3 Tips for Turning Your Hobby into a Money Machine

It all started as a result of schoolteacher Lori Lange looking for a way to stay home with her son.

Famous in her circle of friends for organizing themed dinner parties, Lori was continually being asked to share her recipes …

So she decided to start a food and entertainment blog where she posts recipes, party ideas, cooking experiences, diet suggestions and more.

Now ten years later, her recipegirl.com site gets as many as 1.8 million page views per month and earned her a subscription list of 24,000 people.

She’s also published a collection of recipes in “The Recipe Girl Cookbook,” has large companies such as Kraft and Gold Medal hiring her to develop recipes with their products, and gotten the opportunity to travel, doing tours such as a cheese-tasting tour of Europe and a culinary tour in Mexico.

“I’m making more than I ever would have teaching and I have the ability to travel, live where I want and do what I love, ” she says.

Sounds ideal doesn’t it? Making more than you ever thought possible…doing something you love…and having the freedom to do what you want, where you want and when you want.

It’s okay if recipes aren’t your thing. You can develop information products and resources about anything. About your business. About a hobby you love. About a subject you know a lot about.

The thing is…there must be thousands of recipe sites on the Internet. And I imagine many have come and gone in the ten years Lori’s has been around. Truth be told, whatever your topic or interest is, there’s a chance that other people are writing about it and making money.

So what makes a site like Lori’s build a substantial subscriber list and still be going strong ten years later?

Today I’ll discuss three things “Recipe Girl” does well that will help you create better information products…no matter what the format your info-product takes (books, webinars, speaking, coaching etc.)

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See you next time…unless I figure out how to automate that too,

Darcy Juarez, “Queen of Automation”   

GKIC Director of Marketing

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February 22, 2014

The Greatest Financial Gift You Can Give to Your Children

The Greatest Financial Gift You Can Give to Your Children

By Tom Dyson, publisher, The Palm Beach Letter

I wrote this essay for your children and grandchildren.
You’ve probably heard about America’s huge debt load. The U.S. government’s financial obligations now exceed $663,000 per American family. This burden will fall on the youngest Americans.
It’s unethical. It’s unfortunate. But it’s the reality.
With this giant financial obligation bearing down on them, it’s critical that now – right now – your children and grandchildren learn about money and finance. They need to know the basic principles… like how to be independent, why debt is dangerous, and how to grow money.
They don’t teach finance in schools. If you don’t teach them this knowledge, no one will. They call this financial illiteracy.
If our children are financially illiterate, they have as much chance of survival as a swordsman in a gunfight. There will be no mercy for the financially illiterate in the future. It’s likely these people will live as indentured servants to the government and its creditors.
But if our kids have a grasp of finance and its basics – and they obey its laws – they will grow up rich. They will be in a position to help other Americans, too.
Below, you’ll find the three vital financial concepts all children need to understand. Please pass them on to your children and grandchildren as soon as you can. I have three young children… And these three concepts are my starting point for their financial education.
First of all, our kids must know that they are not entitled to money or wealth… or anything for that matter, even Christmas presents. They must earn money. I want my children to learn that they shouldn’t expect anything to be handed to them. I don’t want them to rely on the government for their livelihood, like many people do right now.
So many people treat money and prosperity as an entitlement. The government even calls its welfare programs "entitlements." This word – and what it represents – gets stamped into young people’s brains. Kids act as if they are somehow entitled to toys, video games, and cars. But why should they be? Just because they have parents, it doesn’t mean they should get everything they want… or anything at all, for that matter.
I plan to regularly remind my children of this when they are old enough to understand it. And I’m not going to pay my kids an allowance. An allowance would reinforce the sense of entitlement. They can make money by earning it: doing the dishes, making their beds, mowing the lawn… there are a million things. My wife and I will pay them for doing those things. But I’m not going to just give them money.
The second concept our children need to understand is debt. Debt is expensive. If you abuse it, it will destroy you. Like the entitlement mentality, debt is an enslaver. It robs you of your independence. I avoid debt in my personal life… and when I’m choosing investments.
The best way to illustrate the cost of debt is to calculate the total amount of interest the debt generates in dollars over the lifetime of the loan, instead of looking at the interest rate (like most people do). Once you look at it like that, you can see how expensive borrowing money really is.
For example, say you borrow $100,000 with a 30-year mortgage at 7%. Over 30 years, you’ll end up paying $140,000 in interest to the bank. In the end, you’re out $240,000 for a house that cost less than half that. Not a good deal.
The third thing our kids need to learn is the power of compound interest and the best way to harness it.
Compound interest is the most powerful force in finance. It is the force behind almost every fortune. The brilliant Richard Russell calls compound interest "The Royal Road to Riches." And it’s mathematically guaranteed.
Let’s say, for example, you have $100 earning 10% annual interest. At the end of a year, you’ll have $110. During the second year, you’ll earn interest on $110 instead of $100. In the third year, you’ll earn interest on $121… and so on. This is the power of compound interest. The numbers get enormous over time, simply because you’re earning interest on your interest.
Because time is the most important element in compounding, it’s an incredibly powerful idea for children to understand. They have the ultimate edge in the market: the time to compound over decades.
The stock market is the best place to earn compound interest. You buy companies that have 50 years or more of rising dividend payments ahead of them. Then you let the mathematics work.
As soon as my kids are old enough to understand some arithmetic, I am going to sit down with the classic compounding tables and show them which stocks they have to buy. I’ll use Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and Philip Morris as examples.
Another very safe place to save and compound your money is our "Income for Life" strategy. It involves using a uniquely designed, dividend-paying, whole life insurance policy from a mutual life insurance company. This type of policy is one of America’s best-kept and most misunderstood secrets.
After that, assuming they have the discipline to follow through, they will get rich. There’s no doubt about it.
In sum, you have the responsibility to educate your kin about finance. If you don’t, no one else will, and they will suffer for it.
Encourage them to work hard and avoid the entitlement mentality. Teach them the power of compound interest and explain the dangers of debt.
If you do this, you will equip your kids and grandkids to survive financially in the difficult circumstances ahead. You’ll provide them with something that nobody can place a price on: the power of independence.


> Marketing Review,Training — Wes @ 2:15 pm

October 23, 2013

Here’s How to Get in the Top 10 on Google Again…

I have decided to share with you something I think will be very helpful if you read it all.

Cracking the Penguin (Googles Ranking Program)

We are all fully aware of the adverse effects produced by the Google Panda and Penguin updates. Before these algorithmic additions, we would merrily blast our sites with huge link lists. Linkwheels were in fashion just like those wearing Snapback hats. Having relevant anchor text that completely matched our keywords was stressed to the max. While this wasn’t what I did personally, this is all many SEOs did to stay at the top. Perhaps they diversified their anchor texts by using LSIs. Many focused on establishing a keyword density of near 5-6%, maybe even used a 301 redirect to emphasize home page authority, and perhaps doing some link exchanges with other websites but only in the same niche. They pinged and pinged, and rapid indexed their money and ad sites. AutoApproved blogs were all the rage, although Spiders Marketing Web has never ever recommended auto approve. They sold these blogs though like hotcakes. These lists were all people were looking for in addition to Edu and Gov blogs. Don’t forget the d0follow craze.

These methods would produce results though. If we weren’t ranking #1 or rather highly for our sites, all we would need to do would be to get more links, and better links at that. Everyday we would worriedly check our rankings in Google as our sites fluctuated up and down in the SERPs every so often only to come right back up if we did things correctly. We would call this the Google Dance, or rather some variation of the meringue :P . It basically signified that Google was reevaluating your site due to your good (or bad) link building campaigns. Everything was bright and sunny. XRumer, SENuke, and all of those other tools were the golden keys to our SEO success.

Unfortunately way too many people were completely clueless in their efforts to link build. They took no time to read, or listen. They took no time to actually do some quality work.

Panda rolled out on February 23, 2011 and totally messed up our site rankings.

Who the hell does this damn thing think he is? Why did they even name the update after an Asian bear? All they eat is bamboo…At least name it after an animal that has a diverse diet. Google wants diverse content right? Anyway…

That Panda update screwed things up. But! The link building campaigns many SEOs did weren’t to no avail. All Panda affected initially was on-page SEO and content. All you needed to do to fix up your rankings was reevaluate your site and ensure that it had good quality, well-written and periodically updated content for your visitors and for Google. People did this and success was seen once more. But then updates kept rolling out month after month after month. Google got serious.

Looking back from Panda 1.0 released February 23, 2011 to April 24th, 2012, Panda gets updated on average every 5 weeks. Penguin and Panda are supplemental to the normal index engine! They get refreshed every 5 weeks! So if you are doing fine with bad practices in week 1, wait until week 5! Throughout the course of these updates, the following adjustments worthy of being noted occured:

The number of domains you owned played a factor. Think Google doesn’t know? What about those 50 domains on that same analytics account?
If you had a massive amount of domains that are on the same C Block, then interlinking became a no-no. Additionally if these same domains were supplemented by foul linking practices, odds are they all would take a hit if Google had enough clues. Doorway pages and 301 redirects became a no-no as well. Keyword stuffing and all of that other BS followed suit. Then Google + was emphasized and social networking played a larger role in the SERPs. Then Google got pessimistic about too much ad-space above the fold of your website. Then, in order to build on the foundation of Panda for targeting low quality content, the spell-checking aspect of the Google Bot was enhanced. Then they adjusted autocomplete predictions based on your last few searches and they actually reworked how often autocomplete comes up to reduce predictions leading to lower quality results. So Google already knows which niches can be a bit more troublesome than others. There are now index tiers too. Higher up on the tier means how fast you get indexed based on content relevancy and freshness. Then Penguin rolled out in the effort to target webspam.

Now the efforts are symbiotic. Panda takes care of on-page SEO and Penguin takes care of off-page SEO. These are also supplements to the core index algorithm, like I stated earlier. Penguin is updated periodically just like Panda is. A few features of Penguin is that EMDs are facing more scrutiny. The effectiveness of the EMD is not irrespective of other factors anymore. In other words, you won’t see EMDs with shitty SEO done ranking any longer. The power of an EMD is now based on how good the site’s content is and the types of links it has. Good content and good links, okay your EMD gets weighted more. Bad content and bad links, okay you are just a spammer utilizing an advantageous domain name. Google is also way more aware of keyword stuffing as well.

Another thing to notice is that there is more domain diversity in the search results. So, don’t expect a domain to have more than 2 results per page roughly.

There is also such thing as a freshness boost. Sites that have updated content will be weighted more in Google’s eyes. However, if you have low-quality content, even if you update it 100 times a day, this “freshness boost” is not applied to your website.

More text from the beginning of a webpage is shown in the description in the SERPs. Thus, make your introductory paragraphs count!

So some tips for cracking the Penguin are as follows:

Do not be foolish. Do not believe everything that you hear about SEO and Penguin. A lot of people want you to believe false information so they can prosper. Also, if you are not willing to help others don’t expect shit from them.
Put in the time and effort needed to produce good quality content. Ensure that your on-page SEO is top notch with a keyword density no higher than 5% or you will be making sandcastles with Matt Cunts. Use header tags, forget metas, ensure that you have at least several hundred words of content on each page and make sure you spell-check those paragraphs! If you have a blog, update content! Sites with updated content are going to be the most relevant. Thus, you will be higher up on the index tier and your site will be “first pick” for qualtiy SERP placement. If Google looks for your site because Kim Kardashian got another husband and they see that you don’t have much authority due to your lack of effective link-building, you may be out of luck even though you do update your blog with good quality literature. Updated content goes hand in hand with authority! Link-building is even more important for sites that have updated content.

If you get an EMD, you better ensure that your on-page and off-page SEO efforts are top notch. If so, you will be rewarded. If not you may have just wasted your time and money on a domain that is being outranked by a Weebly site.

Do not have too many OBL on your site. Do not link exchange on the same C Block, ever! Minimize the amounts of link exchanges you do, and venture outside your niche for them. Never bother with paid links. Those guys don’t know what they’re doing.

Ensure that your HTML code is nice and clean. Flash is bad. Go with HTML 5 and you will be thankful you did. Ensure that you are hosted on a fast server that doesn’t have shitty pr0n sites of Matt Cunts on the same C Block. Make sure your site loads fast.

Do not even bother with 301s or doorway pages. Don’t bother with link networks either unless they are done properly (different C blocks, different servers, relatively different niches, etc.)

Ensure that you have a social presence. I am talking FB promotion, Twitter tweets, Pinterest pins, etc. If you use bots for these instead of doing it manually, ensure that your promotion ratio is no more than 20% of the actual content you post on these services! This will ensure your accounts look real, don’t get banned, and that Google doesn’t screw you over. If you get 5000 links in a year from good quality sites and don’t even have 1 tweet or FB like, then forget about it. Social presence plays a large role in SEO. A lot is speculated on their effects being short-term rather than long-term, but either way I suggest a consistent and long-term social networking campaign. If you think a social presence doesn’t matter, go home, quit.

Link diversity is huge. Divide your anchor text into ratios. Do 50% of it as promotional text and 50% of it as random “what would someone linking to my site have for anchor text” text. Also, balance the amount of d0follow and nofollow links you get. Don’t screw nofollow over; they may not pass PR but they still give juice.

Do not bother with linkwheels. Do not bother with anything that can be traced back (circles, squares, whatever). Go after a flow-chart type of link scheme. You will need, other than social backlinks, Web 2.0s, forums, blogs, guestbooks, articles, videos, photos, pdfs, and everything else in your arsenal of links.
Go slow and steady. Newer domains need to go even slower with the linkbuilding. Consistent linkbuilding will always win. Don’t even bother with indexing links sometimes, too. Every now and then just let Google find them on it’s own.

Switch up your methods. Do not follow the same practices for too long.
Linkbuilding is just like weightlifting. You will hit a plateau. When you do, you change things up. Working out is nothing without the proper diet.

An example Link Campaign I would run is this:


Get your hands on SENuke X, BMD6 or some equivalent bookmarking software, AMR or some equivalent, XRumer if possible, Scrapebox, a Twitter bot if possible such as Tweet Adder or outsource, a YT Bot or you will do this manually, and a Pinterest bot or you can do this manually/outsource, and perhaps private proxies. I would suggest around 15-20. You will also definitely need a good VPS.

Prepare your videos with the Youtube bot. Write unique descriptions if possible. If you want to be all Blackhat about it, just rip videos.

Prepare you Pinterest/Twitter bot with a good amount of accounts and followers or just wait until you need to outsource.
Compile a large AA list 50k or higher, with Scrapebox alo

ng with some good Edu and Gov sites to manually comment on. Find some d0follow blogs for manual commenting as well.

Compile a good 20k or higher successful profiles list from XRumer. (You will split this list into a few parts)

Compile at least 1000 bookmarking sites for BMD6 or some equivalent software.
Compile at least 1000 WORKING sites for AMR.

Phase 1: (Link to the money site)
Time: 7 days

1. Use SeNuke X to make Web 2.0 accounts. Submit to about 40 sites per day. (Around 250 sites in total)

2. Write 3 articles around 350-400 words and spin with 85% uniqueness or higher. Have your keyword density no more than 4-5%! Then spin between these 3 spun, 85% uniqueness articles. Depending on the directory size, I would try to get no more than 50 successful submissions per day.

3. Sit back and relax. Do not index jack shit. Just find your successfully posted URLs and compile them all in a text file.

Phase 2: (Social Jolt)
Time: 3 days

1. Using a Pinterest bot or outsourcing (you will have already accrued a good amount of followers by now in preparation) I want you to promote your website evenly throughout these three days. Get a reasonable amount of pins/repins and likes etc. (maybe 100 each day). If you outsource, get a service on Day 1 and then a service on Day 2.

2. Using a Twitter bot, get a few dozen tweets/retweets per day.

Phase 3: (Press Release)
Time: 1 day

1. Using SeNuke X or manual labor, write a press release that is around 350-400 words and at least 70% unique (not submitting to as many sites as in AMR) and submit around 5 press release sites per day. Compile your URLs in a text file.

Phase 4: (Flex)
Time: 3 days

1. Use XRumer to profile register on a, say 20k list. Use the first 10k for backlinking your articles and Web 2.0s. I would assume that you would have around give or take 400-500 URLs. Give each URL equal opportunity of being posted on a profile. If you use a signature along with a homepage, ensure that your anchor text is no more than 50% promotional. Then the other 50% is the random (If I was a person linking to this site what would I write) anchor text. You will end up getting around 20-25 backlinks for each URL from this.

2. Use Scrapebox and a 50k successful AA list. Blast these 10k XRumer profiles on Scrapebox, giving each URL around 5 backlinks. Use random names for anchor text.

3. Do not index shit.

Phase 5: (Chill Out Penguin)
Time: 7 days

1. Get 10 manual comments successfully submitted on Edu and Gov blogs directed to your money site each day. Use LSI for anchor text and a bit of (If I was someone linking to my site) anchor text. You should get 70 URLs total in the week.

2. On Youtube, go post about 2 videos a day for your site. Make random videos and some videos related to the ones in your niche.
3. Make some PDFs, around 5 per day (docshare stuff) and include your homepage URL without anchor text.

4. We will not try to index anything and we will not be blasting any of these links in the future.

Phase 6: (Consistency)
Time: Once or twice every week from now on
1. Repeat Phase 2 consistently if you have bots. I would recommend slowing it down a bit. If you do not have bots, tell the outsourcing guy to take your shit slow. Buy 2 outsourcing packages each week, one for Twitter and one for Pinterest.

Phase 7: (Bookmarking)
Time: 2 days

1. Bookmark your Web 2.0s and your press releases with BMD6 or the equivalent program. (We will not be bookmarking the XRumer profiles for the randomization and balance aspect of things so Google will not catch on.) If you have 300 URLs to bookmark in total, for example, and 1000 URLs in BMD6. Then bookmark them to these 1000 URLs each day, randomly using a separate account for each day. That way, odds are that URL 1 will get a bookmark from BMD6 Site #1 and BMD Site #585 and URL 2 gets a bookmark from BMD site #50 and BMD site #57. See what I’m doing?

Phase 8: Final
Repeating everything/changing things up/your turn

1. Use the other 10k XRumer URLs to make profile URLs for your bookmarks.

2. Change what type of backlinks you are getting your URLs often! Don’t use the same tool over and over.

3. Keep making Youtube videos.

4. Keep your social marketing efforts consistent.

5. Every once in a while take a one or two week break from everything. During this period I would focus on “oddball” promotional efforts not using your keyword anchor text at all. Pretend that this site is not even yours.

6. Keep getting new lists to blast to and sell your old ones if you want.

7. Manually comment using those D0follow blogs.

So from all of our work, we have separate lists for separate tiers. We do certain things on some days, and certain things on other days. We keep our social efforts consistent. Sometimes we take a break. We never use too much promotional anchor text, but we keep it balanced. We always build links consistently and never go into overdrive. We never share lists between URLs…etc. I mixed in a lot of tactics here.

Hope this helps get you on the right track…

> Internet Marketing,Training — Wes @ 1:06 pm

November 10, 2012

Why My Wife Insists I Read Victoria’s Secret…

I bet you didn’t know that about me 🙂
Now, I didn’t say I flip through their catalog.
I said… I READ, and what I read is their emails.
Because they help flood your mind with ideas on creating subject lines and titles for your content that are simply… IRRESISTIBLE! (and that means MORE money which keeps my wife very happy)
Here are a few recent examples…
– Let the seduction begin…
– The Secret to seduction…
– There’s something incredible happening in Sport…
– Supermodels can’t live without…
– Who are you calling Shortie?
– This should get your heart pumpin’…
They’re not all like that, but there are many really good ones.
As you know, it’s all about engaging with your prospects… keeping things interesting and at the same time providing value.
Listen carefully to what I’m saying here.
There’s NO SHORTAGE of information online about anything.
And the ONLY reason… let me say it again… THE ONLY REASON your prospects are going to take precious time out of their life to hear and see what you have is IF you can do these 2 things…
1. Provide MASSIVE Value to them.
2. Do it in a FUN way that keeps them entertained and engaged.
Who wants to read dull, boring and strictly factual stuff?
Well, some super analytical person might be, but those are few and far between. Most people desperately need to be entertained, of course with a mix of value and good content.
This is why most blogs and videos fall flat on their face… EVEN IF the content has substance.

They’re Just PLAIN BORING!

Would you like to know how to create this MASSIVE value and do it in a way that people can’t wait to hear it… drop what they’re doing and RUSH to read what you’ve got?
Ray Higdon shows you exactly how to do that and MUCH MORE… inside Pro Blog Academy.
Ray cracked the code to attract a HUGE following by mixing good, solid content with some fun and engaging ways that keep people hanging on to his every word.
That’s why his blog is read by over 30,000 people a month… and why his posts spread like wild fire all over the place with lots of comments, likes and shares.
As a matter of fact, the entire Module 2 is all about "Becoming A Content Creation Machine."
Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside…
The secret sauce to creating non-stop flow of good, solid content for your blog… that’s fun to read and makes you stand out like sore thumb in a sea of other competitors.
He’ll show you 3 specific methods how to get super content to almost write itself… ZERO creativity required!
A secret persuasion trigger to GUARANTEE every single blog post will be a slam dunk BEFORE your fingers even touch the keyboard.
It’s so powerful, YOU’ll be the one in control of where your visitors go, and which action they’ll end up taking… and it’s completely undetectable.
One little phrase Ray uses on his blog that made him an EXTRA $100,000 in the last 18 months.
Sneaky little tricks to making your blog posts grab and hold your prospects attention, while building up their desire to join YOU.
Ray’s "2 minute SEO grinder" to fully optimize your content for MAXIMUM results. Yes it really does only take 2 minutes.
A unique idea fetching method that actually PAYS YOU in 4 different ways to find good content.
And this is just ONE of the 4 jam-packed training Modules you get with Pro Blog Academy.
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After going through this Module, you will banish writer’s block forever and never again get stuck on what to write about… in a fun, engaging and EFFECTIVE way.
PLUS… getting back to subject lines, one of the bonuses you’ll get is Ray Higdon’s Email Riches training webinar.
Where you’ll discover Ray’s simple formula for building lasting relationships with his list, making money at the push of a button and…
… turning a big chunk (much higher than average) of leads into sales and distributors for his primary company.
Ray will show you a few little tweaks that INSTANTLY make all your emails and blog posts super persuasive by peppering it with psychological triggers guaranteed to move your prospects to action.
What that means is you get HIGHER open and click-through rates… which turns your blog traffic into more sales, recruits and significantly BIGGER Pay-Days.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll find inside this course.
Pro Blog Academy is one of the most comprehensive training programs you’ll ever get your hands on that will show EXACTLY how to start from scratch and build a very solid online business very quickly…
… and without having to spend money on advertising or buying traffic.
In addition to over $5,466 in income boosting bonuses, if you jump on board right now, you’ll still get the Quick Start Blog Review Bonus
… where Ray will personally review your blog and go through it with a fine tooth comb, to make sure you didn’t leave anything out, and it’s in tip-top shape, ready to rock and roll… AND make you some serious money.
This bonus alone is worth $500but you get it at NO-COST which makes Pro Blog Academy virtually FREE!
Pro Blog Academy is only available until Tuesday Mignight EST, at which time we’re pulling this page down and shutting the doors on this insane offer.

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Vitaly Grinblat
Editor, Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter

> Internet Marketing,Training — Wes @ 11:56 am

October 20, 2012

arpReach Autoresponder Goes Live in Just 1 Day!

When we open the doors this week, we're going to be running
a KILLER promotion for the first 30 days to help you make as
much money as possible as quick as possible!

Here's the initial promotion:
- aprReach license for 1 domain (option to upgrade to 5)
- Unlimited administrative users
- Lifetime access to Support 
- 1 Year of Upgrades (we've got LOADS of features in the
pipeline based on YOUR feedback!)
- Unlimited Subscribers
- $395 (upgrade to 4 licenses for $100 more)

This is more than 25% less than ANY other competing product
on the market, which makes it a GREAT opportunity for you!

And after that, we're going to be limiting number of users, 
multi-license setup, and support access. 

Tomorrow morning, we'll be sending out sample emails for you
to send out along with some Tweets, Facebook updates, and
content you can post on your blog!

We're so excited to be taking it over the finish line and
we're looking forward to making you loads of money!

Yours In Success,
arpReach Affiliate Team
Join us on Wednesday at: arpReach Goes Live!

May 15, 2012

Small Business (Home) Tip of the Day: Finding Buyers That Buy!

Finding Buyers that Buy
By Joshua Boswell

Because it is so hard to find buyers that will spend money with you, many companies go out of business before they ever get started.

Especially small businesses.

If you’re going to make money online and build a safe, consistent income, then you must know where to find buyers that will buy from you. A steady stream of buyers will give you the power to overcome mountains of obstacles, give you great staying power in any economy, and drastically improve your quality of life.

There are four aspects of finding buyers that buy that I’d like to focus on. Today, I will cover the first and most important. Today is the “what” … the next three weeks will be the “how.”

At the core of finding buyers that buy is a concept called “Psychographics.”

Psychographics is the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and aptitudes. It’s knowing the words they use, the emotions they have, and the choices they make on a daily basis.

Do not confuse this with “demographics,” which is the study of facts about people. Their age, their gender, where they live, number of children, etc. …

These kinds of facts and figures are important, but they only give you a small insight into the buyer’s life and desires. It’s far too shallow to really bring in consistent, safe, ongoing sales.

You must go deeper. You must understand what makes their heart race, what keeps them up at night, and what drives them to do irrational, spontaneous, totally emotional things.

Michael Masterson (aka Mark Ford), has been teaching the need to dive deep into the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of buyers for many, many years. He calls it the “Core Buying Emotion.”

Many people think that you can sell someone just by appealing to a set of base emotions like greed, fear, anger, sex, etc. And, it is true. Those emotions are very strong. But human beings are much more complicated than that.

Michael puts it like this … and you can substitute “online marketing and sales” for the word “copy” …

“Great copy, ultimately, is an exploration, stimulation, or provocation of the prospect’s greatest and deepest desires, fears, hopes, and dreams.”

Savor that statement because it’s worth millions of dollars once you discover how to explore, stimulate, and provoke the buyer’s Core Buying Emotion. This Core Buying Emotion is uncovered only when you come to understand the psychographics of your target audience.

There are several other powerful advantages to understanding the psychographics of your buyers:

  1. First, you know exactly how to talk to them. You understand their Core Buying Emotion.
  2. Second, you immediately know where they are. You’ll remember that finding where your buyers are is the first step to discovering your Optimal Selling Strategy. (Another of Michael Masterson’s powerful phrases and concepts; see Ready, Fire, Aim for details.)
  3. Third, you know what design, images, colors, and styles will appeal to them and entice them to buy and buy more often. (Yes, the book is judged by its cover … )
  4. Fourth, you know how to price your product or service.

In the next three weeks, I’m going to talk about the “how” to uncovering the psychographics of your market. I think you’ll be surprised at the methods I use.

There are several parts of this discussion that I want to spend a little more time on. Because of that, I’ve decided to sit down and record my thoughts in audio format. I suspect this will take me 30-90 minutes.

I’m calling it, “Buyer Psychographics: Strategies for Finding Buyers that Consistently Buy.”

This in-depth discussion is really only for those who are ready to go deeper. Because of this, I’m inviting everyone to get a copy of the audio file, but requiring that you raise your hand and opt-in.

To receive a no-cost copy of my audio discussion, “Buyer Psychographics: Strategies for Finding Buyers that Consistently Buy,” click here now and fill out the simple form that follows.

Click Here to Get “Buyer Psychographics” Now

Please note: During this discussion, nothing will be sold. I’m just interested in helping you understand this crucial part of building a safe, consistent income online, no matter what the economy.

Before I let you go, I want to share a very interesting story with you. I think it will illustrate how weak it is to rely on demographics alone and how powerful psychographical data can be.

A number of years ago, I attended an expensive, private, four-man business-building mastermind session. Before I got there, I had no idea who the other three participants would be. This kind of situation always makes me a bit nervous because you never know who you’re going to get “stuck with.”

At first, I thought my deepest fears had been realized. It appeared that I had nothing in common with the other people in the room.

I was the only one on a first marriage. I was the only one with children still at home. I lived out in the country, while they lived in the suburbs. I drove used cars — actually a minivan and a 15-passenger van. They had a variety of sleek sedans and sports cars.

To me, it seemed like an odd group of people to put in the same room for a mastermind session. We didn’t even have the same kinds of businesses … I was online, another guy was retail with a storefront, another was a stock trader, and yet another was mail order of cosmetics and skin care.

In other words, our demographic footprint was miles apart.

Then, during a break about halfway through the first day, one of the other guys mentioned that he had just bought a “nuke.” He gave no other description. But I laughed, and asked him if he put it in a “super.” He smiled and said he did. Then, another guy asked if he had smoked it first. He had. The conversation sped on from there as we talked about queens, combs, drones, extractors, and dozens of other things.

You see, as it turned out, all of us were beekeepers.

What were the odds of such a diverse group of men all being beekeepers? As we talked about it, we dove into “why” we all had bees.

We discovered that the reasons were all the same: Bees made us unique. It was challenging and difficult. It was hard work. It connected us with nature. It was therapeutic and healthful. Perhaps most of all, our hives were symbolic of our intense drive for independence. This was also at the core of our business ownership.

In other words, at the core, we all shared a unique set of emotions, thoughts, and motivators.

We went one step further and reviewed the materials our host had used to sell us on the four-man mastermind session. We quickly discovered that he had effectively used almost all of those emotional triggers in his materials.

By deeply understanding our psychographics and using them effectively, our host had persuaded four totally demographically-different beekeeping business owners to gather from the four corners of the United States and pay him over $20,000 for the privilege of doing so.

Understanding our Core Buying Emotion allowed him to gather customers and charge prices that otherwise would have been outside of his reach.

That is the profit-creating power I want to give you.

I hope you will carefully read the next three segments of this series to find out how to do just that. I also hope you’ll register for my new, free audio presentation, “Buyer Psychographics: Strategies for Finding Buyers that Consistently Buy.”


Brought to you by: Wes Waddell – Small and Home Business Best Friend.

March 9, 2012

Home Business Tip of the Day: The Funded Proposal How To…

Hi Fellow Entrepreneur,

Have you ever heard the term "funded proposal"?

Funded proposals are the way Internet marketers 
build their MLM businesses.  

How they work is that you create a very desirable 
front-end product to sell online and then those
customers become your list to sell your primary 
program (MLM) to.

You make money doing this so in effect, you build 
a prospect list that knows, likes and trusts you 
for free.

You may have heard of Mike Dillard's "Lead System 
Pro" or Ann Sieg's "7 Lies" programs.

The problem with these is that to make this work
you need Internet marketing skills and bunches of 

I know because I tried both of those and found 
them too complicated - and I already do Internet 

What I'm going to share with you now is a new, only 
3 weeks old, system that solves these problems.

This system can build you a mailing list/customer 
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So what is it?

It's a done-for-you viral marketing platform that 
has only been out for 3 weeks.  It includes done-
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Please understand, this is NOT an MLM, it is a one 
level affiliate program that pays 100% commission 
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Find one other person who likes it too and you 
make $25 per month.

When I watched their first video, it seemed like 
hype to me and I also wondered how they could 
afford to pay out 100% and exist themselves.

But, after watching all their videos, now I 
understand.  I'll explain it to you if you are 
interested.  Rob Fore - my sponsor's sponsor in 
SOC has made $17K with this in two weeks.

The company, the Empower Network, has only been 
open for three weeks and they have already paid 
out $858,000 in commissions and had 7,000 people 

People are now joining at the rate of 400 per day.

Opt in at my landing page here and watch the video
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PS  The conversion ratios in their marketing funnel 
are insane!  25% of people who watch the first video 
join.  50% of those accept the $100/month upsell, 
and 30% of those take the second one time $500 upsell.

PPS  As of a few days ago, they now set up internationally
so anyone can participate anywhere in the world.

PPPS  I never recommend anything I don't buy myself.  
I bought in at the first opportunity I had.

> Internet Marketing,Training — Wes @ 9:53 am

December 7, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: What’s Still Working Dec 2011

The Internet changes fast. Very fast.

Business models that are having success one day can be gone the next.

So let’s talk about what’s still working as of December 2011…


Ebooks, How-To videos, membership sites. Whether it’s teaching someone how to learn karate, build their own organic garden, or trade the Forex markets, people will always be willing to pay for information — especially if it saves them the time to try and find it themselves and/or presents the information in a unique way.

The “Publishing” industry has been around for a very long time, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It will simply evolve.

We’re seeing a major ‘shift’ away from physical infoproducts (DVDs, printed manuals, etc.) and more products moving towards ALL DIGITAL — downloadable PDF reports, online streaming videos, and MP3 audio files.

In the world of “instant gratification” the digital-delivery model solves that urge and provides lower costs for the business owner selling information products, since there is practically zero cost of goods in providing downloadable products; aside from any server bandwidth costs which are incredibly cheap.

The entire book industry is also going through a major shift with what Amazon is doing with the Kindle. More people are buying and downloading ebook copies of real books than ever, and this trend is only going to continue its explosive growth.

A powerful element of building a business around infoproducts is that it can be outsourced and you can simply hire someone else to not only write an ebook or special reports for you, but even to shoot video content.


Our entire world now runs on software. There are many opportunities to develop software for a variety of niche markets and needs.

We’re now seeing software in different formats (all of them are having degrees of success)…

  • Mac or PC desktop software

  • Web-based applications

  • Mobile & Tablet applications

Software fortunes are being built every year by entrepreneurs that cannot program a single line of code. So it’s another great business model that can be outsourced.

A software business essentially has TWO primary roles…

  • Programmer

  • Designer

User Interface design is critical for success today. A good looking, user-friendly piece of software will often out-sell a more complicated, more robust competing piece of software.


This is what I used to call “virtual real estate” sites. These are web sites that are created to targeted certain keywords and niches and usually contain product reviews and articles.

These sites are monetized from AdSense, affiliate programs, and other advertising.

Since “content” is what the Internet is made up of, this model will always be around in one form or another. And it’s not just for “the little guy.”

Massive companies like Demand Media, AOL, Huffington Post, and many others are essentially a content-only web site network. They’re just making MILLIONS from it while most small entrepreneurs are generating thousands.

Another business that can be completely outsourced and SCALED.


Ecommerce is still thriving if not continuing to grow. Lots of opportunities to sell REAL products to people across a wide range of niche markets.

There are, however, many product categories that are being commodotized with lower and lower prices (and margins). So you’ll want to pick a market that has a higher margins and the products aren’t necessarily readily available at every Wal Mart and Target in the world; or you might have a hard time generating much revenue.

Amazon.com has created some amazing opportunities for ecommerce store owners. Did you know you can now not only list your products for sale within Amazon’s web site but they will store and ship your products AND collect payments and everything?

Lots of ecommerce store owners are having great success by having Amazon handle everything — they just focus on marketing and have their inventory shipped to Amazon’s warehouses. Amazon even handles customer support!

Definitely something you might want to look into.


This is an area that’s often overlooked, yet can be a GOLDMINE for those willing to venture into this area.

There are millions of businesses that need a certain set of services…

  • Content Writing

  • Graphic Design; logos or web sites

  • Programming

  • Market Research

  • Data Entry

  • Accounting

  • SEO & PPC Management

  • Lead Generation & Cold-Calling

  • Social Media Management

  • Customer Support

  • And much more

There are companies out there making MILLIONS just by offer PPC Management services to other businesses. They manage campaigns and doing the keyword research for other businesses and take a percentage of everything they spend in AdWords. That alone is a great business that’s only going to get bigger.

The beauty of a Professional Services business is that almost every skill that you would offer to other businesses can be outsourced. Meaning you would just market the services (and you could even have others do that too) while others do the actual work for the clients. This is a tried and true model that’s been around for a long time.


There is still a lot of money to be made as an affiliate marketer, but for 99% of affiliates, you’re not going to build much of a business only focused on being an affiliate marketer — unless you build a huge network of Content sites.

Affiliate marketing is a great source of income when combined with other business models — like information products, software, and professional services.


There are obviously other business models that are still working, but the above ones are some of the biggest right now. Each one of those models continues to evolve but the core business is still the same.

You’ll notice a repeating theme for many of those…

I mentioned the model mostly runs on Outsourcing.

I cannot stress enough how much you MUST master Outsourcing if you’re going to build a successful business online. I honestly believe it’s THE single greatest factor in building and growing a successful online business.

LABOR has always been the critical component of leverage that has built fortunes. You show me a big successful company and I’ll show you one with 1,000s of employees.

Now that doesn’t mean YOU need to hire 1,000s of employees but you need to have people doing work for you if you want to have a great level of success. And it’s not something that’s scary or anything. In fact, you can hire ONE person (I’ll show you exactly how) to be a “Team Leader” that can manage others; whether it’s to manage 3 other people or 300. You’ll just deal with that one Team Leader person.


Step #1: Write a check.

Step #2: Cash a larger check in return.

THAT’S IT. That’s the ‘secret’ to all wealth building.

There’s no better way to do that than to leverage the work of others. Write a small check for their work and get back a larger check for what their work made for your business.

If you’re one of my customers or long-time subscribers that hasn’t yet gone through my “Outsource Force” course, you really NEED IT for your online business success.

Once you complete the course you’ll be 100 TIMES ahead of your competitors online when it comes to Outsourcing. And it’s funny… so many marketers ‘think’ they know how to outsource… just by posting a job on eLance or oDesk or another site… well, that’s hardly Outsourcing.


It’s not just about having a task done for you to save you some time or some other one-off project. And those freelance sites are often 2-3 TIMES more expensive to have work done than what it costs if you learn the secrets of how to find workers that only want to work for you directly.

How would you like to have BETTER, FASTER WORK done by 3 PEOPLE for the cost of ONE? That’s exactly what you can learn to do…

And once you learn how to build and ‘run’ this scalable model you can take nearly ANY online business model and make it grow for you — Information Products, Software, Content Sites, Professional Services, Affiliate Marketing, and more.

If you want to make 2012 your best year yet, I strongly challenge you to MASTER OUTSOURCING. See how much you can get done in the New Year by not actually doing the work yourself! You’ll be surprised how FAST your business can really start growing. That’s when it becomes a lot of FUN and really just lets you spend more time on coming up with new ideas.

And let’s face it, that’s all we want to do anyway…

…just come up with new ideas.

Go get my “Outsource Force” complete course here: http://www.outsourceforce.com

It will be the best investment you ever make in yourself and in ANY future business idea.

Yours For Online Profits,

John Reese


Want in on the Ground Floor of What’s Working Now and in 2012 too?

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Click and get started today, put real cash in your bank account tomorrow!

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December 6, 2011