Is Your Email Account Is In Jeapordy of Being SHUT DOWN!?

Your Email Account Is In Jeopardy of Being SHUT DOWN!

This is a similar subject line that thousands of Internet
Marketers and small business owners are seeing week in and
week out with their email service providers.

In some cases, they're getting a warning first, and in other
cases, their accounts are being frozen in an instant. 

- Emails can't go out...
- Opt-in pages don't work... 
- They can't even login to their account to download THEIR

That's just the tip of the iceberg!

It's happening to brand new marketers and seasoned pros that
have been in the business for a decade! 

It COULD happen to you, if you're using a 3rd party ESP to
send your emails!

So why is this happening? 

There are a few reasons...

1. ESPs are tightening up requirements 
It doesn't matter if you've been perfect up till now... they
may be LOOKING for an excuse to let you go

2. Complaints from users 
We recently tested 4009 email addresses at a WELL-KNOWN ESP.
We got 4 complaints and were put on warning!

Over 47% of all subscribers use the "Spam" button to
unsubscribe instead of clicking on the link? 

3. Spam Trap Hits
This is a little shady here... Many of the ESPs are lumping
honeypots in with spam traps. Honeypots are email addresses
that essentially went out of service and have been converted
to traps to catch people that don't regularly clean out
their list. 

The problem is... if you've had a valid subscriber - even
someone who double opted in - and they abandoned an email
address, it could later be converted to a spam trap and just
like that... you're shut down. 

These are just a few of the TOP reasons why ESPs are
shutting down marketers like you and me...

The kicker is that you TRUST them with your most valuable
asset, your list! 

And in many cases, I'll bet you're not even regularly
backing up your list... So if they should ever lock you out
of your account, you'd be dead in the water!

Here's the solution:
1. Buy your OWN email software (the one I use and highly recommend is
-> (arpReach)

2. Have it installed on your server/website.

3. Quit WORRYING that you'll wind up another statistic... 

Check it out now before it's too late and you're a victim of
your current email service provider!
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May 17, 2012

Home Business Tip of the Day: What Are You Talking About?

Hey fellow Entrepreneurs,

We wrapped up a pretty lengthy discussion about clarity last week.

So now let’s put all that critical new wisdom to use.

Let’s apply it to an area of your business that, I think for most entrepreneurs, is vastly unclear.

Getting clarity in this area can probably do the more to
boost your business faster than anything else you can do.

I’m talking about getting clarity on your communication.

I’m talking about understanding exactly what you’re trying to accomplish in all your marketing and client communication. About what you’re trying to achieve at every level, with every word you write or record.

You need to know this.

If you don’t you’re wasting precious opportunities to convince and convert prospects in a marketplace where they are literally overwhelmed with marketing messages.

You’re really only making it harder on yourself to succeed.

This is really an important topic and we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. So let’s get started…

To higher profits and beyond,


What Are You Talking About?
By Rich Schefren

We spent the last few issues talking about a very important concept to your business – getting clarity. I mention that because it provides a nice segue into what I want to talk about for the next couple issues.

It’s an area you definitely need clarity on in your business. One where you need to be as clear as you possibly can about what your objective is; what you’re trying to do; what success will look like, etc.

The area I’m talking about is getting clear about your communication with your prospects and your customers or clients.

And when I say communication, it could be anything. It could be emails. It could be a report. It could be videos. It could be blog posts. I mean, you name it. It doesn’t matter. I’m talking about communication in any format.

The Most Important Reason For
Being Clear About Your Communication

So first let’s ask, why do you communicate with your prospective market? Well there’s the obvious answer – to make more sales. You want them to buy your stuff.

But that’s not really clarity. There needs to be a deeper reason. And you need clarity on that.

I don’t know how many of you will remember, but in the past I’ve talked about my retail clothing store. And how our goal when a customer came in was not to just sell them clothes, but to sell them on the store as well.

Doing that gave us the opportunity to sell them again and again and again. Had we just focused on selling them the thing they came in for, we would have probably sold it to them anyway, but we wouldn’t have created a new, frequent customer. We would have only created a sale.

So if your answer to why you communicate with your prospects, clients and customers is to make sales, then what you’re doing is narrowing down the potential of what you can get. You’re losing all ability to leverage each and every sale.

What are some of those other clarity goals you might have as you communicate with your prospects, your marketplace, your clients and your customers?

Communication Clarity 101

The first thing I’d say is that you want to give quite a bit of thought to who. Who is it you want to attract with your communication? Who are you trying to appeal to?

You need to think about this because not all prospects in any given marketplace are the same. When you target one prospect, you’re likely going to turn off another. And in fact, the better you target one segment, the more likely it is you’re going to turn off a different group of the same marketplace.

So you must know who it is you’re trying to attract. Who are the prospects that spend the most money? Who would be your best customers? Who are the people in it for the long haul who will give you a higher lifetime value? Who is that?

The next goal of your communication should be connection.

Do they feel like they know you? Do they feel a connection to you? Obviously, that is another goal that you should be striving for in all of your communications. You want to build that connection.

Another goal is you want them to accept your positions, your perspective on things.

You’re not just trying to make a sale. You’re trying to get your prospects to buy in to your philosophy; your position; your perspective about whatever it is that they’re trying to accomplish (or trying to get rid of) which puts them in your marketplace.

You want to establish loyalty.

Not just loyalty in terms of making purchases, but loyalty so that if someone attacks you in a forum or attacks you on a blog, they’ll argue in your defense. That’s loyalty.

Retention is something else you should be looking for in your communication.

If you’re talking to clients you obviously want to keep them. If you have any continuity programs then you want to keep them a month longer, five months longer, a year longer, whatever it is. Retention should always be a goal of your communications.

And if you are using an ascension model – smaller purchases leading to bigger purchases – then ascension would be another goal when you’re writing to clients.

Think About Every Piece Of Communication You Send

Now not every communication has to accomplish all those goals at once. But these are the things you should be thinking about in every communication you send.

For example, if I’m writing an email or creating a video to my Founders Club members, I could just create the video, communicate the thing and be done.

But if I want to try to promote ascension, getting Founder Club members to ascend into the Business Growth System, then I would be smart to think of any stories that I can tell about somebody that was in Founders and made the leap into BGS and the magical things happened. And of course I’d relate that back into what I’m trying to communicate.

Take a look at your communication goals and then think through how those things could that be achieved.

To build connection with your market, you might share certain things about yourself with marketplace, your prospects or clients. What is it and can you tell a story about it?

Ideally, you want people in your marketplace, your prospects, your customers, your clients to feel that you care about them; that they get value from your relationship with you; that they share common values with you; and ideally, and this is a higher level.

It’s not easy to accomplish, but ideally you want them to be fascinated by you. In other words, you want them to always be interested in what you’re doing because that gets you the attention that you need to sell more, grow your business more, etc.

How do you know when you’re doing it right? How do you know if right now you’re not doing it right? Well I’ll give you a few ways that you can tell in your next issue.

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November 16, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: The True Value Of Time

Tip of The Day:
The True Value Of Time


Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” — Lord Chesterfield


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September 7, 2011

Home Business: Old School to New Life!

Subject:Tired Of The Old School Network Marketing Techniques?Hi Home Business Friend,

If you are anything like me, you are so tired of the old school network marketing techniques? You know the ones, the old 3 foot rule: hanging flyers or bandit signs, bugging your family and friends, and holding coffee shop meetings.

I know that when I first joined (back in the 80s) my first network marketing company, I was told to use these very same techniques.  I was told to make a list of 100 people that I already knew and simply call each and every one of them to ask and see if they would be interested in making some extra money with my help.

Of course you know how it went… I was only faced with questions I wasn’t able to answer, getting hung up on by old friends, and faced with nothing but rejection and hurt feelings.

Then, after I was officially shunned by everyone that I knew, all my sponsor/upline told me to do was to go out and buy some opportunity leads from the company.

This of course only led me to more rejection, more closed doors and spending a bunch of money I really didn’t have to spare.

Now I was out of money, out of leads and had nothing to show for any of my efforts and time.

So, I quit! Did more time working for others, tried another and failed, found another and failed again and again!

Well, you know how it goes.

Then, just as I was really considering giving it all up for good, I found what I consider to be the “life saver” for my business. 

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Here’s to your success,

Wes Waddell

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September 4, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: The Secret of Audrey Hepburns

 Tip of The Day:
The Secret of Audrey Hepburns
Sensational Success…

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm … As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” — Audrey Hepburn



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September 1, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: Beat the “Blank Screen Blues”

Tip of The Day:
How To Beat The “Blank Screen Blues”
HINT: Staring At A Blank Screen Is
The Worst Thing You Can Do


There is nothing worse for a writer than a blank screen with a blinking cursor and nothing important to say.

Promise me, if you ever find yourself sitting there in front of your blinding computer screen, with bloodshot eyes, trying to think of something clever to say that you will do this instead: Write whatever pops into your head, even if  ‘nothing’ pops into your head, rather than sit there stressing yourself out.

Because nothing cures the blank screen blues like action does.

It doesn’t matter what you write, just write.

Why “Butt Ugly” Websites
Attract Leads…


Here’s a story that happens almost every week: Two young reps of almost equal intelligence, ambition, and ability sign-up with “XYZ” corp. The first one, a 27 year old wonder, sets-up a “butt-ugly” website that starts attracting leads in less than 48 hours. Meanwhile, another rep of equal talent pays for a professionally designed website, pays for online advertising, spends hundreds of hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Internet marketing forums, and having never attracted a single lead  – QUITS.


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August 19, 2011

Home Business – Tip of the Day

Tip of The Day:
How To Write Your First Sentence
When You Write An Ad


Don’t begin your advertising with warm-up sentences. Say something important fast — about how the reader can gain. Advertising that’s “different” won’t bring you one extra sale.” — Andrew J. Byrne

2,239 Tested Secret for Direct Marketing Success — By Denny Hatch

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August 12, 2011

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August 7, 2011