System can help you, visit

To our mutual success,

Wes Waddell

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July 13, 2008

Kids Website Gift Cards for Summer!

Kids .WS Gift Cards for Summer Fun!

Hello concerned Parent, Kids build their own websites - gift cards for summer fun!

Every summer it’s the same old thing with your kids. They’re thrilled to be out of school… for the first couple weeks that is, and then the complaints begin: “I’m bored! There’s nothing to do!”, “There’s nothing on TV”, and “It’s too hot outside.”  Don’t let your child waste another summer staring at the television: give them a lasting gift with endless possibilities… Even a way to earn their allowance.  Give them their first WebSite!

Building a simple WebSite will do more than just occupy your child’s time: it’s a constructive, and educational way to make sure your child isn’t left behind the class in the Internet Age. Help your child learn new valuable skills and really create something memorable and easily shared with friends and family. Purchase a .WS (Web Site) Gift Card today!

There is a never-ending host of mind-numbing influences for today’s children to deal with. Counter most of those influences. The gift of a WebSite can inspire and nurture the creative side of your child: when building a WebSite, imagination is king! They must imagine and decide what they want their site to look like, what it should be about, and then translate their ideas into reality. The WebSite could easily be any or all of the following:

Website Gift Cards for Kids for summer.
  • A simple camp journal of the summer, easily shared with friends and family
  • A site about their favorite hobby, bands or sports teams
  • It could tell a story, possibly from a famous future author to be
  • An artistic site displaying photography, paintings, sketches
  • The face of the girls club in your basement or garage
  • An advertisement for a local lawn mowing or leafe raking company

The possibilities are literally endless. We think you’ll enjoy discovering what matters to your child as much as they enjoy discovering their creative side and creating an online presence. 

It even comes with full tutorials and automated setup and design templates…

Get your child started by purchasing a .WS Gift Card today!

Kindest Regards,

Wes Waddell

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July 11, 2008