Why My Wife Insists I Read Victoria’s Secret…

I bet you didn’t know that about me 🙂
Now, I didn’t say I flip through their catalog.
I said… I READ, and what I read is their emails.
Because they help flood your mind with ideas on creating subject lines and titles for your content that are simply… IRRESISTIBLE! (and that means MORE money which keeps my wife very happy)
Here are a few recent examples…
– Let the seduction begin…
– The Secret to seduction…
– There’s something incredible happening in Sport…
– Supermodels can’t live without…
– Who are you calling Shortie?
– This should get your heart pumpin’…
They’re not all like that, but there are many really good ones.
As you know, it’s all about engaging with your prospects… keeping things interesting and at the same time providing value.
Listen carefully to what I’m saying here.
There’s NO SHORTAGE of information online about anything.
And the ONLY reason… let me say it again… THE ONLY REASON your prospects are going to take precious time out of their life to hear and see what you have is IF you can do these 2 things…
1. Provide MASSIVE Value to them.
2. Do it in a FUN way that keeps them entertained and engaged.
Who wants to read dull, boring and strictly factual stuff?
Well, some super analytical person might be, but those are few and far between. Most people desperately need to be entertained, of course with a mix of value and good content.
This is why most blogs and videos fall flat on their face… EVEN IF the content has substance.

They’re Just PLAIN BORING!

Would you like to know how to create this MASSIVE value and do it in a way that people can’t wait to hear it… drop what they’re doing and RUSH to read what you’ve got?
Ray Higdon shows you exactly how to do that and MUCH MORE… inside Pro Blog Academy.
Ray cracked the code to attract a HUGE following by mixing good, solid content with some fun and engaging ways that keep people hanging on to his every word.
That’s why his blog is read by over 30,000 people a month… and why his posts spread like wild fire all over the place with lots of comments, likes and shares.
As a matter of fact, the entire Module 2 is all about "Becoming A Content Creation Machine."
Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside…
The secret sauce to creating non-stop flow of good, solid content for your blog… that’s fun to read and makes you stand out like sore thumb in a sea of other competitors.
He’ll show you 3 specific methods how to get super content to almost write itself… ZERO creativity required!
A secret persuasion trigger to GUARANTEE every single blog post will be a slam dunk BEFORE your fingers even touch the keyboard.
It’s so powerful, YOU’ll be the one in control of where your visitors go, and which action they’ll end up taking… and it’s completely undetectable.
One little phrase Ray uses on his blog that made him an EXTRA $100,000 in the last 18 months.
Sneaky little tricks to making your blog posts grab and hold your prospects attention, while building up their desire to join YOU.
Ray’s "2 minute SEO grinder" to fully optimize your content for MAXIMUM results. Yes it really does only take 2 minutes.
A unique idea fetching method that actually PAYS YOU in 4 different ways to find good content.
And this is just ONE of the 4 jam-packed training Modules you get with Pro Blog Academy.
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After going through this Module, you will banish writer’s block forever and never again get stuck on what to write about… in a fun, engaging and EFFECTIVE way.
PLUS… getting back to subject lines, one of the bonuses you’ll get is Ray Higdon’s Email Riches training webinar.
Where you’ll discover Ray’s simple formula for building lasting relationships with his list, making money at the push of a button and…
… turning a big chunk (much higher than average) of leads into sales and distributors for his primary company.
Ray will show you a few little tweaks that INSTANTLY make all your emails and blog posts super persuasive by peppering it with psychological triggers guaranteed to move your prospects to action.
What that means is you get HIGHER open and click-through rates… which turns your blog traffic into more sales, recruits and significantly BIGGER Pay-Days.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll find inside this course.
Pro Blog Academy is one of the most comprehensive training programs you’ll ever get your hands on that will show EXACTLY how to start from scratch and build a very solid online business very quickly…
… and without having to spend money on advertising or buying traffic.
In addition to over $5,466 in income boosting bonuses, if you jump on board right now, you’ll still get the Quick Start Blog Review Bonus
… where Ray will personally review your blog and go through it with a fine tooth comb, to make sure you didn’t leave anything out, and it’s in tip-top shape, ready to rock and roll… AND make you some serious money.
This bonus alone is worth $500but you get it at NO-COST which makes Pro Blog Academy virtually FREE!
Pro Blog Academy is only available until Tuesday Mignight EST, at which time we’re pulling this page down and shutting the doors on this insane offer.

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Vitaly Grinblat
Editor, Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter

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October 20, 2012

Jim Edwards: What are the best steps to follow, in order, to build an opt-in list fast?

Got this from Jim Edwards today and it really helped me out. Thought  I would pass it on to you so you could learn what I did that I was doing wrong…

5 Steps to Building a HUGE Opt-In Email List

Posted on October 17, 2012 by Jim Edwards

What are the best steps to follow, in order, to build an opt-in list fast?

Building a list isn’t hard. In fact, building an opt-in list is very simple and building one fast isn’t any harder than building one slowly. By the way, no matter which niche you’re in, having a nice, targeted email list is the key to long-term success.

So, here are 5 steps to building a huge opt-in email list, no matter what market you target.

Step 1 – Define Your Audience!

You can’t build a targeted list unless you know WHO should join your list in the first place. Most people who struggle to build a list miss out on this important first step, which derails them for the rest of the process.

The three (3) most important things you should know about your audience are: their top questions; their top desires; their top problems. You’ll use these 3 things to crush it in Step 2.

Step 2 – The Bait

Why will people sign up to your list? What’s in it for them? Why should they pay attention to what you have to say? In order to get people to sign up for your list you must offer them something that has a greater perceived value than their fear that you’ll just spam them.

You need “bait.”

Bait can be a free or paid report, video, webinar, article, ebook or anything else. The key: it’s gotta be DAMN GOOD!

Step 3 – A GREAT Offer Page

You need a page that quickly and effectively communicates what you’re offering and why they should sign up NOW! Too many people take way too long to get to the point when building a list. You need a headline, some bullet points, and a call to action that drives people to take the action you want (sign up)!

I’ve personally seen one offer page outperform another by as much as 700%. That means, with the same traffic, one page got SEVEN TIMES (7X) as many subscribers as the other.

Step 4 – Eyeballs On Offer

Next, you need targeted people to see your offer so they can make a decision about whether to sign up. You can take a completely crap offer and, with enough targeted eyeballs, build a huge list! (Though I personally prefer to have a GREAT offer and use that to build a huge targeted list.)

There are three ways to get targeted eyeballs on your offer: buy them; borrow them; build them.

My favorite way, once I have a proven offer, is to buy them (and NOT from Google)! That, frankly, is the fastest way to turn on the fire hose of opt-in subscribers and start getting results fast. There are also, however, some great ways to get HUGE numbers of people to your offer by borrowing traffic from other people.

Step 5 – Automated Follow Up

The real money from building up and opt-in email list comes from the follow up – the series of messages you send to your new subscribers via an autoresponder. It doesn’t matter whether you send them messages about your own products or other people’s. What matters is that you (a) follow up and (b) add value to their lives.

Just sending email trying to make a quick sale WON’T build up and maintain the type of list you want for long-term success. The key in following up is to add value and point people to resources they’ll see the value in and, ultimately, buy something. Also, this follow-up must be automated and in place BEFORE you start driving targeted eyeballs. Once you get fully engaged in the marketing, you won’t have time to figure out the follow-up.

So there you have it. 5 simple steps that will lead you to a big, targeted opt-in email list. By the way, I’m teaching a FREE, LIVE Webinar that will go in-depth into these 5 steps. It’s called “Email List Building Made Easy” and you can attend the LIVE Webinar absolutely FREE. Get signed up for the LIVE webinar here: http://webinarking.com/email-list-building-made-easy/

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October 17, 2012

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