Home Business Tip of the Day: Profiting from Hot Online Trends

Dear Entrepreneur,

The Internet has made doing business easier in so many markets and niches, including the Carefree Business Marc Charles outlines for you today.

It’s the ideal Carefree Business because:

  • You don’t need a huge amount of start-up capital — a few hundred bucks are all you need.
  • You don’t need a bricks-and-mortar storefront, employees, or equipment — just your computer.
  • You don’t need to quit your job — yet. (You can do it on the side until it replaces your current income.)

All that, and the profit potential for new entrepreneurs is huge.


Jason Holland
Managing Editor
Carefree Entrepreneur

Profiting from Hot Online Trends
By Marc Charles

I’m sure you’ve heard of the $1.2 trillion Chinese export market. It’s where some of the largest companies in the world make their money. They buy products manufactured in China for pennies on the dollar … and sell them for a huge markup.

But you don’t have to be a Walmart to get in on this opportunity.

Thousands of successful individual entrepreneurs use this model to make full-time incomes – and then some – working from home part-time. Because you can also get started with limited or no experience and not much money, it’s perfect for Carefree Entrepreneurs.

How do you do it? You harness the power of the Internet to:

  • Find products and manufacturers from a trusted source (you don’t have to store inventory, they ship directly from factory to customer)
  • Research the hottest products online right now (a few clicks and you’ll have all you need to know)
  • Sell to customers primed to buy (without setting up your own website, if you don’t want to )

A few weeks ago, you learned about the online resource used by insiders to find product manufacturers. Alibaba.com is the leading online marketplace for connecting overseas suppliers and entrepreneurs like you looking to import and sell products online. It’s easy to use. And on this site, which includes only quality goods, you can find pretty much any product you can think of. Everything from yoga mats to bulldozers.

This is great. You know where to find the products. It’s not something you have to worry about.

Now your challenge as a Carefree Entrepreneur is to figure which particular products are “hot” right now.

And the great thing is this is easy to do. With some very simple online research, you’ll soon have a range of products that can be sold quickly and profitably. And by tapping into trends, marketing your products will be easier.

3 Ways to Find Hot Products for Your Business

You’re starting an online business. And that means the best place to do your market research is – you guessed it – online. Here are the top three resources for finding hot products:

  1. Start with Google, specifically Google Product Search. (You can find it under the Shopping tab on the Google homepage, or at google.com/prdhp.) Scroll down and you’ll find a listing of current hot products – those that have been searched for and purchased by online customers. Google gets sales information weekly from hundreds of online businesses, so if a new trend pops up, you’ll see it here first.
  2. eBay Pulse (pulse.ebay.com) is another great resource. It tracks the top 10 searches – what customers are actively looking for – on its site. ebay started out offering mostly used goods and collectibles. But these days, eBay sellers offer a lot of new products. So it’s very popular with your target market of online shoppers.
  3. Lastly, check out the largest online retailer, Amazon. Its bestsellers page (amazon.com/gp/bestsellers) is a great place to identify products you should consider selling yourself. Thousands of people shop on Amazon every hour – it’s the go-to online shopping site. If it’s trending on Amazon, you have a money-maker on your hands.

So what’s hot right now?

I just checked out the three sites above and some of the big sellers of the moment are electronic gadgets (including cell phones, laptops, tablet computers, and mp3 players), women’s shoes, video games, and holiday decor.

Check out these research tools yourself today. Make a list of the top 10 products selling on each site: Google Product Search, eBay, and Amazon. It’s on these lists that you’ll find the in-demand products that you should be selling online with your import-export business. If you find a product on two or three of the lists, the money-making potential is even greater.

In the next essay in this series, we’ll show you how to hook up with suppliers on Alibaba.com and get the best deals so you can start importing the hot products you’ve identified today. You can start with one or two, ramping up to offer more as your business takes off.

Then later we’ll tackle how to start marketing your products once you’ve identified “hot” trends and found a supplier overseas. You’ll learn how to sell online – without having to set up your own website. eBay, Amazon Marketplace, and other online resources set up the virtual storefront you, allowing you to focus on marketing. Plus, each day these sites get thousands of visitors searching for products. That gives your business an automatic leg up.

If you’re eager to get started right away, check out my program, The China Wholesale Trader. In it I give you tips and tactics for finding and negotiating with manufacturers, marketing your business on the Internet, and much more.

Check it out here.

Import and Grow Rich

Maybe you’ve been hearing about all those “overnight” Internet success stories and always wish you could be next. Well, it’s finally time it happened to you …

One online entrepreneur we know, Valerie Johnson made $1.8 million last year selling … pajamas. And then there is the $25-million success story of Kevin and Lisa Hickey.

How’d they do it? They were able to get their products for pennies on the dollar and sell them for huge markups.

We want to show you how to get into the same type of easy-to-operate business. All you have to do is follow a simple and easy plan that walks you – step-by-step – through this online business that takes full advantage of our global economy and the Internet.

Find your financial success here …


Just getting your business online? Here’s What’s Working Now: http://t.co/k5fJtCbn

And you can steal it for a song!

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November 14, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: Engagement Marketing

 Imagine that you’re greatest goal in life is to get married. Here’s a guaranteed prescription for failure:

 1. Walk into a bar or nightclub where a lot of single people hang out

 2. Spot an attractive person already engaged in a conversation with someone else

 3. Barge in on that conversation, crashing into their table and knocking the bowl of pretzels on the table, their clothes and the floor

 4. As your opening line, blurt out in a loud obnoxious voice, “Will you marry me?”

 5. When they look at you like you’ve just escaped from an asylum, raise your voice even louder and repeat, “Marry me – NOW”

 Sounds downright stupid, doesn’t it? And it’s guaranteed NOT to get the results you want.

 But here’s the important question: is this much different than the way most companies market their products or services?

 Most marketing interrupts your day with some over-the-top subject line… then proceeds to make some highly questionable promises… and closes by urging you to buy right now… then it urges you again to buy before it’s too late.

 Not only is this the way NOT to market, but it’s a guaranteed formula for what I call “marketing suicide”. By using this approach, as so many businesses do, you’re locking in your own failure.

 Fortunately, there’s a much more sane and effective way to market.


 Introducing “Engagement Marketing”


 If you get to the core of what’s wrong with the typical marketing process I showed you above, what it all boils down to is you’re marketing to your prospects in a way that you hate being marketed to yourself.

 So the solution has two simple parts:

 1. STOP marketing this way immediately

 2. Start inviting, engaging and solving

 Let’s take a look at how this is done.

 INVITE – Instead of beating your prospects over the head with a sales pitch right from the beginning, invite them to begin to get to know you. Give them some valuable content they can use to get a result they’ll remember – and do this without any sales pitch whatsoever.

 ENGAGE – Keep building the relationship by giving them more content, completely free of any sales messages. Studies show that it takes a minimum of 7 contacts like this to establish a solid bond of trust with your prospects.

SOLVE – Instead of just showing prospects your product and it’s features and benefits, demonstrate exactly how it solves a difficult problem they have or helps them achieve an important goal.

Sound different than 99% of the marketing you see – possibly even yours?

You bet it does. And I’m sure you can see that by shifting to this style of marketing, which I call Engagement Marketing, you stand to make a lot more sales than you’re currently making with traditional marketing methods.


How to substantially increase your sales with Engagement Marketing



In a few weeks, I’ll be presenting a comprehensive new program that covers all the steps of my Engagment Marketing process:

> You’ll discover how to use “invitation marketing” to substantially increase the amount of traffic you drive to your site – and the quality of that traffic

> A simple engagement process that turns a list of cold prospects into a warm audience that enthusiastically looks forward to hearing from you

> Step-by-step details for using my simple “solution selling” approach to help your prospects truly get what they want by using your product or service – and ramp up your own sales at the same time  

> How to expand your relationship with your warm audience and turn one-shot sales into dedicated customers who buy from you again and again

 There’s a lot more, but I think you get the idea. If you want to be first in line to get all the details on Engagement Marketing once they’re ready, you can put your name on the Early Notice list by clicking here:


It’s quick – just enter your name and email address and you’re on the Early Notice list.


I’ll be in touch soon.


Bob Serling, Founder

Profit Alchemy, Inc.

2039 Bruceala Court, Cardiff, CA 92007, USA

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October 3, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: Only Two Reasons You are Failing to Attract…

Tip of The Day:
There’s Only Two Basic Reasons Why You Could Be
Failing To Attract Prospects Online…


When it all boils down to the sticky syrup there’s only two basic reasons you could be failing to attract prospects online:
1) Traffic: There’s not enough web traffic, visitors, or prospects going to your simple sales message or presentation every day. (This business is definitely a numbers game. If you know your numbers — and know they’re profitable — then you shouldn’t be afraid to pay for web traffic!)

2) Message: You’re not converting enough of your web traffic into sales or leads. (If this is where you’re stuck then you really need to learn how to write a simple, effective, sales message. If you want to learn how to write your own persuasive copy then I highly recommend The Copywriter’s Guild.)

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August 24, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: Your First Sentence…

Tip of The Day:
How To Write Your First Sentence
When You Write An Ad


Don’t begin your advertising with warm-up sentences. Say something important fast — about how the reader can gain. Advertising that’s “different” won’t bring you one extra sale.” — Andrew J. Byrne

2,239 Tested Secret for Direct Marketing Success — By Denny Hatch

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August 22, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: The Secret Classroom…

Tip of The Day:
The “Secret Classroom” In Your Car…

I was talking to a friendly guy from Newfoundland, Canada a long while back and he told me that Black Belt Recruiting was his favorite Magnetic Sponsoring product because he can listen to it when he’s on the on the road…

I think that’s a very clever way to make time for your personal education… I used to listen to audio recordings on my way to work every day…

Did that for about a year and it got me through some tough times for sure…


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August 20, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: How To “Close” Your Prospects

Tip of The Day:
How To “Close” Your Prospects
Like A Polished Pro


The closer should know that when the customer says he has to “think about it,” he is simply not sold on the product yet. The closer should realize the excuse “I have to think about it,” is not a true objection that has to be overcome, but rather a bunch of words that don’t add up to anything in particular…” — “The Closers” Ben Gay III

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August 16, 2011

Really? You disagree with this?

Subject: Really? You disagree with this?

So Mark Hoverson’s pre-training
videos are dropping nuclear bombs
on how to actually create time-freedom
& ca$h-flow in this industry.

Common Assumption = You become
a sponsoring machine + create your
own products + get really good at
marketing…and you are golden.

Mark’s training = nope.

His video about the epidemic of the
“lone ranger” syndrome pretty much smashes
those assumptions. He claims that
the secret to quantum wealth, and
actually “doubling your happiness”
is something almost everyone misses.

Watch it here for yourself:

InformationBluePrint Videos

This is fun, right?

Wes Waddell

ps…okay let’s do one more myth-buster before I leave you

Mark is striking at…

Common assumption = until you make a decent
amount of money inside this industry you
have no business creating “caffeine” products
in the $197 range.

Mark’s training = nay. nay. nay.

His “caffiene ca$h” video walks you through
why peeps who have made little or no money
in this industry are poised to make products
with E-X-T-R-A value compared to the gurus.

Hint: This is the kind of “reverse-logic” that
allowed him to walk away from the mobile
home & food stamps lifestyle…into being
invited to meet Donald Trump privately
(Tip: he didn’t take the invite because
he didn’t really care. Why? Well, you will
learn more about that later).

For now, if it is at all humanely possible,
chisel out as much time as it takes you to
comb through EVERY pre-training video he
has inside his “Blueprint” page.

Let’s be honest: who wants to spend another
minute being stuck trying methods that don’t
work…and will never work…no matter how
hard you try…why not hack into the blueprints
of someone who has generated 8-figures instead?

Rumor has it (ok it’s not a rumor because it
actually happened) that while multi-million dollar
producer Ann Sieg was studying Mark’s “Irresistible
Webinar” pretraining video, she sent an immediate
bulletin to her team saying, “We are adding these
blueprint for our webinars starting NOW!” If the
matriarch of attraction-marketing Ann Sieg is taking
notes, do you think you might glean a secret or two as well?

Watch the same video here right now:

InformationBluePrint Videos

August 8, 2011

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