Kids Website Gift Cards for Summer!

Kids .WS Gift Cards for Summer Fun!

Hello concerned Parent, Kids build their own websites - gift cards for summer fun!

Every summer it’s the same old thing with your kids. They’re thrilled to be out of school… for the first couple weeks that is, and then the complaints begin: “I’m bored! There’s nothing to do!”, “There’s nothing on TV”, and “It’s too hot outside.”  Don’t let your child waste another summer staring at the television: give them a lasting gift with endless possibilities… Even a way to earn their allowance.  Give them their first WebSite!

Building a simple WebSite will do more than just occupy your child’s time: it’s a constructive, and educational way to make sure your child isn’t left behind the class in the Internet Age. Help your child learn new valuable skills and really create something memorable and easily shared with friends and family. Purchase a .WS (Web Site) Gift Card today!

There is a never-ending host of mind-numbing influences for today’s children to deal with. Counter most of those influences. The gift of a WebSite can inspire and nurture the creative side of your child: when building a WebSite, imagination is king! They must imagine and decide what they want their site to look like, what it should be about, and then translate their ideas into reality. The WebSite could easily be any or all of the following:

Website Gift Cards for Kids for summer.
  • A simple camp journal of the summer, easily shared with friends and family
  • A site about their favorite hobby, bands or sports teams
  • It could tell a story, possibly from a famous future author to be
  • An artistic site displaying photography, paintings, sketches
  • The face of the girls club in your basement or garage
  • An advertisement for a local lawn mowing or leafe raking company

The possibilities are literally endless. We think you’ll enjoy discovering what matters to your child as much as they enjoy discovering their creative side and creating an online presence. 

It even comes with full tutorials and automated setup and design templates…

Get your child started by purchasing a .WS Gift Card today!

Kindest Regards,

Wes Waddell

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July 11, 2008