How and why to build an email list

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. Lists make money. List marketing is probably the most powerful way to create a profitable home based business. It’s a strategy you can’t afford to overlook.

Why it works

Most people won’t open their wallets after seeing a marketing message only once. Repeated exposure is usually necessary to inspire action. The best way to reach someone more than once is by making them a part of your subscriber list.

People are also more likely to buy from those with whom the feel a trusting connection. List marketing gives you a chance to develop a relationship with the people on your list. That increases your credibility, producing more sales.

How to do it

Building a list is a rock-solid way to take advantage of a good home based business opportunities online, and it beings with a single simple page – the squeeze page. A squeeze pages has only one purpose. It should persuade the reader to become part of your list. Everything else is irrelevant.

The use of a free gift is an effective way to persuade visitors to join your list. This is a proven strategy that you can use to spur the success of your business.

A great inducement isn’t enough to get the best results, however. Building a squeeze page the right way is just as important. We know that specific squeeze page techniques generate optimal results. You should be using those moneymaking approaches. That will involve closely following three important guidelines.

Squeeze page basics

Initially, there should be no outgoing links on your squeeze page. You want people to sign up for your list, not to have them click away to something else.

Second, the squeeze page should feature a powerful, brief message. You want your squeeze page to generate those sign ups – everything else is extraneous and will decrease effectiveness. Remember that your squeeze page is there for a single reason – to build your list. You should choose every word with that goal in mind.

Third, you will want to approach the sign up process as if it were as important as a big sale – close that deal! Thus, your squeeze page’s sign up form needs to include an extremely strong call to action. Clearly communicate the value of subscribing to those reading the page.


A good inducement and a squeeze page built with these three recommendations will get the job done. You’ll be able to build trust and credibility with your subscribers. It will also allow you to reach them with your marketing messages on multiple occasions.

Online list building is a powerful way to improve your Internet marketing performance. It’s not a coincidence that top marketers all rely on their lists. The real money is in list building.

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February 25, 2011

Get indexed, get ranked, get traffic

There is no doubt that website traffic is critical to your business success. And the best kind of traffic is free traffic. And where’s the best place to get free traffic? Google and other search engines.

How does Google give out free traffic?

This is something you’ve experienced first hand countless times. You visit your favorite search engine. Enter the words you’re interested in. Then you click on one of the pages that in displayed. That website owner has just enjoyed the benefit of free traffic. We will be discussing here how to get website traffic to you for free.

Most people only click results from the first couple pages. The truth is that this first page of results receives nearly all the clicks. And what’s more, the first 3 get over 70% of the clicks.

So to get any significant amount of free traffic from Google, you really need to be on the first page. And that means you need to be “ranked” in the top 10 by Google. And this bring us to…

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization means that Google thinks your site matches what people are typing into their search box. The formula Google uses to determine this is known only by Google. However, we do know a few things that count.

Getting indexed

Before you can get ranked, Google has to first know your site exists. This is known as being “indexed.” This is when Google looks at your site and take notes about it, which are stored in their database.

Google needs to actually find your site in order to index it. Links from other sites are the easiest way to accomplish this. Google will actually follow the links on sites it already has indexed to find new sites and index them.

Twitter and Facebook updates are great places to put links to your site. These sites are very popular so Google indexes them multiple times a day. And follows new links it finds immediately.

Gaining ranking

After this first hurdle, you need to start gaining ranking. Just getting indexed does you almost no good, considering that Google has billions of pages in their database.

Here’s what’s important in ranking:

  • Content
  • Links
  • Activity

SEO content

This is the SEO work you do on your page. It’s critical that your page content is consistent with the keyword phrases you’re targeting. The topic of this article is clearly SEO. One way Google figures this out is from the fact that it contains the term SEO. And another way this is determined is by the other related phrases like traffic generation that are also in the article.

The title of the page, the domain name and other pages on your site are also important. Each of these plays a roles in Google determination about your site.

Link strategy

The next thing to consider is your links. The links coming in and the links going out are included in this. It’s very important that you have more links coming in than you have going out. And the more inbound links the better.

A very easy way to get a lot of links to your site is through article marketing. To accomplish this you start by writing an article that targets the keywords you’re after. Then create a bunch of different versions of it. Because you’re going to post a unique copy of it to lots of different websites. And quantity is the key here – so do lots and lots.

Getting activity

And lastly, it’s seems clear that Google expects important pages to be actively updated. You can’t just put up a page and leave it alone and expect it to rank well. So you need to update your pages often. One way to keep adding new content it through RSS feeds.

But the best way is with active discussions on your page itself. This means you need to get real live people to your site, as well. Online forums are simple source of real live visitors.

Create profiles on lots of forums about your site’s topic. Then become active in the forum. Then put a link to your site in your profile. This will get your more inbound links. And it also gets people to your web page.


Each step listed above is critical. Unfortunately, rewriting your articles again and again. And creating a bunch of forum profiles. And posting your content all over the web is time consuming. Which means you probably won’t end up doing it.

However, rank builder software exists. And it automates everything we’ve just talked about. So, use your time wisely and automated to tedious tasks. And then you’re sure to get it done. And if you don’t do it, you simply will not ever get free traffic from Google.

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February 23, 2011

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February 22, 2011

Affiliate Marketing Revised

Everything you think you know about building an affiliate business is wrong. The simple truth is that the old rules no longer apply. You need to adapt and change or perish.

You’ve been duped

You’ve been told it’s easy to get started as an affiliate. And it is – sort of. It is the easiest business you can possibly start. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The bad news…

And to make matters worse, you’ve taught to do it the hard way. You’re told to pick one of more products to promote. Next to pick your keywords carefully. Then buy some keyword ads that send traffic to the product. And just enjoy the commissions. But, it’s all wrong.

Don’t bother with keywords

Keyword advertising used to work. But it’s just too competitive to use keywords now. So, throw it all away.

A brand new formula

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s how to win at this game.

  • Start using CPA marketing
  • Utilize demographics data
  • Do image ad marketing

Start using CPA marketing

CPA means Cost Per Action. It’s far superior to product promotion. Because you don’t have to get people to spend money. You earn a commission for having them perform an “action”. Like completing a survey. Which is much easier than getting them to buy something.

Do demographics research

You’re not even going to use keywords (explained below.) Invest your research time into demographics. First, select the CPA offer you want to promote. Then hop over to And research what kinds of people will be interested.

Use image ads

So you know what your promoting and you know who will be interested. You can advertise directly to them on display networks. And use images as your ads. No keywords required. And you’ll save a fortune. Keyword ads are expensive, but image ads are still cheap.

Summing it up

This is truly a quick cash concept. Because it’s free to get started in CPA. You can buy image ad clicks for a fraction of keyword ad clicks. You can laser target with demographics. And getting them to take an action is much easier than making a sale.

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February 21, 2011

7 reasons why you MUST have your own info product

Answer this question: What’s the biggest reason millions of people log onto the internet each day? Simple. To get information. This is so ubiquitous a quest that Google handles 400 million queries a day! So what does this mean to you? It means that you have a massive opportunity to give people exactly what they’re looking for – information. And to earn some cash for doing it!

Info marketing 101

First of all, an info business is the least complex business possible. You develop a product that is nothing more than information. And other people buy this product to get the info. It couldn’t get much simpler.

But how does it all work?

We’ve established that it’s a simple concept. But to make it a successful business you’ve got to provide information people want. So you’ll need to find out what info is valuable. How do figure that out?

One very simple method is to do a little research. Head over to or Yahoo! answers and see what kinds of questions people are asking. You want to find something a lot of people are asking about. For things that are causing people discomfort. And provide the answer – in the form of an info product.

Think about this:

Don’t worry! Info product creation is easy… Consider this: An ebook is nothing more than a collection of articles. Writing a whole ebook can be overwhelming. Just try to write one or two articles a day. And once you have bunch of good ones, flesh them out, add to them and voila! You’ve got an ebook.

So, what’s so great about ebooks? Funny you should ask . . . Here are 7 reasons for you:

1. Ease

Once it’s built it runs pretty much on it’s own. And your customers need very little support. So you can just set it up and let it run. It really is like and automatic money machine.

There’s no inventory. You don’t have to ship anything. It’s digital.

2. Repurposing

When you have a created a few information products. You can just combine them into a more expensive product. It’s nothing to combine the content from several ebooks. And you’ll be able to charge much more for this “new” product. Your customers will gladly pay more for a single bigger ebook. As opposed to a bunch of little ones.

3. Resellers

Since it’s your product, you can offer other people the resale rights. This is a very popular topic right now, because it’s much easier to get the resell right than to make your own product. And what’s more you can charge double, even triple your selling price for resell rights!

4. Leverage

Leverage means doing something once and reaping multiple rewards. Take parts of your info product and turn it into a email training series. And build your list with it. A list is it’s own reward!

5. More leverage

Don’t stop there . . . break it into several smaller reports. Then use these to generate leads for the main product. They can be free or low prices. And it still benefits you because it in a lead-in for the main product. And if you’re really clever, you’ll let your affiliate use these reports as marketing tools. Which brings us to…

6. Affiliates

This is one of the biggest reasons of all. When you own your own products. You can get other people to promote it for you. Imagine having 100’s or 1000’s of other people promoting your products. You’ve got to have your own products to have affiliates.

7. Joint Ventures

OK, this is by far the biggest reason why. Joint ventures are the biggest short cut to success known to man. That makes this is the biggest reason for creating your own info products. Because if you don’t have you own product, you’ve got nothing to JV.

Summing it up

If you’re not convinced to start selling information products, then you haven’t been paying attention. With your own info product you can write your own ticket. Because you’re 100% in control. So, don’t waste any more time:

  • Head over to Yahoo! answers
  • See what people are asking about
  • Start providing information

The steps on how to write an ebook are really that easy. And in short time you’ll have the foundation for your own info product.

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February 19, 2011

4.2 million sites, fed by a mind-boggling 68 million search engine queries per day

From a Dan Kennedy Info-Marketing Letter:

12% of the total number of e-commerce websites are in the Adult-Entertainment industry, encompassing 4.2 million sites, fed by a mind-boggling 68 million search engine queries per day … roughly 25% of all search activity.

No other category can claim comparable concentration and dominance. And the 12% number is of sites; the percentage of actual commerce, higher. A payment processing company created just to be ‘the PayPal of adult sites’ went from zero to $73-million in revenues its first 6 months.

You then have to look at eBay, Amazon and the giant community sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc. As you strip out these big chunks of online commerce, you arrive at the arena in which most readers of this Letter as well as most consumer goods and services marketers play in–and you realize just how small it really is. There, you might have to further subtract the big national chains’ bricks/clicks combos; the Wal-Marts and Barnes & Nobles of the world.

The e-commerce arena gets even smaller. This reality should not be ignored. Thinking about it leads down two important paths. First, away from the Internet, to the space that is still much, much bigger, where much more commerce is done, where many more businesses prosper: print media and direct mail.

If you do a bit of research and compare the numbers of successful direct marketers as well as the revenues generated, you will find “online” a teeny-tiny player vs. “offline.” And that may affect your decisions about weighting of your investments of time, energy and money. Second, to the true online opportunities and sensible uses, which I would prioritize as follows …

Check out the rest of this excerpt from Volume 5, Issue 2 of the Dan Kennedy archives here:

Dan Kennedy outlines: The Professor of Harsh Reality’s Dirty Little Secrets of E-Commerce

Check out:


Robert Skrob

Information Marketing Association

P.O. Box 14629

Tallahassee, FL 32317

Phone: 850.222.6000

Fax: 850.222.6002


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February 18, 2011

Using Web Audio for Success

It’s undeniable that if you add audio to websites it will increase your results. In fact, not using audio is a big mistake. Adding it raises your opt-in conversions. And your sales.

Why does it work?

There’s no real mystery. The web is mostly silent. It adds a human touch to your site. It also makes your site feel more real. In short, it makes your site come alive. And this aliveness creates more interaction with your visitors.

The benefits of audio

Adding audio increases your profits in two ways. First, you’ll make more sales. Secondly, you will not have to spend as much to make the sales. Instead of having to pay a professional to write you a great sales letter. Simply record an audio message yourself. Your honest message about your product will sell better than a professional copywriter.

And you will increase your subscriber opt-in rate. The reason this works so well is because people need to be told what to do. So you just add a simple audio that says: Enter your email address in the form. That alone can increase opt-in rates up to 310%!

Some web audio ideas

A welcome message on your homepage. A warm welcome can be the deciding factor. Grabbing their attention like this helps you keep them on your site.

Step-by-step instructions. It’s the same as when you use audio to increase your subscribers. You just explain what to do first, then next, etc. And take them all the way through buying your product.

Get testimonials for your services and products. Written testimonials are good. But what’s even better are audio testimonials. You can just make up written one and people know that. Audio adds a level of higher believability. Which boosts your sales for sure.

Sneaky tick

Something you may not have thought of is using audio for the product itself. This is by far the easiest content to produce. Plus people love audio products. Podcasts are still popular, so this is a great format. And you can get someone to transcribe them for very little money. This much easier than writing the eBook yourself!

Is adding audio hard?

It’s actually really easy. There’s software that will show you how to add audio to a website. There’s no knowledge required on your part. The program records and then converts the recording and generates an audio button. You just copy and paste into your website. You don’t need to even consider this part.

In closing

Let’s take another look at the benefits. Using website audio will increase your conversion rates. No doubt your sales will go up. You’ll get more subscribers. And you can quickly produce products and website sales copy. No many people are doing this. So you’ll be one of the few reaping the rewards. Start using it today and you’ll be glad you did.

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February 17, 2011

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February 15, 2011