Small Business Tip of the Day: The Refreshing Truth About Technology and Making Money

The Refreshing Truth About Technology and Making Money
By Joshua Boswell

Social media. Mobile media. Trip wire marketing. Email Campaigns. Search Engine Optimization. Shopping Carts. E-commerce. Hosting. Servers. Tablets. Smartphones. Digital Delivery. Java. HTML5.

I could go on for hours, listing all the different, complicated technologies and devices that so many Internet marketing experts tell us we "must have" to make money online.

But, the reality is … neither you or I are going to be able to conquer and stay endlessly current with the latest, hottest, most amazing stuff out there.

This fact has really bothered me. And, in listening to many Carefree Entrepreneur subscribers, it really bothers you as well.

How can you and I possibly make money online, if we can’t keep up with all the new stuff? And, not only that… how do we know who to believe… what’s real… and what’s just the latest passing fad?

I decided to turn to my mentor and good friend Mark Ford (you’ll know him by his pen name, Michael Masterson) and get his opinion on the matter.

I think his insights will be extremely valuable to you. Actually, he shared these with me and the entire Carefree and AWAI leadership team. Katie Yeakle responded back stating plainly … "This is a Master’s course in Business."

And, indeed it is.

Here are his profitable and powerful insights …

90% of the Internet marketing industry is a joke. It’s based on a myth. The myth is that employing technological gimmicks can make you rich. This is not true, but it continues to be sold by so-called "Internet Marketing Experts" – and bought by unsuspecting would-be online entrepreneurs.

The unfortunate reality is that 90% of Internet marketing experts are frauds. They are frauds because they only make money by selling this myth – not by selling legitimate business tools or ideas.

So, how can they get away with it? Because they know technology. And these guys know technologies because they are fundamentally nerds … technology nerds.

Over the last 10 to 12 years, while the Internet was changing the landscape of business, many of these nerds made a lot of money by exploiting their knowledge of specific Internet technologies.

But, most of them never learned anything important about business. They never learned the truth about sound business practices. And now, as technology has advanced to the point where these technologies are more user-friendly, these people – who were really nothing more than over-paid technical consultants who were giving advice about topics they knew nothing about – i.e., business – have become less and less useful.

Plus, as the market becomes more competitive, they are becoming less and less capable of acquiring new customers (people who foolishly believe in the myth of technology). And, that means we will soon be rid of them … which is a good thing.

Here’s the truth:

You can’t develop a real business by learning or applying gimmicks.

There is one thing that every entrepreneur needs to learn, and it is not optional …

It is 1,000 times more important than any one of these gimmicks.

If you have it, you can build empires.

Without it, expertise in 20 of these gimmicks will get you nothing.

What is it? The one thing you need to master is the Optimal Selling Strategy (OSS) for your business.

I believe that for every business, at any given time, there is one best way to acquire new customers. How you sell your product, service, or ideas – the specific decisions you make about presenting and pricing and talking about it – has a huge impact on whether you will be successful.

To take a business from zero to a million dollars (and beyond), you have to discover and implement your Optimal Selling Strategy.

When you have this, nobody can fool you with cockamamie marketing strategies or hollow technology gimmicks.

Rich Schefren – founder of Strategic Profits – is a tech nerd who actually understands business. He put it this way: "You have to learn the ‘what’ before the ‘how.’ People always ask me things like, ‘How do I do PPC? How do I do SEO?’ But, they don’t know WHAT – What are you going to sell? You need to know that first."

Mike Palmer – one of the world’s leading copywriters and sales strategists – put it this way: "Sales copy is king. Everything else is just gimmicks."

If you can learn and consistently implement your OSS, you can hire people to implement the rest. You can – and should – hire out all the technology.

I completely agree with Mark’s assessment.

I promised to show you how you can be "Techno-Smart … When You’re Not" and this is it.

The reality is that you – as the entrepreneur – don’t need to be caught up in the latest stuff. What you need to do is discover your Optimal Selling Strategy and then implement it.

Are there specific technologies you should be using? Yes, but only if and when you clearly see how they fit into your OSS.

In his book, Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat, Mark outlines "Four Secrets of the Optimal Selling Strategy." This past week, during my webinar Converting Your Skills and Experience into Wealth, I talked about each of these four secrets.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we are going to give each area a focused analysis so you can be fully empowered to begin discovering your Optimal Selling Strategy.


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February 29, 2012

Small Business Tip of the Day: How To Tap Into Your Inner Business Genius

How To Tap Into Your Inner Business Genius

By Rich Schefren

Today I’m going to show you a simple yet incredibly effective thinking tool. Actually, I like to think of it more as a game.
I was first introduced to this technique by Nathaniel Branden, a protégé of famed author Ayn Rand.
It only takes a few minutes to "play," but it will help you generate amazing ideas to solve problems, seize opportunities, and gain greater insight.
They’re called "Sentence Stems."
A sentence stem is a partially complete sentence. It contains your desired outcome… but leaves blank your method for achieving it. Here are three examples…
"I’d be more productive today if I…."
"I could conquer procrastination by…"
"Eating healthier would be easier if I…"
The concept is incredibly simple, but sentence stems can be extremely effective in helping you improve your performance and accomplish your goals.

The Rules of the Game…

You start with a sentence stem. The sentence stem should be based on the problem you want to solve, an area you want to improve, a goal you want to achieve, or anything else you might want to use this process for.
Every day for a full week, write 6 to 10 different endings to the sentence stem.
At the end of the week, review all your answers, select the best ones, and get rid of the rest. Prioritize the answers that are immediately actionable and begin taking action on them. Create your next sentence stem from the answers that need further exploring.
You need to adhere to a few rules in order to make this technique as effective as possible.
1) Do not look at what you’ve written previously before writing. You’ll review all your answers when you are done for the week. This way you don’t allow previous answers to guide your new answers.
2) Write your endings as quickly as possible – the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t worry about spelling. Don’t worry whether your sentence makes sense. This helps bypass your conscious mind and tap into the awesome awareness of your subconscious mind.
3) Strive to make each answer unique. In other words, don’t use the same ending twice.
4) Ideally you should do this exercise in the morning, and for at least seven days. For maximum results, complete it every day for 14 days.
When you’ve completed this exercise for the number of days you decided on, have a look at everything you have written. Naturally there will be some repetitions from day to day, but there will also be many new endings.
Take all your unique endings and consolidate them. Look through them and see if they trigger any additional ideas. If so, record them as well. Then look over your entire list of answers and decide what action you’re going to take. It might be just one of the ideas… or a combination of several.
If you’re unsure, you can repeat the process to gain greater clarity on your next move. You’d then use stems like: "If anything on my list is true, then it might be helpful if I…" or "I can use this list in my life by…" Then see what develops. (Find out where to get more cool thinking tools that will give you greater success and more freedom here.)

Let’s Walk Through An Example

Situation: Let’s say you’ve got to work on an important presentation that’s a month away. You’re stressed and a little overwhelmed with all the work you need to do. But you don’t want to do what you’ve done in the past, which is to wait until the last moment to prepare. So you decide to use sentence stems to help you move into action.
Sentence Stem: It would be easy to work on my presentation if…
Initial Answers:
…I didn’t watch any TV until I worked on my presentation for at least an hour.
…I started with the section that was easiest for me.
…I laid out everything I needed to work on the night before.
…I did a free-writing exercise pretending I was doing the presentation and writing the transcript.
…I doodled and diagrammed the presentation in my journal.
…I called a friend, recorded the conversation, and talked about what I wanted to present.
…I created an outline of the presentation.
…I assembled the images I wanted to use in my slides.
…I opened PowerPoint and simply started writing.
…I recorded myself giving an impromptu presentation.
And so on…
I guarantee that if you did this for an entire week, before the week was even over you’d have already started working on your presentation. That’s the power of sentence stems. They help you tap into your subconscious mind and brainstorm solutions… and at the same time, they bring important priorities into your conscious mind.

But That’s Not All That Sentence Stems Can Do For You

You can also use them to get greater clarity on important issues in your life. Here’s an example from my journal from about eight years ago…
Sentence stems from my journal
You’ll notice I also listed my top 10 goals at the top. I do this quite often in my journal. I’ll write my top 10 goals from memory to make sure I remain conscious of them throughout the day.
As you can see, I was doing important self-development work with these sentence stems. I was reflecting on what (1) independence, (2) thinking for myself, and (3) trusting my own mind meant to me.
So you can appreciate how easy this is… and understand the impact it can have on your life… take a moment now to create your first stems.
1. Think through a challenge you are currently experiencing.
2. Construct your sentence stem with the outcome you desire.
3. Write down six endings to the stem.
See how easy that was?
To keep it up, follow the directions I laid out for you. And watch the magic happen!

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February 28, 2012

SpidersWeb Home Biz Weekly for 2012-02-27

  • I've learned…. That the easiest way for me to grow as a person is to surround myself with people smarter than I am. #
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February 27, 2012

Home Business Tip of the Day: Where to Find Your Most Profitable Customers

Where to Find Your Most Profitable Customers
By Joshua Boswell

To determine your Optimal Selling Strategy (as you’ll recall, this is Mark Ford’s landmark term, borrowed from his book Ready, Fire, Aim), your first task is to find where your most profitable customers spend their time … and their money.

In our world today, I believe that online customers are primarily found in one of two places: Google or Facebook.

And, these two sites attract a fundamentally and philosophically different type of buyer.

Many marketers and online entrepreneurs lose a great deal of money because they fail to see these differences. They believe that you can use the same ideas, techniques, and strategies getting people to buy from you using Google or Facebook.

This is not true. And, making this assumption can be very costly and dangerous.

In my experience working with clients and developing my own businesses, I have found that virtually all products and services can be labeled as "Facebook Ready" or "Google Ready."

By labeling your company, products, and services as such, it helps you determine how to talk to your potential buyers.

The simplest test I know of is to search for your type of product or service on Google and then on Facebook.

Both are advertising sites. Both make money using enticing free content to lure you in … and then ads to sell you things. Both have billions of people using them every day.

But fundamentally, they couldn’t be any more different.

People use Google when they have an "Itch." In other words, they have an immediate, pressing problem and want to find a solution NOW.

People use Facebook to define, validate, or expand their "Identity" as a human being. In other words, they want to share with others who they are and they want others to validate them as part of a "group" or valued as a "friend."

Let me show you how this difference shows up when in terms of buying or selling things …

If you need a new cell phone and want to find the best price, carrier, and latest features, what do you do? You Google it, of course.

You have a specific desire for something better in your life — an itch that you would like to have scratched — and you go to Google to get rid of that maddening itch sensation.

Would you go to Facebook and look up groups that sell and market cell phones? Nope, not likely.


Because you know that on Facebook you’re not going to get pricing details, phone specs, and carrier comparisons.

Now, once you have that cool new cell phone in hand, what do you do?

You go to Facebook to tell your friends about your cool new phone, post pictures, share videos, etc. … You are sharing because having a cool phone makes you feel part of a unique group. It makes you feel special.

But even then, you’re not really talking about your phone, you are talking about your life, experiences, and identity as it relates to your phone. In fact, the new phone is just an excuse to use Facebook to further define, validate, or expand your identity.

This morning, I looked and found two fairly popular cell phone groups on Facebook. Were they talking about specs and data and pricing? No. They were talking about experiences they had had with their phone or that they had captured on their phone.

When you are looking for profitable customers, you need to ask yourself, "Am I selling something to scratch an itch?" Or … "Am I helping people define and validate their identity?"

If you are not sure, search on both Google and Facebook. See what kinds of results you get.

Inside of Google, you are looking for advertisers on the right side of the screen. (NOTE: I’m not concerned with how many organic search results there are … the stuff down the middle … I’m just looking at ads.) More ads are a good thing. And, if the ads are backed by nice-looking sites that appear to be making money by selling stuff, then all the better.

Inside of Facebook, you are looking for groups or pages that have a high following and lots of chatter. When you go into those groups, are they selling anything? Are there congruent ads on the page? More Likes, the more chatter, the more ads, the better.

Let me give you another example that is near and dear to my heart …

Go to Google and Facebook and type in the term "parenting."

On Google, depending on the day, you will find a couple of government ads, a handful of nonprofits ads, one or two sites actually trying to sell something (usually poorly), and a couple of ads leading you back to social-media type sites, typically targeting moms.

On Facebook, you will find dozens of groups, topics, and interests, with Likes ranging from 600 to 51,000+. If you put anything relating to parenting in your Facebook profile, you will start seeing dozens of ads selling stuff to parents following you around from page to page, hoping to attract your attention.

Why? Because, with the exception of trying to drastically correct wild teenager behavior, everyday parenting does not represent a major "itch" that people need scratched immediately.

But, parenting is a part of who we are. All of us either are parents or have parents. We easily connect with other parents. Moms especially want to connect with each other to validate and enhance their identity.

Once you have identified if your product or service is best for Google or Facebook, you will know where your profitable customers are spending their time. With this information in mind, you can begin to define specific plans for grabbing their attention and selling to them.

Next week, I will give you some specifics on how to attract the attention of your most profitable customers.

Until then, I want to strongly recommend that you consider joining the Internet Money Club.

Registration ends tomorrow night … and so does a very nice $1,000 discount I’ve arranged for you.

If you join us, you are guaranteed to have a solid online business up and running in 30 days or less.

What is more, you will work with Brian Edmondson — a seasoned online business expert — to clearly define your Optimal Selling Strategy — including discovering where your best customers are hiding out, how to attract them, and how to profitably sell to them.

By the end of the 24-week session, you will know more about making money online than 95% of the so-called "Internet marketers" out there. You will have solid business principles in your tool belt and you’ll have a crystal-clear plan on how to successfully run and manage a moneymaking website.

In my view, there is no other system out there that can give you this kind of hands-on, results oriented, proven success model. If you are serious about making money online and making it as fast as possible, the best way to win is to join the Internet Money Club.



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February 20, 2012