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Tip of The Day:
How To Write Your First Sentence
When You Write An Ad


Don’t begin your advertising with warm-up sentences. Say something important fast — about how the reader can gain. Advertising that’s “different” won’t bring you one extra sale.” — Andrew J. Byrne

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August 15, 2011

Old School Still Works Great & Most is FREE and Easy


Recently, I said to myself how can reach a totally new market who have money and the need for a web presence or new income sources?

The trick I told myself was that it had to be free or really cheap and it had to be done without the need for a computer. I figured that that way, anyone, even kids could do it.

My answer was to go Old School!

What do I mean?

I said simply go to where the prospects hang out (coffee shops, book stores, internet cafe’s, etc.) and simply drop cards into popular books, magazines, and in pant and shirt pockets while shopping as normal consumer. No pushy banter or sales talk of any kind… just handing out cards I thought they might like to read.

You all may say, wow thats sneaky or think you are too shy to do that.  I Think it is a way to reach people long term, it’s not hard, it’s not pushy, but it does take time and dedication each week to get out there in the public arena.  I really enjoy the challenge of finding new places to leave my cards.

On top of all this you can also drop your cards in cashiers hands, hand them out with tips for baggers or waiters, set them in phone booths and even in the newspaper racks with the car and home ads.

Another simple method I’ve been using also is to put my card in when paying bills. People open and take care of your payments so always include a card or two with any check or payment you make.

I know, these methods are not new and with the way email is sometimes is getting with spam filters and state law requirements, you if you really NEED to start exploring new ways to get your message out if you really want to explode your business.

You are going to have to get out of your comfort zone and go out and meet real people, indentify group leaders and take the time to train them to duplicate some of these simple old school marketing methods.

One last simple method that 99% of all successful business owners use and 99% of all who fail don’t use!

Put a simple sign on the back of your car that says:  Tired living Paycheck to Paycheck want  to earn more! rcd msg XXX-XXX-XXXX or YourDomain.com

this way, no matter where you go, you are advertising your business.

We don’t need to re invent the wheel.  Just keep it simple and show your members You Care about Them!

Have fun!


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August 11, 2011

Really? You disagree with this?

Subject: Really? You disagree with this?

So Mark Hoverson’s pre-training
videos are dropping nuclear bombs
on how to actually create time-freedom
& ca$h-flow in this industry.

Common Assumption = You become
a sponsoring machine + create your
own products + get really good at
marketing…and you are golden.

Mark’s training = nope.

His video about the epidemic of the
“lone ranger” syndrome pretty much smashes
those assumptions. He claims that
the secret to quantum wealth, and
actually “doubling your happiness”
is something almost everyone misses.

Watch it here for yourself:

InformationBluePrint Videos

This is fun, right?

Wes Waddell

ps…okay let’s do one more myth-buster before I leave you

Mark is striking at…

Common assumption = until you make a decent
amount of money inside this industry you
have no business creating “caffeine” products
in the $197 range.

Mark’s training = nay. nay. nay.

His “caffiene ca$h” video walks you through
why peeps who have made little or no money
in this industry are poised to make products
with E-X-T-R-A value compared to the gurus.

Hint: This is the kind of “reverse-logic” that
allowed him to walk away from the mobile
home & food stamps lifestyle…into being
invited to meet Donald Trump privately
(Tip: he didn’t take the invite because
he didn’t really care. Why? Well, you will
learn more about that later).

For now, if it is at all humanely possible,
chisel out as much time as it takes you to
comb through EVERY pre-training video he
has inside his “Blueprint” page.

Let’s be honest: who wants to spend another
minute being stuck trying methods that don’t
work…and will never work…no matter how
hard you try…why not hack into the blueprints
of someone who has generated 8-figures instead?

Rumor has it (ok it’s not a rumor because it
actually happened) that while multi-million dollar
producer Ann Sieg was studying Mark’s “Irresistible
Webinar” pretraining video, she sent an immediate
bulletin to her team saying, “We are adding these
blueprint for our webinars starting NOW!” If the
matriarch of attraction-marketing Ann Sieg is taking
notes, do you think you might glean a secret or two as well?

Watch the same video here right now:

InformationBluePrint Videos

August 8, 2011

Willie Crawford’s The God’s Honest Truth About Internet Marketing

Good Morning fellow Entrepreneur,

Here’s a short article that a good friend of mine wrote that I feel is long overdue. Please let me know what you think.


Here’s the article…


The God’s Honest Truth About Internet Marketing

Copyright 2011 by Willie Crawford

As I survey the landscape of online marketing, I find some things that I see… very disturbing. One of the most disturbing is the tendency for marketers to NOT give you the full truth in an effort to get you to do what they are certain will help you.

Despite what you may believe, most “internet marketers”

that I know are honest and caring people. Many have discovered ways to earn a nice living working from the comfort of their homes. They now want to earn a living by teaching you to do the same.

The problem that these marketers encounter is that most of their prospective customers are very skeptical, but at the same time full of hope. So, the marketers tap into deep emotional dreams rather than relying upon the prospective customers’ judgment.

I titled this article “the God’s Honest Truth About Internet Marketing” not to imply that you haven’t been getting the truth all along from many marketers. I WILL point out that many marketers have been giving you “half-truths.”

They have only been giving you part of the picture because they knew that to do otherwise will usually lead to your doing nothing. They only gave you the part of the picture that they calculated that you needed to know to make the decision that they desired.

My 20 years spent in the military taught me the “need to know” concept too. Security and survival often depended upon not sharing confidential information with too many people. So, I understand exactly what my fellow marketers are trying to accomplish, and why.

However, I believe that you can handle the whole truth.

So, let me share just a few facts with you here, and then I’ll continue in Part 2 of this article.

Truth #1: Earning a living online is not as easy as your would like to believe. Think about it… if it were THAT easy, everyone would quit their day jobs and start online businesses.

The laws of economics prove that if anyone is making an exceptionally high profit in any niche, it will attract competitors… and will continue to do so until the market reaches equilibrium… that point at which people will no longer be drawn from other options

in disproportionate numbers.

The easily observed fact that the rest of the world has not all quit their day jobs, and rushed to the internet, shows you that it’s like any other business, and not a magic button.

So, you need to come to the table prepared to put in some serious effort if you plan on building an online business.

Truth #2: There are people earning six, seven, and even eight figures running online businesses. At the same time, there are a lot MORE people not earning a penny online. The difference is that some took the time to actually LEARN what works. A tiny percentage figured it out on their own, but a much higher percentage of successful online marketers learned from others who had already blazed the trail.

A while back, I did an informal survey on the Internet Marketing Warriors discussion forum. I asked how many people there would be happy earning just $100 per day online… if they could do it consistently and have to put in only 1-2 hours per day doing it.

The not-to-surprising answer to my survey was that the vast majority of people responding were not earning a mere $100 per day, and would love to learn how to do that. Think about it…

Most of the people on the most popular forum in the internet marketing niche were not earning even $3000 per month in their online businesses. Things have not changed much since that survey.

Incidentally, I took that information as validation that the world wanted to know some simple, proven ways that they COULD earn just $100 per day online.

So, along with 18 co-authors, I wrote an ebook where we shared exactly how we did that. You can find that ebook at

Truth #3: You generally need to be instructed in how to do any endeavor. Most of us learn to do most things by having someone teach us, or by watching someone else do them.

You would never go into any trade or profession in the offline world without getting properly trained first.

Even if you were just taking a job as a clerk at a local convenience store, you would expect to be trained HOW to do the job. So, why would you expect things to be different in the online world?

Plan on having someone else show you the ropes, or anticipate a steep learning curve.

Even the path to having someone else teach you is fraught with danger. That danger is largely due to a tendency for many in internet marketing to “fake it until you make it.”

That is, those who haven’t achieved any real online success will often pretend to be successful in order to make sales to you. They reason that if you don’t believe they are already successful that you won’t be interested in what they have to teach/sell.

That assumption is partly true, but it’s true only for those who choose to teach others how to build an online business… before they have done it.

The solution for those starting online businesses who notice that “Catch-22” is simply not to get into that niche. Instead, you get into a niche where you are actually an expert… or more knowledgeable than your prospective customers.

Here’s the thing… when you get into one of those OTHER niches, you often have a lot more potential customers, those customers spend more, and since you are doing something that you really enjoy you are less likely to burn out.

So plan on spending a little time actually thinking about and researching the niche that you will build your business in!

Ok, this article is getting long enough. We’ll pick up with Part 2 tomorrow. For now, read back over what I’ve shared with you and ask if it doesn’t make 100% sense.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


Willie Crawford has been operating an online business since 1996. Semi-retired, he now spends much of his time teaching aspiring online marketers proven tactics for building their own businesses. Discover Willie’s best affiliate marketing insider techniques in his step-by-step how-to instructions



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January 20, 2011

Business Success Training: Starting a BLOG

Step 1 (of 6)

* Step 1: Start a Blog

The very first thing you need to do to build a real online home business is to get your own website set up.  The truely easiest kind of website to start with is a blog.  I recommend a WordPress BLOG as it’s the standard with all the bells wistles and easy addon tools. (See below for info on setting up a BLOG in under 5 minutes.)

I’ve got several reasons for why you want (read NEED TO) to start a blog:

First, it’s so easy! 

Look here’s a link to a quick video I found showing you how to easily set up a blog in just under 5 minutes:

Second of all, it gives you lots of tools and options that are built right in.

The WordPress software used to run all my blogs can actually be used to run any kind of website you want.  Even a membership site… and with thousands of totally free “plugins” available you can get your blog to do almost anything you need it to… even collect money!

The third reason I have is that blogs make it easy for you to add new content to your site, even from your cell phone.  The biggest benefit of this is that Google and the other search engines love fresh content, so if you keep your site up to date with new information posts on a regular basis, you’ll rank higher in Search Engine Standings.

That translates to more viewers and more traffic to your site and more profits for you to take in.

Finally, the WordPress BLOG software allows visitors to your site to interact with it.  They can make comments and join in as members and eMail clients.  This makes your site seem alot more alive and that’s what keeps them coming back… not to mention that Google and the other search engines use this statistic to determine your ranking scores.

So, the bottom line is that you need to start a blog, preferably a WordPress BLOG.  But again, don’t worry; because it’s really so easy to do it.  Best of all, if you don’t currently know how to do it, you can just take a look at this video

http://bit.ly/hYanVd How to Start a BLOG

Look for the next step in the Six Easy Steps to Online Business Success soon.

In the mean time, get your blog set up and GET STARTED!


To YOUR Success,

Wes Waddell


Video Training: It really only takes about 5 minutes to set up.Video Training: It really only takes about 5 minutes to set up.


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December 8, 2010

Home Business Tips Week 4 – Advice on Starting a Business

Subject: Advice on Starting a Home Based Business

Hello again Fellow Entrepreneur,

I’m excited that you have been able to take time each week to let us into your life.  Please feel free to write in and share any of your tips and ideas on how we can make this newsletter more informative and meaningful.  We really would love to hear from you!

I’ve been quite busy this week with running my own Home Business (HB)!

I’m always on the Internet looking for informative articles and new training materials!  I found one here for you this week that I think you’ll really like.

When you get advice, especially when you first start a HB, it can be easy to get confused or at least overwhelmed. I know my wife and I did at the start.  Chances are you are just like me and you don’t know anyone else that has started a HB of their own, so where do you go for help when you need it?

First, I go online. The Internet is a great resource for people like us who have a HB and are just starting out. You can find articles and newsletters with all kinds of information and advice, kind of like what I’m provideing you right now. There are also many message boards, forums, social network sites and some really great blogs (such as our www.SpidersMarketingWeb.info BLOG) where you can read, ask questions and get real world advice from other HB owners. I also get some great stuff from Mike Filsame and Dan Kennedy.

Next, you can also go to your local public library. Talk to the librarian and referance guides. Libraries contain all sorts of HB books and financial resources. Your librarian should be more than happy to help you do a little research. I spent a couple of days in our local small town library when I first got started and was amazed at the tools I had access to. 

The only really hard part was sorting through the hype and finding books and articles from people that have really done it and become successful.  It’s amazin how there are lots of books by teachers and professors who have never had a HB of their own but love doling out advise on how they think it should work. 

It’s important that you be somewhat careful who you get your advice from!

There are people that can read a book and follow it’s instructions and then succeed… but if you are like the majority of us, you are going to need to see it in action, practice the process and then, and only then will you be able to do it on your own.

You are going to need to find a mentor. I’ve had 3 so far.  They are usually volunteers who have had great business success and will be glad to help you start up new businesses. They often have years of experience and can be really helpful. A mentor is the 100% method of learning how to do it right.  Reading is great, learining from someone that is already doing it is 1000 times easier and better.

The Small Business Administration or SBA provides a multitude of material on starting your own business. Visit http://www.sba.gov

One note on the SBA… they do not generally recognize the internet or any Biz run from home as a real business.  Therefore their info and advice is taylored towards the old brick and morter biz model and old print type ad processes… although that is changing fast!  The do have some very good tax advice and resources though.

Depending on where you live, you might also be able to find local government agencies that will give you free or inexpensive help and advice. Check your local listings for a small business center in your area.  Look for a local mastermind group to join.  This is another one of those ways to jump years ahead by using the skills and abilities of multiple others all at once.

Your bank should have been the first place you went if you were thinking of starting a store front business. Although since you are here, I’m guessing that wasn’t the case.  While they’re no replacement for accountants, most banks will have a business advisor on staff to help you open a business checking account and setting up your “Doing Business As (DBA) forms. They can be especially helpful with the technical and financial elements of starting your business and any licenses you may need from your state.

Business Lawyers know all about starting a new business too. It can be well worth paying for an hour of a lawyer’s time and just asking them every question you can think of (write them down in advance) in the time you have. Look around you may even be able to get a free consultation.

Accountants also know all about business (some more than others) and can be a less expensive alternative to lawyers. If you really want your business to be profitable you should take the advice your accountant gives you and, if you don’t have one, you should get one as soon as you are making a profit… if not sooner. 😉

Once you prove that your HB plan works, look for investors to raise capital. There are people who back businesses for a living. If you think your HB would be attractive to investors then you can try going to an investor with your idea. Just be sure you have a fully completed business plan in hand.  If they like it, they will often have a quick process get you your cash and to get your company up and running as soon as possible.

Don’t for get to visit your local universities as well when you are looking for advice and help. They are full of business students. They spend all their time learning about business from books and stories, and many of them would just love to help get a real one off the ground. Business students can be a great source of free help and advice.  Again, just be careful as most biz courses are full of old and outdated information, but that is beginning to change quickly with the success of the internet as a primary commerce source.

One last thing, remember whatever industry you’re thinking of entering, there is probably some kind of trade association, society or union that goes with it. You should join as soon as you can, and take advantage of all the resources that they offer. This includes access to people all ready in the field getting started in their industry.

There is an endless supply of help and advice out there. Just don’t be afraid to ask!

And, of course… we should be at the top of your list if you have questions… we are here to help all we can.

BIG NOTE!  Don’t let the process bog down and keep you from taking action.  Too much research and no action is the path to more failures than those that tried and failed.

Next week we’ll take a look at: Who’s the BOSS

Here’s to your success,

Wes Waddell


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November 18, 2010

Ecomony Not Responding as Goverment Predicted…

Hi fellow Entrepreneur,

Yes, the Obama administration said things would get better in March and April… but that is not what happened.  It wasn’t even close to what happened!

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo housing market index posted its biggest monthly jump in five years in April. The index rose five points to 14 and is the highest it’s been since October of 2008. The only problem with that is that it takes an index reading higher than 50 to indicate positive consumer sentiment about the housing market.  A score of 14 means that the housing industry is still in crash mode.

To prove it, here’s the other numbers that go with the Housing Index:

The Commerce Department reported that construction of new homes and apartments fell 10.8% in March to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 510,000 units.  Obama administration economists had anticipated a decline to only 550,000 units.  The largest part of the decrease was due to a drop in multi-family units… the ones needed most in a poor economy.  Single-family construction was flat for the month of march.  But, since building permits fell another 9% to a seasonally adjusted pace of 513,000 units, you can look for that to fall again in April’s numbers.

The bad news continued for the Obama administration.

On Tuesday, April 14, the Labor Department reported that the producer price index, which tracks wholesale prices, fell by 1.2% in March.  This time the drop was largely due to a 5.5% decrease in the cost of energy goods. Economists had expected only a 0.1% decline; so the news, while good for the consumer in the short term, was very bad for the state of the economy and any hope of a quick recovery.

Continuing the bad news, the Commerce Department reported that retail sales dropped 1.1% in March compared to a newly revised 0.3% increase in February.  It was the biggest decline in three months.  Obama administration economists had anticipated retail sales to actually rise 0.3% in March.

Following the downward trend, the Commerce Department also reported that total business inventory decreased 1.3% in February. This was the sixth straight month that factories, retailers and wholesalers sought to cut their inventory.  Another good sign that things are only getting worse… wouldn’t you say?

The Labor Department seemed to agree and reported Wednesday that consumer prices fell another 0.1% in March after increasing 0.4% in February.  As seems the trend, the Obama administration economists had expected the Consumer Price Index to rise 0.1%… total oposite of what it did.  When we compare this to a year ago when consumer prices fell 0.4%, This is the first 12-month continuous decline since 1955.

The Federal Reserve reported Wednesday that industrial production at the nation’s factories, mines and utilities fell a seasonally adjusted 1.5% in March. This too was the fifth straight monthly decline and much larger than the 1% decrease our government economists had expected.

Upcoming on the economic calendar are reports on the index of leading economic indicators on April 20, existing home sales on April 23 and new home sales on April 24.

Are you seeing a wishful trend by the Obama administration? 

Even so, am I worried?


Should you be worried?

That depends…

If your life depends on a J.O.B., then yes you have a lot to worry about.  It’s very apparent to even those that are not in the know that the economy is not going to get better any time soon and that there are going to be a lot more layoffs and bankrupt companies still to come before things begin to improve.

If you are totally dependent on someone else for your job and your income, then you are not safe and your nights of worry are going to continue for some time in the future.

On the other hand, if you have your own home business for part or all of your income… then you have little to worry about and have nothing but success in your future.

You see, it’s precisely in these troubled times when the individual home business is the most successful and has the largest growth in history. This is where the little guy can literally control the world.

See what I mean by checking out the totally FREE Home Business training videos and multi-income stream system at:


You’ll rule the day when you do!

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April 20, 2009