Is Your Email Account Is In Jeapordy of Being SHUT DOWN!?

Your Email Account Is In Jeopardy of Being SHUT DOWN!

This is a similar subject line that thousands of Internet
Marketers and small business owners are seeing week in and
week out with their email service providers.

In some cases, they're getting a warning first, and in other
cases, their accounts are being frozen in an instant. 

- Emails can't go out...
- Opt-in pages don't work... 
- They can't even login to their account to download THEIR

That's just the tip of the iceberg!

It's happening to brand new marketers and seasoned pros that
have been in the business for a decade! 

It COULD happen to you, if you're using a 3rd party ESP to
send your emails!

So why is this happening? 

There are a few reasons...

1. ESPs are tightening up requirements 
It doesn't matter if you've been perfect up till now... they
may be LOOKING for an excuse to let you go

2. Complaints from users 
We recently tested 4009 email addresses at a WELL-KNOWN ESP.
We got 4 complaints and were put on warning!

Over 47% of all subscribers use the "Spam" button to
unsubscribe instead of clicking on the link? 

3. Spam Trap Hits
This is a little shady here... Many of the ESPs are lumping
honeypots in with spam traps. Honeypots are email addresses
that essentially went out of service and have been converted
to traps to catch people that don't regularly clean out
their list. 

The problem is... if you've had a valid subscriber - even
someone who double opted in - and they abandoned an email
address, it could later be converted to a spam trap and just
like that... you're shut down. 

These are just a few of the TOP reasons why ESPs are
shutting down marketers like you and me...

The kicker is that you TRUST them with your most valuable
asset, your list! 

And in many cases, I'll bet you're not even regularly
backing up your list... So if they should ever lock you out
of your account, you'd be dead in the water!

Here's the solution:
1. Buy your OWN email software (the one I use and highly recommend is
-> (arpReach)

2. Have it installed on your server/website.

3. Quit WORRYING that you'll wind up another statistic... 

Check it out now before it's too late and you're a victim of
your current email service provider!
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May 17, 2012

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May 15, 2012

Small Business Tip of the Day: Getting Clear On Risk

Hey Fellow Small Business Entrepreneur,

Today I want to follow up on a topic that paralyzes many entrepreneurs.
One that can stop your progress in its tracks. Freeze you when you need to make a decision. Ultimately lead you down a path that takes you where you never intended to go.

It’s something we all have to face. Everyone of us.
And if we don’t have a clear understanding of it, it can lead to disaster in anything you do.

I’m talking about risk.

There’s no getting around it, risk is present in everything we do.
But if you clearly understand what the payoffs of the risks you are taking are, then you have a much greater chance of overcoming those risks and achieving the exact goals you are after.

Today I want to share a few thoughts on risk and how to overcome any reluctance you may have to face it. It will not only make you a better entrepreneur, it will improve your life on every level.
So let’s get going.

To higher profits and beyond,

    Getting Clear On Risk

    By Rich Schefren

    Today I want to talk a little bit about "why?" About why you’re looking to build the business you want to build.
    You should be building a business because of what it allows you to do on a daily basis.
    If what you have to do on a daily basis, is not what you want to do, then you’re trading your life away. You sacrifice your present for some possibility in the future which, more often than not, never materializes. When you work this way, things don’t change. Only you do.
    That’s why I think that so many entrepreneurs get it all wrong in the beginning. Because they’re trying to build something that doesn’t excite them; that doesn’t get their juices flowing. And because of that, they suffer from a couple of negative effects.
    They’re slow to move into action. They don’t constantly think about their business and faster ways to get the outcome they’re after. And most important, they’re not willing to risk for that dream.

    That Idea of Risk Is An Important One

    When I’m talking about risk, I’m not talking about "risking" for an outcome. I’m talking about a risk that will allow you to live your dream on a daily basis.
    There’s always going to be risk in anything you undertake. The overwhelmingly majority of entrepreneurs who succeed the have tasted failure. They’ve had major setbacks. But they persist in their dreams, because they understand what the payoff of their risk is.
    I believe too many people try to make the entrepreneurial journey risk-free. And that’s just not possible.
    I think most, if not all of you who are reading this realize that. You realize that nobody can hand you a business on a silver platter. That a successful business is something you have to build. And ideally, it should be something that you enjoy building. And ideally, as you’re building it, you should also be richly rewarded while you provide value to the world.
    I’m bringing all of this up for anyone who is not making the progress that they’d like. If you’re not, it’s time to take a step back and look at where you might be falling down.
    Specifically, where does your fear of risk come from? Is it from a lack of clarity of your outcome? Maybe you haven’t thought through all of the shortcuts? Are you just not getting into action?
    Ultimately, once you know what it is, you have to work through what it’s going to take for it to change?

    Facing Risk On Your Own Terms

    You see, these are the kinds of things I do on a very frequent basis in my journal. My fear is that for many of you listening, you don’t take the time to really think things through to figure out where your sticking point is right now and what you need to do to change it.
    I’ve been going through a bunch of papers, kind of cleaning out my home office, and I came across an index card where I wrote down a note. It doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things, but I think it very much applies to kind of what we’re talking about here. Here’s what I wrote on the note:
    It says, "what do I want?" The next question is "how do I need to be perceived to get what a want?" And finally, "how do I create that perception?"
    Now I have no idea if I was helping someone think through their positioning or what this note was dealing with. But what I can tell you is that these would be questions that I would be considering if I was going into a new niche; if I was releasing a new product, etc.
    And they are the questions you should be asking and answering on a continual basis.
    My fear is that each of you discounts your own experience and your own ability to think in an effort to learn from others. Of course, learning from others is a great thing. But if you’re not learning from yourself through the thinking process, then ultimately you’re not growing. If you’re not growing that’s obviously problematic.

    I’ll Leave You With One Last Thought

    There’s a lot of talking about living in the moment; about being present. You could also say that another way of saying that is living consciously – the ability to be aware of your environment, yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, etc. And as a marketer and as an entrepreneur, the more that you can live in the moment, the more that you can be conscious, the more that you can focus your attention on others, then focus internally, then on others, then internally – the greater your ability is to affect change not only in yourself but in others around you as well.
    Ultimately you have to embrace the risk of reality. You have to embrace responsibility and you have to embrace living consciously if you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur.

    Questions or Comments on this issue?
    Click here to send them to Rich!


    In today’s World of Technology, Small business absolutely has to have a web presence! Without it, you lose more than half the business you could have.

    But, just having a website doesn’t mean that the customers are going to be able to find you when they look for businesses of your kind on the net. Unless they know your name and domain address already, you need to be on the first couple of pages in the search engines (First page is best) and business listings.

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    March 1, 2012

    Home Business Tip of the Day: Where to Find Your Most Profitable Customers

    Where to Find Your Most Profitable Customers
    By Joshua Boswell

    To determine your Optimal Selling Strategy (as you’ll recall, this is Mark Ford’s landmark term, borrowed from his book Ready, Fire, Aim), your first task is to find where your most profitable customers spend their time … and their money.

    In our world today, I believe that online customers are primarily found in one of two places: Google or Facebook.

    And, these two sites attract a fundamentally and philosophically different type of buyer.

    Many marketers and online entrepreneurs lose a great deal of money because they fail to see these differences. They believe that you can use the same ideas, techniques, and strategies getting people to buy from you using Google or Facebook.

    This is not true. And, making this assumption can be very costly and dangerous.

    In my experience working with clients and developing my own businesses, I have found that virtually all products and services can be labeled as "Facebook Ready" or "Google Ready."

    By labeling your company, products, and services as such, it helps you determine how to talk to your potential buyers.

    The simplest test I know of is to search for your type of product or service on Google and then on Facebook.

    Both are advertising sites. Both make money using enticing free content to lure you in … and then ads to sell you things. Both have billions of people using them every day.

    But fundamentally, they couldn’t be any more different.

    People use Google when they have an "Itch." In other words, they have an immediate, pressing problem and want to find a solution NOW.

    People use Facebook to define, validate, or expand their "Identity" as a human being. In other words, they want to share with others who they are and they want others to validate them as part of a "group" or valued as a "friend."

    Let me show you how this difference shows up when in terms of buying or selling things …

    If you need a new cell phone and want to find the best price, carrier, and latest features, what do you do? You Google it, of course.

    You have a specific desire for something better in your life — an itch that you would like to have scratched — and you go to Google to get rid of that maddening itch sensation.

    Would you go to Facebook and look up groups that sell and market cell phones? Nope, not likely.


    Because you know that on Facebook you’re not going to get pricing details, phone specs, and carrier comparisons.

    Now, once you have that cool new cell phone in hand, what do you do?

    You go to Facebook to tell your friends about your cool new phone, post pictures, share videos, etc. … You are sharing because having a cool phone makes you feel part of a unique group. It makes you feel special.

    But even then, you’re not really talking about your phone, you are talking about your life, experiences, and identity as it relates to your phone. In fact, the new phone is just an excuse to use Facebook to further define, validate, or expand your identity.

    This morning, I looked and found two fairly popular cell phone groups on Facebook. Were they talking about specs and data and pricing? No. They were talking about experiences they had had with their phone or that they had captured on their phone.

    When you are looking for profitable customers, you need to ask yourself, "Am I selling something to scratch an itch?" Or … "Am I helping people define and validate their identity?"

    If you are not sure, search on both Google and Facebook. See what kinds of results you get.

    Inside of Google, you are looking for advertisers on the right side of the screen. (NOTE: I’m not concerned with how many organic search results there are … the stuff down the middle … I’m just looking at ads.) More ads are a good thing. And, if the ads are backed by nice-looking sites that appear to be making money by selling stuff, then all the better.

    Inside of Facebook, you are looking for groups or pages that have a high following and lots of chatter. When you go into those groups, are they selling anything? Are there congruent ads on the page? More Likes, the more chatter, the more ads, the better.

    Let me give you another example that is near and dear to my heart …

    Go to Google and Facebook and type in the term "parenting."

    On Google, depending on the day, you will find a couple of government ads, a handful of nonprofits ads, one or two sites actually trying to sell something (usually poorly), and a couple of ads leading you back to social-media type sites, typically targeting moms.

    On Facebook, you will find dozens of groups, topics, and interests, with Likes ranging from 600 to 51,000+. If you put anything relating to parenting in your Facebook profile, you will start seeing dozens of ads selling stuff to parents following you around from page to page, hoping to attract your attention.

    Why? Because, with the exception of trying to drastically correct wild teenager behavior, everyday parenting does not represent a major "itch" that people need scratched immediately.

    But, parenting is a part of who we are. All of us either are parents or have parents. We easily connect with other parents. Moms especially want to connect with each other to validate and enhance their identity.

    Once you have identified if your product or service is best for Google or Facebook, you will know where your profitable customers are spending their time. With this information in mind, you can begin to define specific plans for grabbing their attention and selling to them.

    Next week, I will give you some specifics on how to attract the attention of your most profitable customers.

    Until then, I want to strongly recommend that you consider joining the Internet Money Club.

    Registration ends tomorrow night … and so does a very nice $1,000 discount I’ve arranged for you.

    If you join us, you are guaranteed to have a solid online business up and running in 30 days or less.

    What is more, you will work with Brian Edmondson — a seasoned online business expert — to clearly define your Optimal Selling Strategy — including discovering where your best customers are hiding out, how to attract them, and how to profitably sell to them.

    By the end of the 24-week session, you will know more about making money online than 95% of the so-called "Internet marketers" out there. You will have solid business principles in your tool belt and you’ll have a crystal-clear plan on how to successfully run and manage a moneymaking website.

    In my view, there is no other system out there that can give you this kind of hands-on, results oriented, proven success model. If you are serious about making money online and making it as fast as possible, the best way to win is to join the Internet Money Club.



    > Internet Marketing,Training — Wes @ 2:46 pm

    February 27, 2012

    Home Business Tip of the Day: Your Second Most Important Communication

    Hey Wes,
    So have you got your personal narrative nailed down?
    Get busy on it if you haven’t.
    Because today, in this market, positioning yourself is one of the single most important things you can do to build a business.

      It creates easier sales
      It creates more loyal customers
      It creates more repeat and referral business.

      Trust me. Don’t skip that part of planning your business.
      But once you get that done, then what?
      Well that’s what I want to talk to you about in the next couple issues here. About what the rest of your communication should be about.
      This is something else you shouldn’t take lightly, because if your communication to prospects and client’s isn’t doing this specific thing, then you’ll be struggling down the path to failure.

      Time to explain what I’m talking about. Let’s dive in To higher profits and beyond,


      Your Second Most Important Communication

      By Rich Schefren

      OK. We’ve spent the last few issues talking about communicating with your market. Specifically how you shape your personal narrative.
      Once you get that down, you’re going to be way ahead of the game. But you’re far from done.

      Today I want to start talking a little more in depth about another area of communication that is vital to your business. One that can accelerate your success, or leave you stuck in the mud spinning your wheels.
      The area I’m talking about is…


      More specifically, free content that actually makes sales.
      You see, if the content you produce and give away isn’t clearly moving you closer to the sale, it’s actually moving you further away.
      So let me tell you a little bit of the back story. You see, I was out West a little over a year ago consulting for a well-known guru I’m sure you’ve heard of. He’s not in internet marketing but he’s been around for quite a long time. And his company is about a little over ten million dollars.
      They flew me out to get my input because sales had been flat.
      More specifically, the launches that they had done were mediocre at best. Sales from their blog were basically non-existent. Sales from the content emails they sent out barely moved the needle at all. And even their webinars and teleseminars really didn’t have the impact that they were hoping for.
      Now whenever I hear something like this I’m always thinking there is a problem in the way the content is being structured. More specifically, is the content that’s being delivered actually furthering the sale? Is it advancing customer’s desire to purchase the product that the company, guru, etc. is hoping to sell?
      You see, the big mistake this client was making, one I see so many people make these days, is thinking, "if we provide really good content, people will automatically want to buy our stuff."

      Guess what.

      That simply isn’t the case –

      And it hasn’t been the case for quite a long time.

      Valuable content for content’s sake, on its own and without a strategic plan behind it will not get more people to buy from you. Today we live in an age where great content is all around us. So the simple fact you are offering someone great content doesn’t have the impact that it once. It doesn’t motivate buyers with regard to actually stimulating a sale like it did when great content was much more scarce. .
      So that’s what we’re going to talk about. Content. Specifically the type of content that actually increases desire. The type of content that actually stimulates a sale.

      Are you suffering from weak content?

      Well, the easiest way to get a grasp on whether or not this really applies to you is how effective is whatever free content you’re putting out there is actually generating sales?
      For example, I’m well-known for the reports that I’ve put out, the free reports that I’ve put out to the public. In each of those reports I’ve made millions of dollars based on the sales that they cause. So that’s what I’m talking about.
      If you’re putting out content that doesn’t stimulate sales, then you really got to scratch your head and ask yourself why you’re putting out that content in the first place and could that content be better? Could it actually create the sales that you desire?

      It can.

      When you create great content that actually does advance the sale; that does create desire, what happens is that you build a momentum in your business where that content that is out there for free for the prospects and your marketplace to eat up and to consume, continuously increases your sales. Continuously brings new prospects and new customers into the fold. That’s when you have content that is really effective.
      So let’s talk about really why people have this problem. There are two different concepts that have floated around the market that I believe really cause more harm than they do good.

      The first and most problematic is called…

      "Moving the Free Line."

      This is the standard response entrepreneurs offer when they see the content they’re currently offering isn’t getting the results they hope for.
      If you’re a BGS or Founders Club member, you’ve probably heard me talk about Earl Nightingales comment about why you don’t want to do what the rest of the market is doing. This is a perfect case in point.

      Anyway, the concept here is that we’re going to give more away than has been given away before. Somehow magically because we’re doing that, people are automatically going to buy from us. That simply is not the case.

      Think about this for just a second. if your content isn’t creating sales in the first place, how is giving more of it away going to help? Still that’s the mindset that most entrepreneurs work from.

      If your content doesn’t create greater demand your content is not effective. So the idea of moving the free line, while it’s a clever statement, doesn’t really capture in its essence what is necessary to create demand and make sales.
      Now there are a number of other content mistakes that entrepreneurs make as well. But i’m going to cover them in the next issue, so create any content in your marketing, stay tuned!

      Questions or Comments on this issue?
      Click here to send them to Rich!


      Until Next time…


      > Internet Marketing,Training — Wes @ 4:15 pm

      January 30, 2012

      Empower Network Hit’s $1,000,221.20 in 3 weeks :)

      Empower Network Hit’s $1,000,221.20 in 3 weeks 🙂 Congratulations everyone!

      by davidsharpe

      Hey Empower Network …and Empower Network onlookers and supporters :)

      We’ve accomplished something monumental.

      A million dollars in sales, and we did it in less than a month!

      Congrats :)

      When Dave and I were working behind the scenes before we launched, we watched a video together from a prolific leader who talked about the empowering feeling of creating your own economy and taking responsibility for your future.

      I was inspired then.

      However, right now:

      I am inspired even more.

      By you.

      Everyone of you.

      Because you have done that.

      When we launched publicly on October 31, 2011, we knew we would experience momentum, but our growth has exceeded our expectations. However, what we’re most proud of is not the fact that we’ve hit a million dollars so quick, but that we’ve done it TOGETHER, with our leaders, and our members. UNIFIED, which is exactly the way we envisioned things all along. Our strength not only comes from our sheer numbers, but from the quality of the people involved. Our missions is to change lives, help businesses and inspire more entrepreneurs to follow their dreams …and work more intelligently to achieve them.

      In the spirit of the holidays, many people focus on finding something to be grateful for. Well we have many. Our people. Their success. How we’ve simplified business and life for so many people. But also the challenges and struggles. Because nothing great ever happens without hardship. However, we are experiencing life together, and giving people a place they can learn and grow ….and tap into the resources and knowledge base of a transparent and empowering community of leaders and entrepreneurs. For that we are grateful.

      Today, we celebrate not only the MILLION DOLLAR mark that we’ve hit, but we also each other. Because without ‘US’, nothing is possible.

      Congratulations Empower Network.

      You’ve seized the moment.

      You are changing the world, and you are helping the people.

      Celebrate your success …and celebrate each other!

      David Sharpe
      Proud Co-Founder of The Empower Network

      P.S. If you are a member of Empower Network, there is some swipe copy below in celebration of our million dollar benchmark.

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      November 24, 2011

      Goodbye GDI… Hello EMPOWER and 100% Commissions!

      After more than 2 years with GDI, I happily said goodbye today.


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      The Empower Network is not what you think and is what you dream.

      November 22, 2011

      Home Business Tip of the Day: The Power of One – One Big Idea

      Dear Subscriber,

      In today’s Carefree Entrepreneur, Michael Masterson explains a strategy you can use to make every ad, sales letter, and promotional email you put out more effective.

      Your customers will "connect" emotionally with your business and products, they’ll buy more and more often, and you’ll succeed much faster.

      Michael focuses on applying it to marketing in this essay. But this little-known principle is key to your success in all areas of your Carefree Business, including the niche you choose and the products you create.


      Jason Holland
      Managing Editor
      Carefree Entrepreneur

      P.S. Don’t forget to sign up officially for Carefree Entrepreneur. As part of your subscription to Early to Rise, you get a complimentary subscription for a limited time. Please go here to make sure you don’t miss any future issues. You’ll also get instant access to an exclusive video from Michael Masterson in which he reveals his top business start-up secrets.

      The Power of One – One Big Idea
      By Michael Masterson

      One of the biggest lessons I have ever learned about writing came very late – in fact, more than twenty years after I wrote my first piece of copy.

      It happened about a year after I began writing Early To Rise (ETR). I was looking over issues I’d written that year and noting which ones readers rated the highest. Without exception, those achieving the highest scores presented a single idea.

      It struck me that readers didn’t want to hear everything I had to say about a topic every time I wrote. They were looking for a single, useful suggestion or idea that could make them more successful.

      That was one of those "aha!" experiences for me.

      As a reader, I had always most enjoyed stories and essays that tackled one subject effectively and deeply. As a writer, I sensed my readers felt this way too. But it wasn’t until I looked at the ETR results that I recognized the power of a narrow focus in writing.

      I checked to see if this same phenomenon applied to advertising copy. I pulled out my box of "best promotions of all time." While not all of them were on a single topic, most of the very best hit just one idea strongly.

      It seemed I was on to something. I presented this idea as one "powerful secret to publishing success" when Agora had our first company-wide meeting for publishers in France.

      Bill Bonner reminded me he’d learned about the Power of One from the great advertising guru David Ogilvy. Ogilvy’s concept was that every great promotion has, at its core, a single, powerful idea that he called "the Big Idea."

      At about that same time, John Forde was rereading the classic 1941 book, "How to Write a Good Advertisement" by Victor Schwab – the man Advertising Age called the "greatest mail-order copywriter of all time."

      In that book, Schwab listed his choice for the "Top 100 Headlines." John found that of those 100 top headlines, 90 were driven by single, Big Ideas.

      Note how instantly clear and engaging these "Big Ideas" are…

      • "The Secret of Making People Like You"
      • "Is the Life of a Child Worth $1 to You?"
      • "To Men Who Want to Quit Work Someday"
      • "Are You Ever Tongue-Tied at a Party?"
      • "How a New Discovery Made a Plain Girl Beautiful"
      • "Who Else Wants a Screen Star Figure?"
      • "You Can Laugh at Money Worries – If You Follow This Simple Plan"
      • "When Doctors ‘Feel Rotten’ This is What They Do"
      • "How I Improved My Memory in One Evening"
      • "Discover the Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Salary"
      • "How I Made a Fortune with a ‘Fool Idea’"
      • "Have You a ‘Worry’ Stock?"

      At ETR, we made this concept a "rule" for writing. The mandate was clear. Write about one thing at a time. One good idea, clearly and convincingly presented, was better than a dozen so-so ideas strung together.

      When we obeyed that rule, our essays were stronger. When we ignored it, they were not as powerful as they could have been.

      Here’s an example of the Rule of One as applied to an advertorial taken from ETR:

      Subject Line: The Easiest Product to Sell Online

      Dear Early to Riser,

      Would you be interested in investing $175 to make $20,727?

      That’s exactly what Bob Bly just accomplished!

      See how he did it below… and how easily you could do the same.

      MaryEllen Tribby,
      ETR Publisher

      Dear Friend,

      There’s no product easier to create or sell online…

      … than a simple, straightforward instructional or how-to e-book.

      Why are e-books the perfect information product to sell on the Internet?

      • 100% profit margin.
      • No printing costs.
      • No inventory to store.
      • Quick and easy to update.
      • No shipping costs or delays.
      • Higher perceived value than regular books.
      • Quick, simple, and inexpensive to produce.

      My very first e-book has generated $20,727 in sales (so far).

      My total investment in producing it: just $175.

      Now, I want to show you how to make huge profits creating and selling simple e-books – in my new e-book "Writing E-Books for Fun & Profit."

      Normally my e-books sell for anywhere from $29 to $79, and later this year, "Writing E-Books for Fun & Profit" will sell for $59.

      However, to make it affordable for you to get started in e-book publishing, I’m letting you have "Writing E-Books for Fun & Profit" for only $19 today – a savings of $40 off the cover price!

      For more information… or to order on a risk-free 90-day trial basis… just click here now.


      Bob Bly

      P.S. But, I urge you to hurry. This special $40 discount is for a limited time only. And once it expires, it may never be repeated again.

      Let me explain how the Power of One operates here.

      In the lift letter (signed by MaryEllen Tribby), Bob asks a question and then tells a single-sentence story. The question is an inverted promise. The story validates the promise.

      The sales letter follows. This, too, is a beautifully simple piece of copy. It leads with a statement that expresses one clear idea: "The easiest way to make money on the Internet is to market e-books."

      That statement is supported by a number of bulleted "facts." Then Bob validates the statement by mentioning his own experience.

      The reader is already sold. Bob makes the sale irresistible with a strong, one-time-only offer.

      Short, sweet, and simple.

      The Power of One is not only one big, central idea. It’s a fully engaging piece of copy with five necessary elements. Using Bob’s example:

      • One good idea: "There’s no product easier to create or sell online than a simple, straightforward instructional or how-to e-book."

      • One core emotion: "It is simple! I bet I can do it!"

      • One captivating story: Told brilliantly in 11 words: "My very first e-book has generated $20,727 in sales (so far)."

      • One single, desirable benefit: "Now, I want to show you how to make huge profits creating and selling simple e-books."

      • One inevitable response: The only way to get this book for $19 is to "click here now."

      To create blockbuster promotions time after time, you must understand the difference between good copy and great copy. The Power of One is the driving force behind great copy.

      Veteran advertising consultant James Loftus, who’s worked with Anheuser-Busch, Holiday Inn, McDonald’s, and many other clients, agrees:

      "Also keep in mind that the more points you try to cover, the less effective each point, and therefore your ad, will be. An effective ad will actually have only one central focus, even if you discuss it from two or three perspectives. If your points are too diverse, they compete with each other, and end up pulling the reader’s attention in separate directions."

      When challenged with an advertising assignment, most writers conjure lists of features and benefits, then mention as many as possible. Their thinking goes, "I wonder which of these benefits will really push the buttons I want? I’ll throw them all in. That way, if one doesn’t work, another one will."

      This is B-level copywriting. It’s not the way to create breakthrough advertising.

      The Power of One is commonplace now at Agora… it’s taught by AWAI… and you’ll see that most top copywriters follow it.

      You can use the Power of One to create your own blockbuster copy. Ask yourself: "What is the Big Idea here? Is this idea strong enough to capture the hearts of my customers? Or are my ideas all over the place?"

      The challenge is to find that one good idea the reader can grasp immediately. And stick to it. So the idea has to be strong, easy to understand… and easy to believe.

      Put the Power of One to work for you in all your communications. You’ll be amazed at how much stronger – and successful – your copy will be.

      Editor’s Note: Michael Masterson spoke in depth about the Power of One during his presentation at AWAI’s recent Bootcamp conference.

      During the event, a dozen master copywriters and expert marketers shared their most powerful secrets for creating powerful advertising copy. Copy is one of the keys to your online business success. You can’t afford to not educate yourself about how to create effective advertising.

      If you weren’t at the live event, no worries. American Writers & Artists Inc. recorded the whole thing. The videos of every single presentation, including master copywriter and marketer Dan Kennedy, veteran copywriter and consultant Bob Bly, and copywriter and entrepreneur Joe Sugarman, among many others, are available online.

      Go here to find out more about the 2011 FastTrack to Success Bootcamp Home Study program.

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