AKA: What To Do With Whiners…

“Learning How To Motivate Your Group”
(AKA: What To Do With Whiners…)

Home Business Entrepreneur,
Quick question for you… Have you ever been frustrated by the people
in your group that just can’t seem to get going… All they ever do is show up to the training calls and then pester you with questions or complaints?

Well what are you supposed to do? Ignore them? Motivate them? Cater to their needs? Cut them off completely?
This was the latest question asked by a fellow subscriber, and you’ll find the surprising answer to this important dilemma in today’s issue of the Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter…

“Mike, I have no problem with introducing my daily consumable products to people and having repeat product ordering. We have a system in place to make this simple. Everyone loves the products!
Most of those who come on board for the business, no matter how much support I and my upline give, give up! If they’re not making a living in 12months…they’re over it! I have tried in various ways to encourage them, however, duplicating myself just doesn’t happen. Why?” 

That’s a great question, and one that EVERY networker with at least 50 reps will start to wrestle with.
I remember feeling quite guilty… Almost depressed for some of the people’s lack of success on my team. In turn, I started spending the vast majority of my time developing new websites, new systems, and new tools in order to help them achieve the success they said they so badly wanted.
I basically stopped sponsoring all together and got into the dreaded “management mode”, where 90% of my time was spent on training and tool development.
But the funny part, is that nothing ever changed. It didn’t matter what I did for them. It didn’t matter how bad I wanted “success” for them. The people who were getting results, continued to do so, while those who were treading water, kept treading.
Understand this right now: The only thing you can do that will TRULY help your business and your team members is to lead by example.
Just do the things that you need to personally do on a daily basis to build your business – Advertising, Prospecting, Follow-up, and New Rep orientation. One training call per week for new reps, tops… Spend more of your time one-on-one with your producers, and that’s it.
Just as it is a sorting game to find new reps, it is a sorting game to find reps that will work and achieve once they join.
The sad truth is that 90% of those who start a networking business aren’t really serious about becoming self-employed. They are  just looking to “buy some hope”, so they can  quite the voices of discontent in their heads.
Soon enough, they’ll find an excuse as to why “it didn’t work for them”, and quit.
And there’s NOTHING you can do about it – So don’t spend your time and energy worrying about it.
DO NOT cater to their weakness. Do not change your tools if they are working for you. Do not change your websites if it is working for you. Do not change your system if it is working for you – just because it doesn’t work for others… It never will, and it’s their issue, not yours.
Build YOUR business. Lead by example, and the right one’s (the few), will follow you. Put your blinders on to everything and everyone else.
I tolerate ZERO negativity in my life now. Someone send’s an unfriendly email… Adios. They’re off my list and out of my life.
I was at a convention once and I asked a WHALE of a networking what I needed to do because my downline had gotten stagnant.  (I had basically stopped recruiting). “Find new blood” was his answer, and he was right.
You’re not here to save people. You’re here to give them an opportunity to save themselves.  Most won’t. And only they can ever change that.
As a business owner, it’s much smarter to find “Do-ers” and leaders than it is to turn people into them, (which is basically impossible without their personal conviction to do so).
It is also VERY important that you leverage LARGE numbers in your business building efforts, because you won’t even notice the whiners, complainers, and quitters when you’re dealing with thousands of people. 
The best way to do that is to start advertising, then build and maintain a LIST that you drip on over time. Each new contact will bring new, interested prospects and reps to the table.
If you’re brand new to the internet world, or just don’t really know how to produce your own leads yet, take a look at my “Building On A Budget” course.
It will teach you how to generate hundreds – even thousands – of FREE leads per month using these 5 little-known, under-used online strategies that are easy to follow and simple to learn.
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If you don’t produce free leads, you don’t pay for the course. It’s that simple.
 Mike Dillard 


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October 1, 2008