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The God’s Honest Truth About Internet Marketing

Copyright 2011 by Willie Crawford

As I survey the landscape of online marketing, I find some things that I see… very disturbing. One of the most disturbing is the tendency for marketers to NOT give you the full truth in an effort to get you to do what they are certain will help you.

Despite what you may believe, most “internet marketers”

that I know are honest and caring people. Many have discovered ways to earn a nice living working from the comfort of their homes. They now want to earn a living by teaching you to do the same.

The problem that these marketers encounter is that most of their prospective customers are very skeptical, but at the same time full of hope. So, the marketers tap into deep emotional dreams rather than relying upon the prospective customers’ judgment.

I titled this article “the God’s Honest Truth About Internet Marketing” not to imply that you haven’t been getting the truth all along from many marketers. I WILL point out that many marketers have been giving you “half-truths.”

They have only been giving you part of the picture because they knew that to do otherwise will usually lead to your doing nothing. They only gave you the part of the picture that they calculated that you needed to know to make the decision that they desired.

My 20 years spent in the military taught me the “need to know” concept too. Security and survival often depended upon not sharing confidential information with too many people. So, I understand exactly what my fellow marketers are trying to accomplish, and why.

However, I believe that you can handle the whole truth.

So, let me share just a few facts with you here, and then I’ll continue in Part 2 of this article.

Truth #1: Earning a living online is not as easy as your would like to believe. Think about it… if it were THAT easy, everyone would quit their day jobs and start online businesses.

The laws of economics prove that if anyone is making an exceptionally high profit in any niche, it will attract competitors… and will continue to do so until the market reaches equilibrium… that point at which people will no longer be drawn from other options

in disproportionate numbers.

The easily observed fact that the rest of the world has not all quit their day jobs, and rushed to the internet, shows you that it’s like any other business, and not a magic button.

So, you need to come to the table prepared to put in some serious effort if you plan on building an online business.

Truth #2: There are people earning six, seven, and even eight figures running online businesses. At the same time, there are a lot MORE people not earning a penny online. The difference is that some took the time to actually LEARN what works. A tiny percentage figured it out on their own, but a much higher percentage of successful online marketers learned from others who had already blazed the trail.

A while back, I did an informal survey on the Internet Marketing Warriors discussion forum. I asked how many people there would be happy earning just $100 per day online… if they could do it consistently and have to put in only 1-2 hours per day doing it.

The not-to-surprising answer to my survey was that the vast majority of people responding were not earning a mere $100 per day, and would love to learn how to do that. Think about it…

Most of the people on the most popular forum in the internet marketing niche were not earning even $3000 per month in their online businesses. Things have not changed much since that survey.

Incidentally, I took that information as validation that the world wanted to know some simple, proven ways that they COULD earn just $100 per day online.

So, along with 18 co-authors, I wrote an ebook where we shared exactly how we did that. You can find that ebook at

Truth #3: You generally need to be instructed in how to do any endeavor. Most of us learn to do most things by having someone teach us, or by watching someone else do them.

You would never go into any trade or profession in the offline world without getting properly trained first.

Even if you were just taking a job as a clerk at a local convenience store, you would expect to be trained HOW to do the job. So, why would you expect things to be different in the online world?

Plan on having someone else show you the ropes, or anticipate a steep learning curve.

Even the path to having someone else teach you is fraught with danger. That danger is largely due to a tendency for many in internet marketing to “fake it until you make it.”

That is, those who haven’t achieved any real online success will often pretend to be successful in order to make sales to you. They reason that if you don’t believe they are already successful that you won’t be interested in what they have to teach/sell.

That assumption is partly true, but it’s true only for those who choose to teach others how to build an online business… before they have done it.

The solution for those starting online businesses who notice that “Catch-22” is simply not to get into that niche. Instead, you get into a niche where you are actually an expert… or more knowledgeable than your prospective customers.

Here’s the thing… when you get into one of those OTHER niches, you often have a lot more potential customers, those customers spend more, and since you are doing something that you really enjoy you are less likely to burn out.

So plan on spending a little time actually thinking about and researching the niche that you will build your business in!

Ok, this article is getting long enough. We’ll pick up with Part 2 tomorrow. For now, read back over what I’ve shared with you and ask if it doesn’t make 100% sense.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


Willie Crawford has been operating an online business since 1996. Semi-retired, he now spends much of his time teaching aspiring online marketers proven tactics for building their own businesses. Discover Willie’s best affiliate marketing insider techniques in his step-by-step how-to instructions



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