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May 16, 2012

Search Engine Tips for Small Business

Search Engines LOVE Backlinks!

Well, some of them anyway. They love natural backlinks from lots of individuals. On the other hand, the Big Three Search Engines (Google, Microsoft and Yahoo) have gone to war against the backlink services that are out there to falsly raise website rankings. Most of them have totally been removed from the search indexes.

So, what does this mean to you and what can you do about this?

Well that’s easy, just don’t focus on only one backlink sources. Rather make sure you get backlinks from a wide range of sites and web internet properties.  Also, add social network buttons to your site and BLOG to get your visitors to link naturally to you, which Google and the other Search Engines consider as very high value.

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April 5, 2012

"Read This Now If You Are Interested In Internet Marketing"

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December 17, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: The Secret of Facebook’s Success

Tip of The Day:
The Secret of Facebook’s  Success

(Sometimes It’s Just Work!)

I just think people have a lot of fiction. But, you know, I mean, the real story of Facebook is just that we’ve worked so hard for all this time. I mean, the real story is actually probably pretty boring, right? I mean, we just sat at our computers for six years and coded.” — Mark Zuckerberg


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November 30, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: Changing Your Stories: A How-To Guide

Hey Home Business Entrepreneur,

I want to finish up our little chat about stories today.

If you’ve been following in the last couple issues, you clearly understand the importance and the influence that stories hold over your life and success.

I hope you did the exercise and answered some of the questions about your own stories. I’d imagine a lot of you are reading this newsletter because you want to become better entrepreneurs (or maybe you’re just looking to get started.) You may not think that this kind of discussion is important or pertinent to you.

Believe me when I tell you it is. I’ve coached tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. Business of all shapes and sizes and one thing I can tell you is, when I talk to them, the effect their stories have on them is clearly obvious where their struggles are concerned.

Simply identifying and working to change this one tiny element can have a massive impact on your business. Seriously. I mean life-altering.

Do not doubt how important your stories are in your business.

Today I want to wrap up the discussion by diving just a little deeper and showing you a couple ways you can easily alter the stories that are holding you back.

So you can change your stories from one that’s pulling you down, to what’s driving you to achieve all the success you want.

Let’s get busy…

To higher profits and beyond,


Changing Your Stories:
A How-To Guide
By Rich Schefren

OK. By now you should have an idea of your own personal stories on a number of subjects. Today we’re going to break this analysis down just a little further. Get a little more in depth.

As I’ve been thinking about it, there are five major areas; five major subjects through which entrepreneurs weave their stories.

1. Work and their business
2. Their family
3. Their health
4. Their happiness
5. Their friendships

By asking yourself some basic questions about how you feel about what you do, and how you conduct yourself in those areas and by really, honestly looking at your story in these areas, you begin to get a better sense of what’s really going on.

A Quick Word on Happiness

I do want to take one quick sidetrack here before I get back into looking at your stories.

I want to talk about happiness for a second. Because I think that quite often, people confuse pleasure and happiness.

Pleasure is all about instant gratification. Pleasure is like that second piece of chocolate cake. Long term pleasure doesn’t lead to happiness. For the most part, long term pleasure leads to pain while happiness leads to more happiness.

Happiness is a feeling that you’re making progress; that you’re headed in the right direction. It’s the anticipation of joy. While pleasure doesn’t last, happiness does.

Every depressing story about a celebrity who dies of an overdose or anything like that, you can see they were chasing pleasure as opposed to happiness. So I just wanted to give you something to think about as we talk about your stories. Understand that when we’re talking about work, family, health, and friendships, we’re talking about happiness here, not pleasure.

So back to your stories.

Two Ways to Change Your Stories

Step one in trying to get a better handle on your stories and make the edits that are necessary, is to identify the areas of your life where the stories that you tell yourself or the story that you tell others is clearly not working. Areas where they simply won’t take you where you ultimately want to go. Where they aren’t currently getting you the results that you want. That could be in your business, in how you work. It could be in your family, your health, your friendships, or wherever.

The bigger question here is in what areas is it pretty obvious that I’m not going to get to where I want to go with the story I currently have.

Let’s say for example that you keep avoiding certain work. Well there’s a story there. So you’d want to focus on that. Once you’ve done that, what you want to do is actually articulate as clearly as you can the story that you currently have that’s not working. You want to put it down on paper. This is your old story.

There’s two ways that you can attack or alter or edit a story that’s not working for you.

The first is to identify the faulty elements of your old story. You can do that by asking yourself these questions:

1. Does this story stimulate me to take action?
2. Does this story reflect the truth as much as possible?
3. If I continue to live this story, will it get me to where I want to go?
4. Will it lead me to where I want to be?
5. Along those lines, if not, why not?

Now once you’ve identified the story, the great news is that as soon as you alter your story, you should immediately experience a change. The challenge is how do you change the story?

One way to change the story is to take massive overwhelming force to the story. Kind of like killing an ant with a sledge hammer. If you’ve always told yourself a story that you can’t do X, then you want to focus a lot of energy on doing X.

If you tell yourself you’re a procrastinator, then for a day, for two days, for a week, you’re going to start to actually make massive action so that you can actually redefine your story.

The second way is to actually alter the story on paper first and then really think through how would you have to live in order for you to be on the path of this story. Ideally, you get pretty clear on that.

Now one other alternative that really kind of weighs into that second course of action is to create a turning point in your story. Take your story as it is up until now, and then you create some kind of turning point and then change the story. A lot of other elements relate to this. Your larger purpose becomes the premise of your story; your overall purpose in life and your values become important elements too.

But for right now, I think it’s a good start to really start getting your head around the idea that you’re living a story. We all do because we need a story to make sense of the world.

Start Rewriting Your Story Now

Right now, either that story is either helping you or hurting you. It’s either taking you closer and closer to your goals each and every day. Or it’s pushing you further and further back. As you develop your new story, you want to make sure that it’s taking you where you want to go and that it is founded in truth.

I really believe that confidence stems from your story. Your willingness to do what it takes stems from your story. How you approach your work stems from your story. Whether people are attracted to you or not comes from your story. Basically, pretty much anything that you do, feel, think relates to your story.

So here’s your homework. Identify the story that you’re living right now. And ask yourself if that’s the story that you want to live. And if not, start thinking about what has to change so that the story changes.


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November 2, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: How to Take a Quantum Leap in Income

How to Take a Quantum Leap in Income

By Robert Phillips
What do you see as your main role in your business? Are you the doer of the thing? Or the marketer of the thing? There is a HUGE difference between these two ways of thinking.

The attitude of the business owner as to what his or her role is has an enormous impact on how their time and resources are allocated. The doer of the thing is severely limiting business and income growth. The marketer of the thing has virtually unlimited income potential.

The fact of the matter is that unless you have an extremely rare talent like Picasso’s artistic ability, Stephen King’s ability to write best-selling horror novels, or the voice of Pavarotti, just about anybody can do the thing whether it’s landscaping, providing accounting and financial services, even things that require advanced degrees like dentistry.

Certainly the technical skills related to the delivery of a quality product or service matter but they are not nearly as important as creating a constant flow of people interested in exchanging money those products or services. That’s why so many “smart” and “talented” people are a bust in the business world. They see themselves as the doer of the thing, not the marketer of the thing. Like it or not, the fact is you can hire people to do those things (the doers) relatively cheaply.

The money is in marketing the thing and that’s where smart business owners focus their efforts. After all, your income is largely determined by the demand for the thing you provide whether it’s a product or a service. The more demand, the more money you’ll make. Increase the number of people that want to buy your widget and watch your income explode. Increase the number of people who want the benefits of the service you provide and see your income skyrocket.

You can always hire more “doers” – more mechanics, more architects, more bakers, more consultants, etc. Why do you think big accounting and consulting firms hire so many recent college graduates? Because they charge these new hires out at $200+ an hour and pay them $50 per hour. Consulting companies (at least the ones making the big bucks) understand the better they market their consulting services, the faster their income grows. They can always hire more doers.

This paradigm shift is very difficult for some doers to accept. They’ve invested a lot of time and effort into becoming the best doer of the thing. The best butcher, baker, or candlestick maker – jeweler, chef, or computer programmer. Many doers love the doing of the thing and despise marketing so much that they ignore or worse yet even outsource the marketing to someone that doesn’t even understand their business. It’s a recipe for disaster.

The most successful business owners understand the critical role of marketing. They understand the importance of acquiring, retaining, and maximizing the value of each customer and see this as their primary role. Not surprisingly, the business owner who makes this paradigm shift from the doer of the thing to the marketer of the thing instantly takes a quantum leap in income potential. And the more your customers and prospects get to know, like, and trust you, the brighter your business future.

[Ed. Note: Robert Phillips is the No-BW Copywriter at Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle, an exclusive group of like-minded entrepreneurs, business people, and managers who want to increase their reach, maximize their profits and create for themselves a better, more rewarding lifestyle. Click here to access Glazer-Kennedy’s most incredible offer ever.]


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November 1, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: A Silver Lining in the Great Recession

A Silver Lining in the Great Recession
By Jason Holland

In the current economic crisis, there is a business that is booming. In fact, there has never been a better time to get in on this opportunity.

Due to demand, there are plenty of customers to go around – and there will be for years to come. And the Internet makes it easy to run this business on your schedule and from anywhere in the world.

Think of all the people looking for jobs. What if you could help them land their dream job… and get paid to do it? I’m talking $1,000 to $3,000 per week for just part-time work.

The unemployed are looking for an edge. They’re increasingly turning to consultants to help them craft resumes that will help them stand out from the crowd.

You could offer this resume consulting service to this huge, hungry market. It’s a great way to make a side income while you’re working on your online Carefree Business. Or if you like it, you could make it your primary business – the income potential is there.

No previous experience in human resources is necessary. And you don’t have to already know how to write a great resume. It’s a science. You just need proven outlines and strategies for what details you should include on a resume to make them irresistible to employers. And you can run this business completely online (and maybe a few phone calls), from marketing your services to consulting with clients.

By the way, there is a new bonus video presentation from Michael Masterson, available to new Carefree Entrepreneur members. You are getting this newsletter free as part of your Early to Rise subscription. But to sign up officially and get the bonus, just go here.

The market is huge for resumes. There are 14 million unemployed Americans right now.

Everyone from college kids looking for their first job to executives laid off due to budget cuts needs help. And there are also the underemployed and those who just plain want a new job. Says Julien Sharp, who got her start as a freelance resume consultant after years in the corporate world:

“Many realize their current careers are not going to grow, so they decide to start a completely new career. They need a resume that reflects how their past experience can support the new type of job they are seeking.”

Even in the best of economic times, there are 50 million Americans out there looking for another job with higher pay. So there is always a high demand for this service.

What makes it work is that most job hunters would prefer not to write their own resumes – 79 percent, according to a recent survey. They feel more confident when a pro does it for them.

“Ninety-nine percent of people out of work for the first time in years do not have a current resume,” says Julien.

Many of Julien’s clients realize a bad resume has been holding them back. And they don’t know how to fix it.

“Tom” is a recent client of Julien’s. As a financial analyst who had been steadily climbing up to the executive level in his company, he was laid off shortly after the economy started crumbling. Like so many people today, he had trouble finding work. And with four kids (from 5 years old to 16) to support, he was getting majorly stressed.

Turns out, Tom had everything he needed to get a great new job, except for one vital component.

Sure, he had plenty of experience and expertise. But prospective employers couldn’t see that because his resume was done so poorly.

Julien sees this type of thing all the time. And it’s a major part of her business. She calls helping clients whose resumes aren’t getting them interviews her “sweet spot.”

It boils down to one thing, says Julien: unsuccessful resumes just show what the candidate did in past positions …but they don’t show how well they did them. Julien made that simple change for Tom after she took him on as a client. And within hours of posting the revised version to, he had received eight calls and three emails from employers. Eleven days later, the client had received a job offer.

To rewrite this resume, Julien was able to charge $225 an hour.

You can charge upwards of $150 an hour for quick resume tweaks – something you can do right after you start offering this service. Tackle total resume overhauls, writing resumes from scratch, putting together cover letters… and you could multiply that amount by three or four times. With extra services, like interview coaching and helping people get their resume in front of the right eyes with promotional pieces, you can charge even more.

The more experienced your client, says a long-time corporate manager, the more you can charge. Their resumes will be more in-depth and filled with their experience.

Charles Bryant is one of Julien’s fellow freelance resume writers. Before he got into the business, he had no experience at all in resume writing. But he quickly picked up the simple techniques and strategies that anybody can use to craft quality resumes – the same techniques Julien knows.

These days, he makes between $500 – $3,000 writing resumes. And he maintains that anybody can learn what he does and have similar success.

As I said, no previous experience is necessary. You just have to learn how to ask your client the right questions to make sure the right details make it into the resume. Armed with a proven client questionnaire – this is Julien’s “secret weapon” – for getting the most important information, and you can craft a great resume that will get your clients interviews and jobs.

You can make great money in the resume business – up to $150,000 per year – and help people find jobs and get back on their feet at the same time.

In Julien Sharp’s Pro Resume Writer Program, you learn how to write a resume that gets results. She’ll tell you everything that goes into the perfect resume. Armed with her templates and outlines and a proven questionnaire for getting the most important information from your clients, you’ll have the makings of a lucrative Carefree Business.

She’ll also show you how to market your new business so that you can pick and choose your clients and still make a great living.

Get more information on Julien’s program here.


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Wes Waddell

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October 28, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: Two More Strategies To Explode Your Performance

Today we’re going to finish up our discussion on understanding yourself.

So far we’ve talked about motivating strategies. Today we’re going to cover two more areas of self-awareness that are equally important.

Combined with your motivating strategies, these two areas will give you…

A 1-2-3 power combination to get

just about anything done in record time!

And what’s really amazing about what I’m showing you, is that you don’t have to learn anything new. You’re simply understanding and leveraging who you are already!

So we’ve got a lot more to cover. But before we dive in, I wanted to make sure you check out the “resources” section at the bottom. I’m looking to add some serious talent here at Strategic Profits and if you think you’ve got what it takes, be sure to check out the ad.

OK. Enough warm up. Let’s dive in.

To higher profits and beyond,




Two More Strategies To Explode Your Performance

By Rich Schefren

OK, So far we’ve talked about different motivation strategies. You’ve evaluated yourself and determined whether you primarily use moving “toward” or “away” as a motivating factor. We also examined whether you use internal or external cues for motivation. You’ve stopped to consider whether you’re driven out of “necessity” or “what’s possible.” And you’ve also had some time to sit and think about “what turns you on.”

So right now, you’ve got some pretty important insight into yourself that you can use when making any plans. Understandings that will help you get what you want faster and more easily than you may have been able to in the past.

But let’s not stop there, because there are other strategic things you should know to help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Learning at the Speed of Light

What about your learning strategy? First off, are you a reader or listener? Which do you tend to do more as far as when you’re learning something new? Do you tend to read a lot or do you tend to listen a lot or watch a lot?

Here’s an important point. When I ask people individually how do you learn best; most people have an easy answer for me. However, when I ask them if they act on that information, do they actually consider that and leverage it when they go about learning something – very few people actually answered yes.

And yet acting on your knowledge of how you best learn is the key to growing your performance, to getting better and learning faster. Not acting on this knowledge condemns to inefficient learning and therefore, condemns you to suboptimal performance or non-performance.

So what is the best way that you learn and are you leveraging that way? It could be by reading. It could be by thinking about and writing about what you’ve just discovered. It could be about watching videos. It could be about talking about what you’ve learned with friends. It could be a lot of things, but the point is that you need to know how you best learn.

If you know how you get motivated and you start actually using that to increase your motivation. And you know how you learn and you start leveraging that so you can learn faster, I think you can kind of see where this is going. Ultimately your performance will be so much better than it is right now because you’ve brought some consciousness to who you are; how you do the things you do; and how you could perform at your best.

Work Preferences

Another area is your work preferences. There are too many topics to discuss here, so I won’t go too in depth. But, let’s take one easy example.

Do you work best alone or with others? If you do work better with others, what kind of relationship does it usually take? Is it with friends? Is it with people who are subordinates? Is it with a boss telling you what to do? (I hope not if you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur.)

How do you work best? Do you work best in the morning or the evening? Do you work best working on one project for the entire day or working on several different projects at the same time or throughout the day? Do you work best at your desk or in different environments? Do you perform better under stress? Or, do you do better with a highly structured, predictable environment?

Personally, I tend to work best in different environments so I’m always moving around. A while back, someone was asking me how I dealt with ADD as far as multitasking. I told them when I start feeling bored and get the need to start working on something else; rather than dropping what I’m working on and starting something else, I take what I was working on and I go to a different environment. So if I’m working on something and I’m at the beach and I’m starting to get antsy, then I’ll go to the cigar bar or I’ll go to my office. Once I get antsy there, I’ll go to Starbucks. I’ll just move around.

But it’s not important what I do. It’s important what you do that works best. Maybe you’ve never thought about these things. So you don’t know the answers to these questions right now. That’s completely okay. But now that you’re aware these are things you should know, you can start actually thinking through your motivation strategy; your learning strategy; how you do work strategy.

Do you see how knowing these things can make such a huge difference in your level of performance? When you do, you can adjust your work in a way that really leverages the best out of you!

The Way I Stay on Top of These Kinds of Things

That’s one of the reasons I love writing in my journal. Because a lot of questions like these get answered. Not always in a premeditated way, but just by sharing experiences in my journal. I see the patterns over time like “oh, the last six times I really learned something quicker than I thought. It was because I did X, Y and Z in all of those cases.” Obviously X, Y and Z would be something very useful for me to consistently do whenever I’m learning something new.

So, that’ll wrap up this brief topic. I’ll leave you with this…

How well do you know yourself? And based on that, are you leveraging who you are to get all that you want? If not, are you willing to be introspective to reflect, to think through, and ultimately bring more consciousness to who you are, how you best work and what gets you going and how you learn best?

I believe that the rewards for knowing this far, far outweigh the time it takes or the energy that you expand to learn these things about yourself.

If you really want to perform at a high level, then it’s not a “nice” thing to do; it’s an absolutely essential thing to do.

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October 26, 2011