SpidersWeb Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-30

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November 30, 2010

SpidersMarketingWeb Home Business Quick Tip – Are You Moving in the Right Direction?

Subject: SpidersMarketingWeb HB Quick Tip

Good day Entrepreneur Friend,

This week I just wanted to share…

Another SpidersMarktingWeb Home Business (HB) Quick Tip with you.

Short and quick this week as I know you are busy getting your first HB up and running by now.

Remember people always want to save money – or at least get the most for what they spend. They may want to invest for the future and/or save for a really big purchase.  This is what will make them feel more secure.

Doesn’t it you?

Business definition for the week:

Director: Who’s the BOSS. The people ultimately in charge of a company are its directors. For a large company, there will be a complete board of directors, elected or appointed by the shareholders. For a HB, though, you generally appoint yourself as the sole director since you are also the sole shareholder or proprietor.

As the director/owner, it is your full responsibility that the biz succeeds.  Take a look at your plans and implementation to date.  You did create a business plan like we showed you earlier didn’t you?  If you were just a member of a complete board of directors… would you still continue on the same path at the same speed as you are headed in now?

Think about this for a minute?

You are in charge, it’s time you take the responsibility seriously and order yourself to get to work doing what really needs to be done in order for this HB to succeed.

If you are serious about success, then you need to constantly assess what’s best for your HB.

Enough Said!

Look next week for quick tips on choosing the right name — it really means more than you think it does!
Well, as always… here’s to your success,

Wes Waddell


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November 25, 2010

Holiday Cash and Prizes! Learn More Tonight!

Holiday Cash and Prizes! Learn More Tonight!

Hello Fellow Entrepreneur,

December is shaping up to be quite a month. Our biggest product update since the launch of our new email system is coming, and we’ve added THREE NEW BONUSES! Join us on tonight’s webinar to learn all the details!

  New December Bonuses!small-new In addition to our existing bonus contests, we are
now offering three new bonus contests for December:
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Would you like to make one thousand dollars in just one day, just in time for the holidays? This new contest will award $1,000 to the affiliate with the most new signups in one contest day: every day from December 1st to December 10th.

You heard right! GDI is offering $1,000 every day, for 10 days! To win, simply be the sponsor who refers the most affiliates in a single day!

Bonus Contest $10,000 December Trio Contest

Are you looking to make an extra two, three, or even five thousand dollars this December? This new contest will award a total of $10,000 to the top three sponsors who refer the most affiliates between December 1st and December 31st!

Bonus Contest Daily Gift Contest

For 10 days in December, GDI will be offering a daily lottery for great prizes. All persons adding paid Premium to their account for the first time are added to the lottery; yes, this even applies to existing basic customers! All sponsors are given one entry per first-level person adding paid Premium to their account for the first time. As an added bonus, Premium sponsors will get DOUBLE entries for their Premium referrals. Each day, at least one winner is randomly selected from the lottery to receive that day’s prize. Be on the lookout, some days may offer two or more winners of great prizes, including:

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And much more!


Get in on the fun… while you still have time.  Sign up today at:


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November 24, 2010

SpidersWeb Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-23

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November 23, 2010

“Cartoon” update… “Adventures in Outsourcing”

Hi Fellow Entrepreneur,

Jim Edwards here with a new “cartoon” update… “Adventures in Outsourcing”



Anyone who has ever outsourced an article, an ebook, a free report, or any other written material to the “lowest” bidder on eLance or Rentacoder will find this video hits close to home (sigh)…

Oh, and feel free to pass the fun along to your friends 🙂



PS – For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, we truly wish you the start of a joyous holiday season.

For those of you who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I’ll have some turkey for you anyway! 😉

Garanteed Response Marketing, LLC

P.O. Box 878, Lightfoot, VA 23090

Tech Support:





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November 22, 2010

Home Business Tips Week 4 – Advice on Starting a Business

Subject: Advice on Starting a Home Based Business

Hello again Fellow Entrepreneur,

I’m excited that you have been able to take time each week to let us into your life.  Please feel free to write in and share any of your tips and ideas on how we can make this newsletter more informative and meaningful.  We really would love to hear from you!

I’ve been quite busy this week with running my own Home Business (HB)!

I’m always on the Internet looking for informative articles and new training materials!  I found one here for you this week that I think you’ll really like.

When you get advice, especially when you first start a HB, it can be easy to get confused or at least overwhelmed. I know my wife and I did at the start.  Chances are you are just like me and you don’t know anyone else that has started a HB of their own, so where do you go for help when you need it?

First, I go online. The Internet is a great resource for people like us who have a HB and are just starting out. You can find articles and newsletters with all kinds of information and advice, kind of like what I’m provideing you right now. There are also many message boards, forums, social network sites and some really great blogs (such as our www.SpidersMarketingWeb.info BLOG) where you can read, ask questions and get real world advice from other HB owners. I also get some great stuff from Mike Filsame and Dan Kennedy.

Next, you can also go to your local public library. Talk to the librarian and referance guides. Libraries contain all sorts of HB books and financial resources. Your librarian should be more than happy to help you do a little research. I spent a couple of days in our local small town library when I first got started and was amazed at the tools I had access to. 

The only really hard part was sorting through the hype and finding books and articles from people that have really done it and become successful.  It’s amazin how there are lots of books by teachers and professors who have never had a HB of their own but love doling out advise on how they think it should work. 

It’s important that you be somewhat careful who you get your advice from!

There are people that can read a book and follow it’s instructions and then succeed… but if you are like the majority of us, you are going to need to see it in action, practice the process and then, and only then will you be able to do it on your own.

You are going to need to find a mentor. I’ve had 3 so far.  They are usually volunteers who have had great business success and will be glad to help you start up new businesses. They often have years of experience and can be really helpful. A mentor is the 100% method of learning how to do it right.  Reading is great, learining from someone that is already doing it is 1000 times easier and better.

The Small Business Administration or SBA provides a multitude of material on starting your own business. Visit http://www.sba.gov

One note on the SBA… they do not generally recognize the internet or any Biz run from home as a real business.  Therefore their info and advice is taylored towards the old brick and morter biz model and old print type ad processes… although that is changing fast!  The do have some very good tax advice and resources though.

Depending on where you live, you might also be able to find local government agencies that will give you free or inexpensive help and advice. Check your local listings for a small business center in your area.  Look for a local mastermind group to join.  This is another one of those ways to jump years ahead by using the skills and abilities of multiple others all at once.

Your bank should have been the first place you went if you were thinking of starting a store front business. Although since you are here, I’m guessing that wasn’t the case.  While they’re no replacement for accountants, most banks will have a business advisor on staff to help you open a business checking account and setting up your “Doing Business As (DBA) forms. They can be especially helpful with the technical and financial elements of starting your business and any licenses you may need from your state.

Business Lawyers know all about starting a new business too. It can be well worth paying for an hour of a lawyer’s time and just asking them every question you can think of (write them down in advance) in the time you have. Look around you may even be able to get a free consultation.

Accountants also know all about business (some more than others) and can be a less expensive alternative to lawyers. If you really want your business to be profitable you should take the advice your accountant gives you and, if you don’t have one, you should get one as soon as you are making a profit… if not sooner. 😉

Once you prove that your HB plan works, look for investors to raise capital. There are people who back businesses for a living. If you think your HB would be attractive to investors then you can try going to an investor with your idea. Just be sure you have a fully completed business plan in hand.  If they like it, they will often have a quick process get you your cash and to get your company up and running as soon as possible.

Don’t for get to visit your local universities as well when you are looking for advice and help. They are full of business students. They spend all their time learning about business from books and stories, and many of them would just love to help get a real one off the ground. Business students can be a great source of free help and advice.  Again, just be careful as most biz courses are full of old and outdated information, but that is beginning to change quickly with the success of the internet as a primary commerce source.

One last thing, remember whatever industry you’re thinking of entering, there is probably some kind of trade association, society or union that goes with it. You should join as soon as you can, and take advantage of all the resources that they offer. This includes access to people all ready in the field getting started in their industry.

There is an endless supply of help and advice out there. Just don’t be afraid to ask!

And, of course… we should be at the top of your list if you have questions… we are here to help all we can.

BIG NOTE!  Don’t let the process bog down and keep you from taking action.  Too much research and no action is the path to more failures than those that tried and failed.

Next week we’ll take a look at: Who’s the BOSS

Here’s to your success,

Wes Waddell


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November 18, 2010

Week 3 – Home Business Training: Writing a Biziness Plan

Subject: Writing a Biziness Plan

Hi Fellow Entrepreneur,

It’s Wes, back again with your weekly SpidersMarktingWeb Home Business (HB) newsletter!

Let’s talk today about:

Writing a Business Plan.

At this point in time, you should be ready to get your Home Business (HB) started in every way except one. You may need a little money (for at least a website and autoresponder)to start it. For us, you won’t need much… it could be either in the form of a C-Card, rainy day cash, small loan from a friend or relitive or maybe from family investors, but… even before that happens, there’s one more thing you need first.

The one thing you will need before you get and spend a single dime in capital (cash) for your business should always be a business plan.

No, it doesn’t need to be a full blown complicated business plan.

But, you do need to at least touch all the bases and put some real thought into your HB.  This is a BIG step in ensuring your future success. 

While you are just starting out on the internet, this isn’t required at all since you will most likely have your small amount of startup capital yourself.  But, it’s highly recommended even when you start small as it will serve as a map to your success.

Look at it this way… have you ever failed at something when you had a detailed step by step plan on how to get it done?

Let’s start at the beginning.

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is simply a list of answers to questions that people might have about your HB. You will not be able to get outside (bank) funding without one, because the people giving you the funding want to know that you have thought your venture through completely. A business plan says: I’ve considered this from every angle, and I am ready to get going and succeed.

Your business plan should include:  a good description of your service.

Just exactly what is it that you plan to do?

Tell those that read it which industry you’re going to be in, and why you’ve chosen it. I know this is already beginning to sound hard, but once you see an easy to follow example plan… and there are lots of them on the internet, you’ll find that you can probably do one in a day or two at most.

I was going to give you a link to my plan here, but then I realized that there are much better examples out there and they are more current on the latest trends and markets.  I found mine by typing in my niche name and the words business plan after it.  I found several and kind of used parts of 2 different ones to make mine fit my needs.  I have no doubt you’ll have no trouble doing the same thing.

That said, let’s press on.

Next, just who are your customers?

No, it’s not everyone!  Once you know exactly what your business will do, the next thing you need to know is whom you are going to be offering your services to or doing it for.  This is nothing more than a simple demographics listing (age, income, hobbies, subscribe to what magazines… etc.) of your ideal client.

Again, your sample Biz Plan will have examples and may (if you used a current one)have done much of the work for you.

Next up, what makes your business different?

You will need to explain in as much detail as you can exactly what it is that makes your HB different from all the other businesses in your market. How do you plan to stand out from the crowd and what will you do to make the business succeed? This now becomes your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that you will use later on as we develop your business.

Finally, take a short time and list your expenses.

Include your start up expenses and any equipment that you may need before you can get up and running. If you don’t have everything to start, that’s OK, just detail what you need and where you will get access to use it until you have your own.

Also include your daily expenses such as staff costs and supplies.  On the internet, this can be as simple a website hosting server, an autoresponder and electronic mail address along with a thumb drive for backups and data transfers.

Remember, this is just and overview.  This has been just a brief discussion of your final plan.  If you need more help with your business plan do a quick search on the Internet like I stated above. There are plenty of real life up to date examples available for almost any niche you can think of.

Now, get out your pencil and paper or get on your computer and get started.  The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be on your way to success on your own terms.

Until next week when we talk about starting a Biz and some advice, here’s to your success!

Wes Waddell


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November 13, 2010

SpidersWeb Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-09

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November 9, 2010