Home Business Tip of the Day: Changing Your Stories: A How-To Guide

Hey Home Business Entrepreneur,

I want to finish up our little chat about stories today.

If you’ve been following in the last couple issues, you clearly understand the importance and the influence that stories hold over your life and success.

I hope you did the exercise and answered some of the questions about your own stories. I’d imagine a lot of you are reading this newsletter because you want to become better entrepreneurs (or maybe you’re just looking to get started.) You may not think that this kind of discussion is important or pertinent to you.

Believe me when I tell you it is. I’ve coached tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. Business of all shapes and sizes and one thing I can tell you is, when I talk to them, the effect their stories have on them is clearly obvious where their struggles are concerned.

Simply identifying and working to change this one tiny element can have a massive impact on your business. Seriously. I mean life-altering.

Do not doubt how important your stories are in your business.

Today I want to wrap up the discussion by diving just a little deeper and showing you a couple ways you can easily alter the stories that are holding you back.

So you can change your stories from one that’s pulling you down, to what’s driving you to achieve all the success you want.

Let’s get busy…

To higher profits and beyond,


Changing Your Stories:
A How-To Guide
By Rich Schefren

OK. By now you should have an idea of your own personal stories on a number of subjects. Today we’re going to break this analysis down just a little further. Get a little more in depth.

As I’ve been thinking about it, there are five major areas; five major subjects through which entrepreneurs weave their stories.

1. Work and their business
2. Their family
3. Their health
4. Their happiness
5. Their friendships

By asking yourself some basic questions about how you feel about what you do, and how you conduct yourself in those areas and by really, honestly looking at your story in these areas, you begin to get a better sense of what’s really going on.

A Quick Word on Happiness

I do want to take one quick sidetrack here before I get back into looking at your stories.

I want to talk about happiness for a second. Because I think that quite often, people confuse pleasure and happiness.

Pleasure is all about instant gratification. Pleasure is like that second piece of chocolate cake. Long term pleasure doesn’t lead to happiness. For the most part, long term pleasure leads to pain while happiness leads to more happiness.

Happiness is a feeling that you’re making progress; that you’re headed in the right direction. It’s the anticipation of joy. While pleasure doesn’t last, happiness does.

Every depressing story about a celebrity who dies of an overdose or anything like that, you can see they were chasing pleasure as opposed to happiness. So I just wanted to give you something to think about as we talk about your stories. Understand that when we’re talking about work, family, health, and friendships, we’re talking about happiness here, not pleasure.

So back to your stories.

Two Ways to Change Your Stories

Step one in trying to get a better handle on your stories and make the edits that are necessary, is to identify the areas of your life where the stories that you tell yourself or the story that you tell others is clearly not working. Areas where they simply won’t take you where you ultimately want to go. Where they aren’t currently getting you the results that you want. That could be in your business, in how you work. It could be in your family, your health, your friendships, or wherever.

The bigger question here is in what areas is it pretty obvious that I’m not going to get to where I want to go with the story I currently have.

Let’s say for example that you keep avoiding certain work. Well there’s a story there. So you’d want to focus on that. Once you’ve done that, what you want to do is actually articulate as clearly as you can the story that you currently have that’s not working. You want to put it down on paper. This is your old story.

There’s two ways that you can attack or alter or edit a story that’s not working for you.

The first is to identify the faulty elements of your old story. You can do that by asking yourself these questions:

1. Does this story stimulate me to take action?
2. Does this story reflect the truth as much as possible?
3. If I continue to live this story, will it get me to where I want to go?
4. Will it lead me to where I want to be?
5. Along those lines, if not, why not?

Now once you’ve identified the story, the great news is that as soon as you alter your story, you should immediately experience a change. The challenge is how do you change the story?

One way to change the story is to take massive overwhelming force to the story. Kind of like killing an ant with a sledge hammer. If you’ve always told yourself a story that you can’t do X, then you want to focus a lot of energy on doing X.

If you tell yourself you’re a procrastinator, then for a day, for two days, for a week, you’re going to start to actually make massive action so that you can actually redefine your story.

The second way is to actually alter the story on paper first and then really think through how would you have to live in order for you to be on the path of this story. Ideally, you get pretty clear on that.

Now one other alternative that really kind of weighs into that second course of action is to create a turning point in your story. Take your story as it is up until now, and then you create some kind of turning point and then change the story. A lot of other elements relate to this. Your larger purpose becomes the premise of your story; your overall purpose in life and your values become important elements too.

But for right now, I think it’s a good start to really start getting your head around the idea that you’re living a story. We all do because we need a story to make sense of the world.

Start Rewriting Your Story Now

Right now, either that story is either helping you or hurting you. It’s either taking you closer and closer to your goals each and every day. Or it’s pushing you further and further back. As you develop your new story, you want to make sure that it’s taking you where you want to go and that it is founded in truth.

I really believe that confidence stems from your story. Your willingness to do what it takes stems from your story. How you approach your work stems from your story. Whether people are attracted to you or not comes from your story. Basically, pretty much anything that you do, feel, think relates to your story.

So here’s your homework. Identify the story that you’re living right now. And ask yourself if that’s the story that you want to live. And if not, start thinking about what has to change so that the story changes.


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November 2, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: The BIG Lesson…

The Big Lesson here has nothing to do with the ad or what’s being advertised, but with where I found it.  Our inflatable fishing boat ad was NOT in a fishing magazine, NOT even in a boating magazine, but was actually found In Trailer Life (an RV/Camping) Magazine.

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September 28, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: My Favorite Quote!

Tip of The Day:
This Happens To Be One Of
My Favorite Quotes…


“The secret of business is to know
something nobody else knows”
 –Aristotle Onassis–


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September 19, 2011

Home Business Tip of the Day: What Leadership Really Is…

Tip of The Day:
What Leadership Really Is…


“Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership. — Colin Powell

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September 10, 2011

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Think of managing change as an adventure. It tests your skills and abilities. It brings forth talent that may have been dormant. Change is also a training ground for leadership. When we think of leaders, we remember times of change, innovation and conflict. Leadership is often about shaping a new way of life. To do that, you must advance change, take risks and accept responsibility for making change happen.
— Charles E. Rice, Barnett Bank —

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September 3, 2011

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September 2, 2011

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August 25, 2011

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The closer should know that when the customer says he has to “think about it,” he is simply not sold on the product yet. The closer should realize the excuse “I have to think about it,” is not a true objection that has to be overcome, but rather a bunch of words that don’t add up to anything in particular…” — “The Closers” Ben Gay III

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August 16, 2011