Home Business How to… Copycating is a Good Thing?

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Here’s the best thing you can do when starting your Carefree Business…

Just model yourself on the successful entrepreneurs who have come before you. They’ve blazed the trail, figuring out the best marketing strategies, hottest niches, most useful software … the works. And they’ve left you the map. All you have to do is follow.

As Brian Edmondson, six-figure Carefree Entrepreneur and Director of the Internet Money Club program, says in his essay today, it’s a much easier, faster, and less risky way to build a growing, profitable business.


Jason Holland, Managing Editor
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Copycatting Is a Good Thing
By Brian Edmondson

“So far, my website is pretty much identical to your site,” PG told me.

PG is one of my coaching students. I had just asked him to tell me about the progress he was making with his online business.

He had a sign-up box on the top right-hand corner of every page of his website. It offered a free newsletter in exchange for a site visitor’s first name and email address. He had a lot of quality content. And the site navigation was clean and easy to follow. He even had a search box and “refer a friend” option.

Was I upset by the striking similarity between his website and mine? Absolutely not. I was happy to see that he had copied so much. In fact, as his coach, that’s what I told him to do.

You see, it wasn’t my “intellectual property” that he was using. It was the structure of the website and the business model.

When you’re starting an online business, one of the smartest things you can do is follow a proven model instead of trying to figure it all out on your own. And if you have a coach or mentor to help you, so much the better. It will really speed up your learning curve.

Now, you may be thinking that “following” another business and having someone “hold your hand” doesn’t sound fun, exciting, or original. But the fact is, most fledgling entrepreneurs who try to reinvent the wheel end up frustrated and disappointed. (There is nothing fun or exciting about spending a lot of time and money on a business and not turning a profit.)

I should know. I used to be one of those guys. But after a couple of years of trial and error, I discovered a tried-and-tested way of doing business online: the Agora Model. It’s named after Agora Publishing, the information marketing company. I learned about the Agora Model and met the mentors who helped me apply it.

In a nutshell, the Agora Model uses direct-response advertising to drive traffic to your website. On the website, you offer valuable information – say, a free newsletter or special report. In return, you ask your visitors for their email address.

Once you have a visitor’s email address, you follow up by sending them additional free information, as well as offers for your products and services.

This simple model is underutilized by online entrepreneurs. But make no mistake about how powerful it is. It is the model that Agora used to grow into a $600 million a year company. And dozens of other in-the-know solo entrepreneurs used to create their own successful businesses – including me.

I used the Agora Model to build my own six-figure online business. It worked for me. And it can work for you, too.

Sure, I look at other online businesses and adapt some of what they are doing successfully to my ventures. It could be a copy approach, a type of offer, or a hot new product. And I’m always on the lookout for new strategies and techniques.

But the Agora Model is the core of my business.

It’s tempting to be a renegade and try to do it “your way.” But the days of the Wild, Wild Web are over. And the Agora Model has been proven to work time and time again.

Once I learned and applied the Agora Model, it really accelerated my progress. As I said, the quickest way to build an online business is to have a mentor or coach guide you through the process.

As a Carefree Entrepreneur, you’ve already been getting great advice from top online entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that.”

You can learn a lot from them. But I think you’ll find that direct coaching by an expert – someone who has achieved a high level of success doing what you want to do – will help you get results even faster.

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September 16, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: Nothing Will Do You More Good…

Tip of The Day:
Take A Minute To Reflect On Your Life
Nothing Will Do You More Good…


I haven’t stopped missing my dad. He was awesome … I wish my dad had been there to teach me how to drive, ask a girl out on a date and see me graduate from high school and a hundred other things I can’t even begin to name … I hope that I can make my father proud of the young men that my brother and I have become.” — Peter Negron — His father died in the World Trade Center


Now learn to do it yourself at: www.Referals.ws


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September 13, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: The True Value Of Time

Tip of The Day:
The True Value Of Time


Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” — Lord Chesterfield


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September 7, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: How To Win Friends And Influence People …

Tip of The Day:
How To Win Friends And Influence People
Without Resorting To Manipulation…


YESTERDAY, Ryan C. Angelo, from www.AlphaInfluence.com, returned with another valuable training video for subscribers of the Magnetic Sponsoring Daily Newsletter.

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August 29, 2011

Why People Buy Your Stuff Fast, or Don’t Buy at All Video

Subject: why people buy fast, or don’t buy <–new vid

Wouldn’t it be nice to f-i-n-a-l-l-y
figure out exactly why people (as in
massive amounts of people) either buy,
or don’t buy your products?

Once you know the blueprint (not many
people know it by the way BTW), the science of
raking in constant ca$h-flow becomes
so easy.

Sounds too simplistic? It’s not.

Hoverson’s new video is a living “case
study” in showing you how the blueprint
actually works. (Warning: if you don’t
implement this blueprint, people really
just don’t buy). However, if you know
how to implement the blueprint, people
really do buy. It’s that simple.

So, in a blazing fast 16-min video, you
are going to see a little trick Mark
uses over and over that causes the ca$h
register to go ching! ching! ching! constantly.

Here are a couple tips to keep in mind
while you go through this amazing video:

#1- When people buy something, they pay
with money. Duh.

#2- Thus, even though you’ve heard that
people buy stuff based on “emotion” or
whatever…at the end of the day, they
actually pay with money. (Just try going
to your bank and depositing other people’s
emotions…it doesn’t go over very well).

#3- Therefore, whatever you are selling,
you have to provide a compelling “over the top”
reason for them to part with their money
for your product.

What you are about to see for FREE is an example
of how Mark guides people through the
“value grid” so they go, “aha! of course
I’ll pay for that…I’d be crazy not to.”

He uses his “Irresistible Info-Marketing
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of how you can do this too.

So, watch Video 2 “Quantum Wealth” to see
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August 9, 2011

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August 6, 2011

Week 2 – Home Biz Weekly Quick Tips

Week 2 – Home Biz Weekly Quick Tip

Hello again fellow Entrepreneur,

It’s Wes here again, from SpidersMarketingWeb Home Business (HB) Weekly.

As I told you last week, each week I will be bringing you a HB Quick Tip to help you build your very own Home Business success story.

Did you get started last week with www.SpidersMarketingWeb.info and the ZERO cost video training series?  If not, I really recommend that you get started today.  We both know you want your own HB and you won’t feel right until you get it started.  Besides, the training cost you nothing but your time so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Information really is POWER!

On that note… Here is a motivational trigger that you can use in your own HB sales process.

People want to make more money. That’s a fact. Whether they want to start their own Home Biz, get a higher paying J.O.B. or maybe invest in the volitile stock market. This, and only this, will make them feel successful in their lives.

Business definition for the week:

Capital:  This is money that is going to be invested in a biziness.  Example: ‘I am starting my investment business with $5,000 in capital, $2,000 of which is my own money.’

Now, you and I both know that in the brick and morter (physical biz) world, 5K isn’t going to start anything.  But, in the online world, that 5k or even less – even nothing – can start a real HB with real profits in very short order.

So, if you have been letting a lack of capital stop you from starting your own HB… then it’s time you got over it and do something to build for your own future.  It’s the only real way you will ever get ahead.

I know, this one was pretty simple, but let’s face it, getting over the fear of getting started is a really BIG DEAL to many.  It needed to be said and you need to take action on getting started or nothing will ever change.

So, that said…

Look for another HB quick tip soon!
Again, I appreciate your joining us and we’ll see you in another week for your Biz Plan Intro!

Wes Waddell

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November 1, 2010

Report Breaks Record Six Consecutive Months of Decline.

Last Week in the News

On Monday, March 23, the National Association of Realtors said existing home sales rose 5.1% in February to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.72 million, from 4.49 million in January. Economists had expected an annualized rate of 4.45 million homes.

The Mortgage Bankers Association said its seasonally adjusted index of mortgage applications for the week ending March 20 increased 32% to 1,159.4 from 876.9 the previous week. Purchase volume rose 4.2% to 267.8 from 257.1 the previous week, while refinancing applications jumped 42% to 6,363.2 from 4,497.6.

The Commerce Department reported Wednesday that orders for durable goods, items expected to last three or more years, jumped 3.4% in February. It was the strongest one-month gain in 14 months and the report breaks a record six consecutive months of decline. Economists had anticipated orders for durable goods to fall 2%. Among the areas of strong growth were orders for heavy machinery, up 13.5%, and demand for computers, up 10.1%.

New home sales unexpectedly rose 4.7% in February to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 337,000 units, according to a report by the Commerce Department. Analysts had expected a drop to 300,000 units in February. Also, the results for January were revised upward to 322,000. Nevertheless, that figure represents the slowest monthly pace since recordkeeping began in 1963.

On Thursday, the Commerce Department announced its final revision to the fourth quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It showed the U.S. economy decreased at an annual rate of 6.3% in the fourth quarter of 2008. It was the lowest pace since the first quarter of 1982, when output contracted 6.4%. For all of 2008, the economy grew 1.1%.

Upcoming on the economic calendar are reports on consumer confidence on March 31, pending home sales on April 1 and factory orders on April 2.

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March 30, 2009