Ecomony Not Responding as Goverment Predicted…

Hi fellow Entrepreneur,

Yes, the Obama administration said things would get better in March and April… but that is not what happened.  It wasn’t even close to what happened!

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo housing market index posted its biggest monthly jump in five years in April. The index rose five points to 14 and is the highest it’s been since October of 2008. The only problem with that is that it takes an index reading higher than 50 to indicate positive consumer sentiment about the housing market.  A score of 14 means that the housing industry is still in crash mode.

To prove it, here’s the other numbers that go with the Housing Index:

The Commerce Department reported that construction of new homes and apartments fell 10.8% in March to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 510,000 units.  Obama administration economists had anticipated a decline to only 550,000 units.  The largest part of the decrease was due to a drop in multi-family units… the ones needed most in a poor economy.  Single-family construction was flat for the month of march.  But, since building permits fell another 9% to a seasonally adjusted pace of 513,000 units, you can look for that to fall again in April’s numbers.

The bad news continued for the Obama administration.

On Tuesday, April 14, the Labor Department reported that the producer price index, which tracks wholesale prices, fell by 1.2% in March.  This time the drop was largely due to a 5.5% decrease in the cost of energy goods. Economists had expected only a 0.1% decline; so the news, while good for the consumer in the short term, was very bad for the state of the economy and any hope of a quick recovery.

Continuing the bad news, the Commerce Department reported that retail sales dropped 1.1% in March compared to a newly revised 0.3% increase in February.  It was the biggest decline in three months.  Obama administration economists had anticipated retail sales to actually rise 0.3% in March.

Following the downward trend, the Commerce Department also reported that total business inventory decreased 1.3% in February. This was the sixth straight month that factories, retailers and wholesalers sought to cut their inventory.  Another good sign that things are only getting worse… wouldn’t you say?

The Labor Department seemed to agree and reported Wednesday that consumer prices fell another 0.1% in March after increasing 0.4% in February.  As seems the trend, the Obama administration economists had expected the Consumer Price Index to rise 0.1%… total oposite of what it did.  When we compare this to a year ago when consumer prices fell 0.4%, This is the first 12-month continuous decline since 1955.

The Federal Reserve reported Wednesday that industrial production at the nation’s factories, mines and utilities fell a seasonally adjusted 1.5% in March. This too was the fifth straight monthly decline and much larger than the 1% decrease our government economists had expected.

Upcoming on the economic calendar are reports on the index of leading economic indicators on April 20, existing home sales on April 23 and new home sales on April 24.

Are you seeing a wishful trend by the Obama administration? 

Even so, am I worried?


Should you be worried?

That depends…

If your life depends on a J.O.B., then yes you have a lot to worry about.  It’s very apparent to even those that are not in the know that the economy is not going to get better any time soon and that there are going to be a lot more layoffs and bankrupt companies still to come before things begin to improve.

If you are totally dependent on someone else for your job and your income, then you are not safe and your nights of worry are going to continue for some time in the future.

On the other hand, if you have your own home business for part or all of your income… then you have little to worry about and have nothing but success in your future.

You see, it’s precisely in these troubled times when the individual home business is the most successful and has the largest growth in history. This is where the little guy can literally control the world.

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You’ll rule the day when you do!

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April 20, 2009

SpidersMarketingWeb Home Business Weekly Tip #2

Spiders Marketing Web Home Business Weekly Quick Tip #2

Hello again fellow Entrepreneur,

It’s Wes here again, from SpidersMarketingWeb Home Business (HB) Weekly.

Each week I will be provideing you a HB Quick Tip to help you build your very own HB success story.

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On that note… Here is a motivational trigger that you can use in your own HB sales process.

People want to make more money. That’s a fact. Whether they want to start their own Home Business, enterprize, get a higher paying J.O.B. or maybe invest in the volitile stock market. This, and only this, will make them feel successful in their lives.

Business definition for the week:

Capital: This is money that is going to be invested in a biziness. Example: ‘I am starting my investment business with $5,000 in capital, $2,000 of which is my own money.’

Now, you and I both know that in the brick and morter (physical business) world, $5K isn’t going to start anything. But, in the online world, that $5k or even less – even nothing – can start a real Home Business with real profits in very short order.

So, if you have been letting a lack of capital stop you from starting your own Home Biz… then it’s time you got over it and do something to build for your own future. It’s the only real way you will ever get ahead.

Look for another Home Business online quick tip soon!

Again, I appreciate your joining us and we’ll see you in another week for your Business Plan Intro!

Wes Waddell – Your ZERO cost Multi-Income Stream Video Training System.

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April 19, 2009

Most EXCITING “Bad” News Ever!

Hey Home Business Friend,

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Here’s to our Mutual Success,

Wes Waddell – Your FREE Multi-Income Stream Home Business System and Video Training.

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April 14, 2009

SpidersMarketingWeb Home Business WeeklyTips #1

Welcome to Wes’ Home Business WeeklyTips!

Hello Home Business (HB) Friend,
Welcome to Wes’ SpidersMarketingWeb Home Business WeeklyTips!  Tip #1

Each week you will receive an issue with Home Business (HB) information, articles and quick tips you can use to build your HB.

In this issue let’s talk a little about….

Why You Want to Start a HB?

Working from home is a big dream for many, I know because I’m one of them. But fear tends to holds us back sometimes. To help get past that, below I have listed a few reasons why starting a HB is your best bet in the current economic situation.

Your Great Ideas Comes to Life. You have a great HB idea. This is the number one reason that most people go into biziness from home. Remember the kind of ideas that are good for a HB are ones that can become a reality quickly, and start bringing in an income in a short period of time.

You can do What You Really Love. Most people have something that they really love to do and would even do it for nothing if they could.  Getting paid for doing what you love is not only a bonus… but a dream come true. You have the ability, right now, to make your dream a reality!

You get to be the big boss. No more J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) working your fingers to the bone for someone else. You will be the boss, the one in charge of your destiny and you will reap the big rewards that only having your own HB can bring.

You want more time with your Family and Friends. No more missing out on weekend picnics, children’s special events or Holidays. You will be home for every special moment in your families future.

No More Wasting Time and Money Commuting. THIS IS A BIG ONE! With the high price of gas and the average commute to work being thirty miles one way in terrible traffic, just think of the time and money you will save when you work from home! I live in the north and I can’t tell you how nice it is to not worry about driving in snow, ice and other terrible driving conditions.  Not to mention, wonerful feeling of the 15 second commute past the fresh coffee pot to my home office.

Do you see yourself there?

If so, if any of the above reasons have ever resinated through your mind… Then you are ready to start your own HB. As a matter of fact, if you have ever thought about any of the reasons above or ever wanted your own HB for any other reason… then you absolutely must begin now.  Because you will not feel good about yourself or your life until you make it happen.

In an up coming issue we will discuss how to write your basic business plan. It’s easy!

Thank you again for joining SpidersMarketingWeb.
See you next week,

Wes Waddell – Your ZERO cost Multi-Income Stream Video Training System.

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April 9, 2009

Nation’s Highest Unemployment Rate Since 1983

The Commerce Department reported total construction spending fell 0.9%
in February. It was the fifth consecutive monthly decline but much
less than the 1.8% decrease economists had anticipated.

On Friday, the Labor Department reported that the nation’s unemployment
rate increased to 8.5% in March from 8.1% in February. Businesses cut
663,000 jobs in March. This is the nation’s highest unemployment rate
since November of 1983.

Let’s face it… the only safe job these days is the one where you are SELF EMPLOYED running your own Home Business.

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April 6, 2009